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We sell ready made websites designed to make you money, this is your chance to run your own online website business with minimal financial risk. Ecommerce WebsitesStart your own online shop or expand your current business to an online market place. Watch the video to learn more about our ready made websites for sale and find out how we can help you start an internet business today. Cooler Websites are dedicated to setting up profitable internet businesses for our clients in specific niche markets. If there is an area of interest or subject you are passionate about (whether it be cooking, football or fish keeping) then we can show you how to earn a realistic income online using a proven business model. With all our websites we provide continuous website training and technical support to give you the peace of mind and reassurance every website owner should have. With my healthy eating blog I can earn a decent income online posting healthy recipe ideas and earn revenue through Google Adsense advertising. I always wanted to run my own online business and am impressed with the Amazon store setup by Cooler Websites. Notices: We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent these affiliate websites and their potential for producing income for business owners who apply them properly. We're not around at the moment, please drop us an email and a member of our web team will come back to you asap.
We know that building a new website can be a very difficult task, not to mention quite confusing at times. All that time you took trying to figure out all the necessary steps that you needed to take to start a new website was how long? Several configured plugins are installed on this website to help secure the site against potential hackers and intruders for extra protection and peace of mind. I Also include with this website 1 year of free hosting on one of my HostGator reseller accounts (Value $86) this eliminates the need for website transfers and confusion. After your website is complete you will be sent all the website login details so you can immediately have access to your new site without delay.
A custom search system setup to add additional search functions than the standard wordpress search that increases visitors experience on the site. All the necessary important & legal pages setup,privacy policy,disclaimer,contact us,about us,terms of use Amazon affiliate disclaimer set up on the bottom of the site and in the disclaimer page to comply with Amazons terms. Website setup with a Blog category so you can continually add fresh content to your site which is crucial for maintaining decent search engine rankings.
Each website also comes with a setup Facebook page, with graphics setup to help increase your social presence. After you purchase a site, you will be redirected to a Thank You page explaining the information I will need from you to prepare to build your new site. I will also be in contact with you by email to discuss the domain you would like to use and the niche you will like the site to be build on. I found your site through a Google search and would be interested to know a little bit more about your custom built affiliate sites.
The cost for one website is $249,that includes the domain name and 1 year of hosting,the sites I currently am offering will resemble the demo sites above but based on the niche you choose.
Yes,we can build a website around Amazon UK products,we will need your Amazon UK keys and affiliate code though. The Amazon Affiliate Phones store features an unrivalled set of features without compromising ease of use. We are the prolific dealers of turnkey affiliate websites offering you a major opportunity to pursue your choice of online business. By harnessing the power of turnkey business websites, you can surpass the achievements of various online entrepreneurs. Apart from the turnkey websites for sale, you can experience the benefits of our world-class Web Domain & Hosting and SEO services too.
Go through our categories and sub-categories to choose your moneymaking site that is integrated with revenue generation sources like Amazon, AdSense, or ClickBank.

If you would like to customize your order, then specify your desired site layout, logo, header, content and other requirements while filling out the form. Once your order is placed, our expert team of web designers and programmers will start working on your site within 24-48 hours.
Apple’s App Store just reached its 10 billionth app download and is currently holding (according to Distimo) 350,000 applications, while Google’s Android Market offers 130,000 applications to download.
However current app market research shows that mobile app marketing is pretty much still in its infancy.
The most used and preferred method of finding an app is still the search in the app store itself – followed by recommendations by friends for apps. For android app market and app store marketing your app needs to be promoted utilising this behaviour. Being used to the sophistication of traditional web search the app store or android market search comes as one big disappointment. The optimisation of meta tags in the developers app account is the one thing to do before you publish the app, most of it can only be updated only after a code update. Since there is now an abundance of apps you won’t gain much if yours does not appear in the top 50 search results, at least!
We did some research about the impact of bad reviews on the app sales and found it relatively strong. In app mobile advertising is now purported to be a $2 billion industry, the acceptance amongst the user is growing hence it’s a good way to promote your app from within other contextually related apps. We’ve seen earlier that recommendations for apps by friends or peers plays a major role in finding and downloading apps. To give your app a push and bring it (back) to desired rankings it makes sense to update its code in a frequent matter and also run promotions or decrease the price for some time. As mentioned earlier producing a little video to showcase the USPs of your app is almost a must and easy enough to do. If you want to start selling products online then our fully loaded ecommerce website package will have you up and running in no time.Turnkey WebsitesOur turnkey website packages are ready for immediate use, just choose your own domain name and branding then we do the rest.
You can pick your own niche and we will build it for you or choose a ready made website from our websites for sale category. Once my website was up and running I followed the advice given to me by Cooler Websites and started to see results!
Just by posting new articles on a daily basis we have built up over 16,000 active subscribers and the support from Cooler Websites has been second to none.
Examples of income earned and other results are not necessarily average or typical nor intended as representations of your potential earnings. When will you be offering to do this again and how often do you put new pre built sites up for sale?
A professionally designed and adroitly developed, search engine friendly website for sale that is ready to start making money for you right away.
Through this programme members can offer products, banner advertisements and affiliate links that help website owners turn in profit from their feature-rich online business. As a participant in the AdSense network you can feature unobtrusive, text-only or media-rich advertisements on your website and earn based on clicks or impressions.
The revenue you generate with CJ is directly dependant on how successfully you match your content with the CJ program for publishers.
Exploring our large variety of ready made niche websites gives an ample chance to select whatever you find interesting. The colossal ranges of websites we sell include: WordPress Blog Websites, YouTube Video Websites, E-commerce Websites, Directory Websites, Classified Websites & a cluster of other varieties. Grab your pick from the ready made websites for sale and hammer it all the way around the online markets!
Weever Media offers App Marketing and we have done lots of projects hence we wanted to share the most valuable insights here.

Interesting also the good acceptance of in app advertising with 9% quoting as a preferred method of finding apps.
In plain English app store seo functions to cover the searches in the stores and social media to stimulate peer to peer recommendations.
It’s obviously early days for app stores technology-wise but we expected rather big improvements in terms of search or promotional functionality in the stores.
The Apple App Store algorithm is still rather rudimental and is pretty much based around downloads and positive reviews. Some require an app-video and it’s also in general a good idea to create one for promotional purposes and spread it across the social media platforms. These sites provide you with good targeting technology and the biggest ones have a massive amount of traffic.
If you reside in or plan on moving to these states in the near future, please consider our Dropship websites instead.
There are literally millions of products and services to choose from and it is truly a vast market worth exploring. The advertisements are tailored to complement your pages and you can fine-tune and tweak them to match the looks of your website.
The best way to make that all-important sales is by attracting targeted traffic and give your visitors just the content they want. And, in particular, you can accomplish the dream of becoming a successful IT entrepreneur from then onwards. To your advantage, the affiliate websites for sale gives you a kit of inventive websites laced with user-friendly and appealing features.
One good approach is to provide an app inbuilt function to ask users to review the app and direct them back to the app store where they can do so. This purely performance based approach is certainly a good way to gain accessibility and visibility amongst your targeted audience and we can only recommend these sites.
Write press releases and articles to boost the SEO juice of your microsites and get good rankings in Google search. Each individual’s results depend on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation and particular applications.
This Amazon affiliated website helps you effortlessly feature Amazon products in just a few clicks.
It is a great way to maximize profits and present your customers with relevant and quality content to meet their desires and needs. In other words choose your CJ advertisers wisely and compare what they offer and which option will best work in your case.
Moreover, we have put up the turnkey affiliate websites for sale to enable an easier low-budget investment. Not just that, they have automated functionalities, Auto-pilot and other features to privilege.
Google’s Android Market is taking into account a measure of activity in the application and not simply new installs per day. Significant financial risk is possible with any business venture or opportunity if you don’t do your own due diligence and get suitable professional advice. The time has come to script a glorious story with the help of online turnkey websites for the IT business.
This is less for particular categories but you still need to have a good app and some good app marketing to get there.

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