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Flinders University is provided with the use of VP for educational purpose by the Academic Partner Program from Visual Paradigm. Since this trend has kept growing almost unstoppably since 2005, there's no sign it will ease off pretty soon. If you want to get a comprehensive overview of the opportunities to monetize your existing video archive or your upcoming daily video production, the International Advertising Bureau has put together an official set of guidelines and metrics to make sense of the emergent set of standard in-stream video ad formats.
All other recommendations in this document should be considered best practices and should strongly be considered for adoption, but are not necessary for compliance. Although many of these formats can apply to full-screen and live experiences, this document does not specifically address those environments because of the high level of customization between publishers. While this document's purpose is to develop more standardization in the most common areas of the digital video landscape, the IAB continues to encourage creativity and innovation in video ad formats.
As with all IAB guidelines, this document will be updated as the dynamic digital video advertising landscape progresses and new ad formats become more widely adopted. In November 2005, the IAB Broadband Committee (now the Digital Video Committee) released creative guidelines for online video commercials to further enhance the user experience and improve the efficiency of planning, buying, and creating online media without constraining creative opportunities for marketers. Since 2005, both the experiences and consumption of video content have evolved significantly and newer video ad formats have been introduced to compliment these emerging types of video experiences and environments. Currently the most common digital video ad experiences are either viewed within or around "in-stream", "in-banner" or "in-text" video formats. In-Text Video is generally user-initiated and triggered by relevant highlighted words within content. Linear Video ad: The ad is presented before, in the middle of, or after the video content is consumed by the user, in very much the same way a TV commercial can play before, during or after the chosen program.
One of the key characteristics of a linear video ad is that the user watches the ad in addition to the content as the ad takes over the full view of the video. Common linear video ad formats include pre-rolls, interactive takeovers, and short bumper vignettes that appear prior to the video content stream. Non-linear Video ad: The ad runs concurrently with the video content so the users see the ad while viewing the content. Both linear and non-linear video ad formats have the option of being paired with what is commonly referred to as a "Companion Ad".
Companion Ads: Commonly text, display ads, rich media, or skins that wrap around the video experience. The primary purpose of the companion ad is to offer sustained visibility of the sponsor throughout the video experience. Companion ads may offer click-through interactivity and rich media experiences, such as expansion of the ad, for further engagement opportunities. A time-limited video advertisement that can be shown before, in the middle of, or after the user sees the content in the video player. It is important to note that this is a minimum consideration set and that other ad sizes may also be offered by a publisher in addition to at least one of the listed sizes. It is recommended, but not required for guideline compliance, that publishers adopt the following list of specifications in order to encourage standardized and more operationally efficient submission practices. Scalability: If scaling of ad is possible, publishers should disclose to buyers in creative specs how scaling may occur. Publishers should disclose to advertisers when running multiple ads in a pod during commercial breaks.
Publishers should accept at least one of the following formats for companion ads: jpeg, gif, png, swf (Adobe Flash), and xap (Microsoft Silverlight). In order to deliver optimal user experiences, publishers should continuously manage and analyze the ratio of ads to content. Ad duration can continue if the user continues to interact with the ad based on publisher criteria.
When possible, simple interaction cues, such as a small graphic or animation, should be included to ensure users understand when and how to interact with the ads. If user interacts with invitation, content is paused and full video ad is displayed in the video window. If user does not engage with overlay it may disappear, collapse to a "leave-behind" companion ad or be persistent for entire content play. Publishers should include a persistent close button in the upper right corner of the overlay ad unit. Publisher should clearly use overlay labels to identify unit as "Advertisement" within frame or next to overlay unit.

The ad is most commonly presented anchored to bottom of player, but may be anchored along the top or side of player at the publisher's discretion.
Like the overlay, this unit presents an invitation to engage with the ad concurrently with the content experience. However, rather than overlaying the content, the non-overlay ad's invitation resides outside the live video frame but within the video window. It is important to note that this is a minimum consideration set and that other ad sizes may also be offered by a publisher in addition to one of the listed sizes. The primary purpose of companion ads is to offer sustained visibility of the sponsor throughout the video experience.
Companion ads may offer click-through interactivity and rich media experiences, such as expansion of the ad for further engagement opportunities, and may include text, graphics or rich media and may be combined with any of the format standards listed above to create unique experiences for users and opportunities for advertisers. Creative specifications for companion ads are not detailed in this document and should continue to be governed by each individual publisher.
Publishers may continue to accept companion ads in other sizes, however, the minimum requirement is to accept one or more of the listed sizes for companions. Originally written by IAB Digital Video Committee for IAB and first published on May 1st 2008 as "Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines and Best Practices". The Digital Video Committee of the IAB is comprised of 145 member companies actively engaged in the creation and execution of digital video advertising.
To put it another way, thata€™s like watching the 1954 Cecile B Demille classic The Ten Commandments six times in one month (dona€™t try this at home-or anywhere).
For business owners and marketers, the explosion in online video consumption represents a massive opportunity if handled properly. Any decent online video marketing strategy should also take into account the rapid consumer shift to mobile devices generally and tablets specifically.
These types of videos where the product is explained and demonstrated with online video advertising where you can use your business videos to promote your products and services to your customer base can be done effectively without breaking the bank. Among other reasons as mentioned above YouTube is the most use search engine just behind Google. Online video advertising using your own business videos to advertise your products and services is a much better way to get your point across about your products and services than mere text ads and graphic advertisement. Online video advertising by the use of your business videos is far superior than other forms of advertisement currently available because in just you minutes of time you can get your message and point across to potential customers by the use of online video advertising and a can discover a wealth of information from your online business videos. Video technology and the sites that host them have advanced considerably over the last few years making it easier to convert online video advertising into customers.
Online video advertising of your business videos is also very cost effective hosting sites do not charge for views of click troughs whereby saving you thousands of dollars in unrealized advertising loss.
To take complete advantage of this amazingly easy and powerful online video advertising of your business videos you want to keep in mind a few points. 2)      Number two make your online video advertising brief and to the point because the typical person on the Internet is in a hurry and its board easy because that if the information about your product or service is not clear and concise and to the point and somewhat entertaining or forming they will turn away and you lose that potential customer. 3)      Your online video advertising should stick to the highlights of your product or service.
So get high quality pinpointed traffic to your local business via online video advertising for your market only. What we do is after you’ve rented the video, we place your phone number to your business in the video description so that when customers do a Google search the video will appear as well as your phone number and since we are the generation that has no patience to wait they can dial you up just that fast.
If you already have business videos and a YouTube channel or any other channel for that matter, but you can’t find them in a web search for keywords related to your business we can fix that also we can optimize your video channels and your online video advertising for specific keywords targeting your business and getting you to the top of the search results with your business videos to get your message to your attention customers. Take advantage of everything online video advertising with your business videos by enlisting the help of competent professionals like us, Carpenters Internet Marketing LLC. The last report from LiveRail shows that average CPMs keeps growing bravely, and internet video consumption has been experiencing a massive growth of 40% and more. That's why it is so important that you keep up with both technical and creative aspects of online videos, and the new entrants in this field are those in-stream ads you can see on the big video platforms like YouTube or Hulu. This document is meant to build upon those guidelines by offering more detail on both the creative and technical aspects of video player and ad development. These ads come in a number of sizes and shapes and typically run alongside or surrounding the video player. When frequency capping is practiced, publishers should disclose frequency capping practices to the buyers. The ad plays for a prescribed minimum length of time (usually length of video creative) inviting the user to interact.

Publishers have significant inertia around the companion sizes they use on their sites today. The purpose of this minimum is to provide a core group of sizes so media buyers can rely on the portability of their creative.
One of the goals of the committee is to implement a comprehensive set of guidelines, measurement, and creative options for interactive video advertising. New data from comscore Video Metrix reports that in May of 2012, 84.5% of the US internet audience watched online video. According to a Brightroll survey of US ad agencies, high prices, limited reach and lack of targeting are considered the top three growth hurdles. To be effective, your online video marketing strategy should incorporate a healthy mix of video content that mirrors and compliments your other content marketing media. Even if you haven’t purchased anything from these infomercials you have to admit there really compelling and the reason they are popular is because they do work and getting the customer to part with their money to buy your product.
Videos are fast becoming with the most popular ways to advertise your business products and services online. Online video advertising is clearly more dynamic than text ads and other forms of advertisement and that the customer doesn’t need to think just watch.
There is no need for the viewers to download materials and it is hassle free viewing of your business videos.
There is also no cost and hosting of these videos and most of the online video hosting services. Besides YouTube there is Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo, Veoh, Metacafe, Flickr, Break, and much more.
We do this by targeting specific keywords that generate viable customer searches thereby generating you more business. We’ll set up in optimize a YouTube channel for you and upload videos optimize for keywords related to your business subjecting get pinpointed relevant traffic to generate new customers for your local business.
All buttons should be enabled throughout the video ad play, with the exception of Fast Forward.
In May of 2012, over 10 billion online video ads were viewed, more than double the 4.6 billion in May of 2011.
And being that Google owns YouTube that you should ask to boost into Google ratings by posting a video on their network.
Online video advertising by the use of your business videos demonstrating and explaining just as you see on the infomercials on television your product and services while giving your potential customers the comfort and assurance of the merits of your offer done in a personal and one-to-one basis by the use of online video advertising. These potential customers are saturated with information available at their fingertips see need to catch their attention and hold it an online video advertising is one of the best ways. Your business videos beat out text ads and that the potential customer gets to see your product or service and action.
The ones that do charge for hosting an additional advertising of your business videos has become very competitive whereby driving down the cost you said advertising and hosting if you do choose one that has fees. You can easily find more just by doing a quick Internet search with your favorite browser for free video hosting sites.
By sticking to most relevant and giving a brief rundown of the key benefits and advantages of your product or service. Our videos right now on YouTube can be found on the front page of Google for the specific search term we have targeted. And there are other tricks and secrets that can boost even further using other Google products to promote your business videos. If you just text or use any other forms of written advertisement online or any other place at the title does not catch their interest the message is deleted what page is turned and that potential customer is lost to you. Exposure of your online video advertising and business videos has never been so easy as it is now to get your message out to your potential customers. To give your potential customer other details or additional details of your products or services you can incorporate a variety of texts ads, graphics ads, QR code, or combination of all to give this additional information. Should get their attention and hold their attention using online video advertising with your own business videos.

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