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Choose Your Niche A common misstep of those new to affiliate marketing is to target a broad swath of the most popular and lucrative products and services, making it nearly impossible to generate enough relevant, sustainable traffic to consistently compete.
Generate Valuable Content An effective affiliate campaign shifts away from basic pay-per-click strategies by placing the focus on marketing content (rather than specific products) to a qualified targeted audience. Cross-Channel Promote While an essential component to a successful content strategy for affiliate marketing is to utilize online copywriting and SEO best practices to attract search traffic, few will be successful without the basic semblance of a cross-channel marketing campaign.

Understand Your Legal Obligations Modern marketers are compelled to pay close attention to legal guidelines that govern the way they conduct their business online. Let your visitors know that if they click on an affiliate link that it makes your website money, and also that you only give a positive review for products and brands that you would endorse for free.5.

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