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Il cambio di strategia riguarda anche Germania, Regno Unito e Spagna e puo essere letto come una risposta alle accuse della Commissione Ue, che sta indagando proprio sugli accordi negoziati tra Amazon e Irlanda e Lussemburgo. A brindare alla notizia saranno soprattutto i governi dei paesi interessati, nelle cui casse confluiranno maggiori imposte e che potrebbero diminuire le pressioni finora esercitate su Amazon per smettere di bypassare il fisco. La mossa non manchera di mettere sotto pressione i principali concorrenti, Apple e Google, anch’essi sotto la lente della Commissione, che continuano a utilizzare complesse strutture societarie per fare confluire i propri revenues nei paesi piu fiscalmente generosi. Amazon is working on a smartphone that will let you see 3-D images without wearing special glasses, The Wall Street Journal reports. The report also says Amazon has been showing developers the new phone so they can write apps for it in time for the launch.
The phone will use front-facing cameras to track your eyes and alter the images on the screen accordingly so they appear in 3-D. If you've been living under a rock and somehow haven't seen the dress yet, this is what it looks like. But during the dress' 15 minutes of fame this week, a bunch of people also found it on Amazon's UK website. Thanks to Imgur user SippingTea's incredible photos, we have a sense of what this incredible operation actually looks like. Two weeks ago, Wall Street drastically underpriced LinkedIn's IPO, costing the company and its selling shareholders about $200 million in lost proceeds. In the wake of this, many in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, including LinkedIn investor Peter Thiel, have begun to observe that IPO "pops"--a huge jump in the price of the stock on the first day of trading--are bad, not good.
A big IPO pop means that the company going public has given a huge, unwarranted gift to institutional money managers--and that gift has come right out of the pockets of the company and its selling shareholders. After the LinkedIn deal, Wall Street rushed to defend the pop, arguing that LinkedIn's IPO had been a "pricing event, not a fundraising event" and that the huge pop would make future capital raising easier. Both these arguments are bogus and self-serving (and well-practiced), but some observers still found them persuasive.
In the case of LinkedIn, the mispricing of the IPO cost the company and its selling shareholders real money--about $200 million, assuming the stock should have been priced around $60 instead of $45. As the company's IPO "roadshow" progressed and the order book filled, the company raised the price of the offering from $12-$14 to $16. Another month later, after Amazon reported an amazing second quarter, Amazon's stock took off. If Amazon had sold its stock at a 50% discount to the fair-market trading price (just north of the IPO price), the way LinkedIn did, it would have given up an astounding amount of value. Just as important, it would have raised less cash on the IPO--at a time when every dollar was precious.
Needless to say, Amazon went on to raise tons more money in additional deals after the IPO--several with the same institutional investors who got "screwed" on the IPO.
Amazon's IPO also, by the way, provided a sharp rebuke to those arguing that LinkedIn's ~$90 stock price is just a function of a "small float." Amazon had a "small float," too, and still the stock dropped (and then took off). Wall Street's job in an IPO is to balance the competing needs and desires of corporate and investor clients. A 15% overnight windfall just for placing an order is a huge enough gift--it's absurd to think that investors deserve any more than that.
Lord knows I enjoy a good banker bashing as much as the next former analyst, but I think you might be taking it a bit too easy on the company.

If you are going to sell the banker's down the river, the company's pricing committee deserves at least a honorary place on the raft, does it not? Speaking of the pricing committee, it would be interesting to know who was on it and what they knew when they approved the price. Another factor in the stock spike was Amazon's announcement that it planned to start breaking out the financials of its cloud-computing business, Amazon Web Services, next quarter. Prime is one of the most important parts of Amazon's business, not because of its $99 annual fee, but becauseA members spend more than doubleA what nonmembers do on the site, according to a recent CIRP survey. If you've ever had a frustrating experience with an Amazon chat support worker you'll sympathize with Chris Williams. He was worried that someone named "Brittni" was "phishing" his email address a€” that is, trying to reverse engineer his identity from his email for the purposes of fraud. Unfortunately, the Amazon worker on the other end of the chat appeared to not understand English. In the end, Williams became so angry he posted the entire chat transcript online (see below). In an effort to see whether Amazon chat support is really that bad, Business Insider engaged an Amazon worker in a chat this morning under the pretext of seeking a job at Amazon. To Ravinder's credit, he did answer my question, though not without trying to give me a canned answer first.
But still, dealing with Amazon felt like the opposite of dealing with Zappos (the shoe and apparel company owned by Amazon). you understand the problem i am having or is this a lost cause?can you please just let me know if this is a problem you can help resolve?
Lo ha dichiarato il gigante delle vendite online al Wall Street Journal, confermando la notizia pubblicata alcuni giorni prima dal The Guardian.
In fact, WSJ reported the same thing almost a year ago, but we have yet to see such a device.
Last week, it launched the Fire TV, a set-top box that lets you stream video over the Internet.
Typically, Amazon doesn't comment on stories like these unless it can completely deny them. McNeill told Business Insider that the dress, which appears to some people as white and gold and to others as blue and black, was worn to a friend's wedding. And the company should not be grateful that its bankers just "got a deal done." Any underwriter could have gotten this deal done, just as any real-estate agent can sell a house in a hot market.
Then it took off.Back in May, 1997, when Amazon went public, CEO Jeff Bezos recognized that the stock the company was selling on the IPO might be worth a great deal more someday.
The cognoscenti of the day announced that Bezos had blown it: He had priced Amazon's IPO too high, screwing the investors who had bought it. Its reputation suffered barely a scratch, and memories of the brief period of the "broken IPO" were quickly forgotten. And if it were so obvious that LinkedIn's stock price were just a function of the "small float" and about to crash, the investors who own it would immediately sell it, thus driving the price down. Every dollar that goes into the pocket of investor clients comes right out of the pocket of corporate clients, and vice versa. They should hold their bankers' feet to the fire, and demand that their IPOs be priced fairly.

They could have avoided this issue by going with a modified auction like Google did up front or by increasing the size of the deal or by simply insisting on a higher price before they would approve the deal, but as far we know, they chose not to.
AWS powers a lot of the services you use on the web, supporting tiny startups as well as major companies like Netflix. So Williams contacted Amazon's customer support team through its live chat function, to ask Amazon to block an email address that appeared to be associated with his real address. Williams told Hacker News he spent nearly an hour with "Farah," trying to explain the problem.
It turns out that some Amazon chat support workers are based in India, and they are responding to customers by cutting and pasting pre-written scripts.
I asked a customer support chatter for a job at Zappos, too, and "Margret" told us, "We are all about the sunshine here in Vegas!
For your protection, do not respond to it, and do not open any attachments or click any links it contains okay?
NOT SURE WHAT YOUR DEFINITION OF A MOMENT IS BUT THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME AND YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING.THIS IS F---ING RIDICULOUS!1. Dal primo maggio l’azienda ha infatti iniziato a iscrivere le proprie transazioni online direttamente alla filiale italiana e non alla sua sede principale in Lussemburgo, paese dove Amazon gode da 11 anni di importanti vantaggi fiscali.
Il gruppo guidato da Jeff Bezos si e ben guardato tuttavia dal mettere in relazione ile sue scelte con l’inchiesta. A recent example is when it shot down a WSJ report that it's working on a streaming TV network. And it has done this for vague and meaningless "benefits" that make Wall Street's life easier (and bank account richer), but that don't actually provide any value to the company. Wall Street will make tens of millions of dollars off the LinkedIn deal, and it is reasonable for the company to demand more from its bankers than just getting a deal done. If it had priced the stock at, say, $9, it would only have raised $25 million (or it would have sold more of the company).
Wall Street's job is to balance these competing interests fairly, by getting the IPO issuer the best price the market will bear while also providing a small (15%) discount to investor clients to incent them to place orders and take a chance on the deal. Because every dollar of "pop" over the 15% IPO discount is an unnecessary, unwarranted, and undeserved gift from a company and its existing investors to Wall Street's big institutional clients.
They knew the book in advance (OK the "scrubbed" book that the syndicate desk showed them to justify their pricing) and their investors are all very experienced, so it's not like they were some "babe in the woods" being led down the primrose path by Morgan's ECM group. Amazon has dominated the cloud-services space in the past, but competitors like Microsoft, IBM, and Google have increasingly been stepping up their game.
At no point did "Farah" show any understanding of what Williams wanted: She variously suggested deleting his own email account, resetting his password, and offering to delete his account for him.
If Amazon had sold those shares at half-price, instead of full-price, it would have given up the equivalent of $3.5 billion of future value.

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