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Create Manager(s) NEW You can now create several managers to work on your affiliate program each with different permission settings. New Features added NEW You can now Create Coupons, Performance Affiliate Groups, Tier Commission Settings, Configurable Emails to Affiliate, WSWYG Editors, Track Traffic for Affiliaet Websites and more.. Now, an autoresponder sequence shouldn’t be used to bombard a list with offer after offer.  Instead it’s important to strike that healthy balance between providing value and promoting a product.
By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll know how to build a successful affiliate autoresponder sequence. What usually happens is you get sick of this marketer within a week and hit the unsubscribe button. Build an autoresponder sequence that blends aggressiveness with a whole lot of quality content! Next you’ll want to insert a tracking ID for the affiliate links in your email.  Again this information helps you measure the performance of each message. Tracking each affiliate link is super important.  It’s the only way to know what’s actually working with your marketing. Developing a publishing schedule is the final building block of a solid autoresponder sequence.  This tool is the ultimate way to manage the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
Don’t worry if you’re confused by some of this information.  All will be revealed by the end of this post! Think of those automatic messages you get when a person is “out of the office” or on vacation. The beauty of an autoresponder sequence is you only have to set it up ONE time.  Then these emails work on autopilot as you get to enjoy the rest of your life.
The moment a prospect joins your email list, he or she will automatically receives this sequence – WITHOUT you doing a thing. A broadcast message is an email that’s sent to prospects – Regardless of when they joined.  In theory, a person who just subscribed receives the same message as someone who’s been on your list for years.
Sending a broadcast message is useful for those times when you deliver date specific information.  Like a link to new blog post or a promotion for a new product that’s just hit the market. Another great thing about a broadcast message is you can target a certain group of people on your list. Ultimately broadcast messages are the best way to stay current with your list and make sure you’re sending up to date information to each subscriber.
Put subscribers through an autoresponder sequence.  And then add them to the list of people you contact via broadcast messages.
By stringing together a series of emails, focusing on a single product, you build excitement and anticipation.  Done correctly, this sequence will make want to buy before you’ve even seen the sales page.
The reason marketers use product launches is because they WORK!  With a blend of content and salesmanship, this technique eliminates all objections that people have about a particular course. You can take the fundamentals of a product launch and apply to your autoresponder sequence. To start I recommend using 3 to 5 emails for each product.  This is that sweet spot between aggressive promotion and giving quality information to a list.
With the value email you want to talk about the same product you mentioned in the last message.  The only difference is you’re now providing a few examples of how it helped you solve a problem. To be honest, some folks need an extra step to take action.  Sending a follow-up email is a great way to get people buy a product before they miss out. Finally after the bridge email you’ll start back up with another autoresponder sequence (3 to 5 emails) that promotes a second product. Okay…You might be wondering how to come up with so much content for your autoresponder sequence.
Fortunately it’s not that hard!  Probably you already have a bunch of content that can be reused as an autoresponder.
The important thing is to blend content with great marketing.  Basically you’re giving away top-level content while earning a sizeable affiliate income.

Remember how every email has its own tracking code?  Well, periodically track the results and measure the performance of each email.
You can put this information on a new spreadsheet or simply add a few columns to your autoresponder publishing schedule.
I figure the best way to demonstrate the value of my course is to give you a small excerpt. Honestly, I knew 90% of the stuff you’ve written about, but the 10% (I particularly like the diagram and content ideas for follow-up) is pure gold. You’re going have some people leave your list regardless but done right a person would probably be happy staying on your list for years.
Good point as long as the + comments exceed the – comments chances are you are doing the right thing. There are always going to be people who forgot why they got on you list (because you gave them valuable free stuff) and just complain because you caught them on a bad day or they didn’t like one message.
The only challenge for readers is that because this info is free, they may not appreciate the insight and hard-won knowledge packed in this post. I’m going to dig through this post like crazy when I have an entire afternoon because this is definitely going to be the thing that makes the list crazy as shit valuable. Your description of the different types of e-mails and then the bridge was a hue help to me in understanding how to do the launch.
If this is an indication of the quality of your course, then it looks like it will be quite good. I can’t wait till I really get into affiliate marketing after I get my traffic where I want it to be. Thanks William, if you are planning on getting into AM it is never to early to start building a list.
Glad you liked it and i hope that you continue to get some good info from this for now and into the future. I will be using a lot more content emails, but I will be using your 4 steps to launching instead of just pitching at once. The exact plan and makeup can vary (though I have tested this one bit for myself), the important thing is that there is a plan and that you refine it over time with split testing and tweaking as you go.
And if you cover all the aspects of affiliate marketing in this way, you ebook will sure be to great to pass Steve! Since being introduced to your blog I must admit it’s one of very few that totally blow me away for great free content. I hope the eBook will be a great seller for the selfish part of myself , but I actually really do hope it will be a very useful tool for people also. Glad you are reading the freebies and getting good info, I tried to pack some good stuff in there too! Thanks for sharing that Information with me Steve, I look forward to your products release.
If you are an online business owner that is looking to start your own affiliate program, before you can start your own affiliate program, there are number of important things that you must first consider. At LOOP1 TICKETS we know that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business process.
We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously, and the security and reliability of the software, systems and data that make up the LOOP1 TICKETS platform are our top priority. Euraff provides multiple website solutions through a single installation and onetime setup. Install Euraff and integrate it with your website as usual but consider the supplier parameter too.
Create all supplier accounts through admin panel and map their products with respective affiliateIDs. Both you and your supplier see system generated stats with sale and customer details to avoid misunderstanding.

In the month end, system generates bills for suppliers whose earnings exceeds a threshold amount. Both you and your partner see system generated stats with sale and customer details to avoid misunderstanding. In the month end, system generates bills for partners whose earnings exceeds a threshold amount.
Create internal affiliate account for each paid channel, network and web marketing executive.
System automatically tracks and generates a stats and reports coming through each paid channel. Unlike normal affiliate system does not create affiliate payment bills for these internal affiliates. You are able to measure the performance of each paid sales channels and take corrective measures to make better result next time. Install Euraff and integrate the direct link tracking and sale tracking codes if not done already. You get analytic reports to give you holistic idea about all sale sources, sale keywords etc. You need to know the analytic reports (sale sources, sales keywords etc) of all sales channels including search engines and non-affiliate websites.
System generates analytic reports giving you the holistic idea about all sale sources, sale keywords etc. You need to know the analytic reports (lead sources, lead keywords etc) of all lead channels including search engines and non-affiliate websites. Install Euraff and integrate the direct link tracking and lead tracking codes of all lead forms if not done already. System generates analytic reports giving you the holistic idea about all lead sources, lead keywords etc.
To send emails in bulk to your affiliates, customers or recipients imported from a 3rd party list. This is yet another security level to protect your affiliate database and the hard work you put into it. We’ve all been on a list where there’s a huge build-up to a new course that’s about to hit the market. This is one of those blog posts I read, then set aside time later to go through and study with a pen and pad handy. It’s the first email you usually send to a subscriber, so giving away something definitely puts a great first impression.
This will most surely be a post I refer back too, because there is already much I learned from reading this once.
I think you have mentioned the sequence to release content before, so I’ve started building my own list with that sequence in mind.
One of those things is how you will track your affiliates and the sales that they generate.
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This post lays it out clearly for me though and will be something I can reference (and share) in the future.
It’s taken a while but these have begun to finally roll out correctly to the previous subscribers and the new people. So 90% known 10% good new tips sounds pretty good to me, that was kinda what I was aiming for.

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