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Last night, I received an email telling me it was time to wrap up my business with the Google Affiliate Network. Netflix was the reason I joined the affiliate network long, long ago, but when I went to grab banners for my new blog, there were none. Taking all of that into consideration, I wasn’t surprised when I saw the closure notice. Our goal with Google Affiliate Network has been to help advertisers and publishers improve their performance across the affiliate ecosystem. Wea€™ll continue to support our customers as we wind down the product over the next few months. A huge thanks to all our advertisers, publishers and the team that has worked tirelessly on Google Affiliate Network over the past few years. Rolling back to the Google Affiliate Network shut-down, it always felt like the red-headed stepchild in the Google ad program family.
I’m not sure if anyone found this out yet, but Netflix is going through Linkshare now.

This is all part of a plan to push the little guys out of the ad game unless they can be used to fill Googles coffers.
Internet-based companies know how important affiliate marketing is to achieving online success.
Cost-per-action (CPA) marketing has rapidly evolved in the last few years, and we constantly evaluate our products to ensure that wea€™re focused on the services that will have the biggest impact for our advertisers and publishers.
And marketers can take advantage of other CPA-oriented Google tools like Product Listing Ads, remarketing and Conversion Optimizer to drive valuable online sales and conversions. While we will no longer be adding new product functionality, we will maintain the platform during the transition period.
It also helped me answer my own question about whether I’d spread myself too thin with too many ad networks on one blog. I used to pull a few dollars from Commission Junction but had to leave them when they started taking money away when I didn’t make my quotas. To that end, wea€™ve made the difficult decision to retire the Google Affiliate Network and focus on other products that are driving great results for clients.

Amazon briefly pulled the plug on their affiliate program here in California which was a huge set back for me.
We offer a unique, personal service to help publishers, advertisers and media agencies achieve online advertising goals through performance based marketing specifically designed to suit your needs.
We offer domain parking, redirect monetization and list management services along with discounted domain registrations and website hosting. We will continue to make certain functionality available through October 31, 2013 for retrieving reports, reconciling orders, and processing payments.
Our account managers are your number one resource for helping you generate the most revenue possible.

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