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From the initial planning, research and writing, to the design, layout, online publishing and mailing, we can produce Newsletters that catch the attention and boost sales. Targeted database marketing or Email Marketing is a powerful tool to create recall and run promotions.
Affiliate marketing systemWhat follows is a basic blueprint of how a simple affiliate marketing system works. As you can see from the diagram above, the first step in your affiliate marketing system is to seek out and research the product or service that fits the criteria of providing a solution to the ‘needs’ of a targeted group of people. Related articles:Highest paying affiliate programsChoosing a suitable merchant to affiliate with often largely depends on the niche your website is based upon.
At the same time, listing the benefits and advantages of using a specific product or service and how it will help your prospects.In other words, people who have a problem they need solving, will often search the internet to find a solution that will quickly satisfy their needs.
This may be somewhat limiting in finding products and services to promote that also offer high commissions.
We consult clients on Banner Advertising and work on their behalf to buy the best spots at the most attractive rates.

For example, they could be looking for a way to increase their income, or a security device that will give them peace of mind. A lot of people use the internet to find health advice and products that solve their health-related problems.
There are many products and companies to choose from and you can sell either digital or physical products. We manage successful affiliate programs on the most valuable affiliate networks on the web. Clickbank, one of the premier digital retailers, offers very high affiliate earnings upwards of 50%.
By comparison, Amazon, another popular affiliate program for physical products, offers a percentage ranging from 4% and up. When you’re looking for an affiliate program to join there are certain things to consider before signing up. Obviously, the size of commissions plays an important part in whether you should join an affiliate program, but there are other factors to consider also.

If you seriously want to be a successful affiliate marketer however, you should also be concentrating on building your own mailing list as part of the process.A ‘squeeze page’ by the way, for those unfamiliar with the term, is just another name to describe a lead capture page or ‘opt-in’ page which the affiliate uses to capture email addresses before directing the visitor to the merchant’s website. Usually, some form of incentive is used to get the visitor to give up their email address first. For instance, this could be a special ‘bonus’ free giveaway which the affiliate provides the customer when they enter their email address. They may or may not go on to make a purchase, but the advantage of capturing the visitor’s email address is that they can always be approached again in the future for further promotions and potential sales. If you send the customer direct to the merchant’s landing page you’ll most likely never have another chance to capture your prospect’s email address again. In fact there are seven important reasons why you should build your own opt-in mailing list.

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