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It should be safe to assume that this is just the beginning of what Facebook has planned for WhatsApp (otherwise, that was a lot of money spent on nothing) –especially when it primarily competes with their Messenger app that is already in play. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t yet installed the Facebook for Android app on your phone, you should grab it now and join the rest of us. Jillian Koskie (436 Posts)Jillian Koskie is an experienced software developer, content writer, project manager and usability design expert.

With over 17 years in these roles, Jillian has enjoyed applying her skill-set to assist clients and users across a wide variety of sectors including: legal, health, and financial services. Third, Facebook adds full-on integration of WhatsApp mobile messaging service into their signature social media app. Combining these professional opportunities with a love of technology, Jillian is pleased to contribute articles, opinions, and advice to numerous news outlets, websites, and publications.

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