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Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. Most people who work in the web-world know that Adobe Flash-based websites have numerous issues. That being said, what if there was a solution that worked better than Flash–something that loaded faster and played nice with Google?
Just because we have these tools doesn’t mean we should run out and start dousing our sites in animated menus, dancing puppies, and scrolling banners. Here are 5 reasons I think you should think twice before creating a website that relies heavily on any kind of animated effects. More and more people are using phones and tablets to access the internet and leaving their desktops to gather dust. All this being said, I love special effects and animation and there are some awesome interactive websites that are exceptions to the rule because they are designed as a novelty or a multimedia experience.
And, with the growing market moving their surfing to the mobile environment, Flash is quickly becoming a dying technology, and could leave your users with nothing to see—literally a blank screen when visiting your site! This means full sites, applets, widgets—a whole list of third party bits and pieces a lot of artists have been placing on their blogs and official sites—will be useless to the majority of your users. Not to mention, for those not savvy with web development, haphazard use of code and the incompatibility of Flash could potentially lead to holes that could cause your site to not function correctly at all!
The issue is, Black Hat SEO gurus see a way to get artificial rankings by hiding keywords in animations and ruin it for everybody.
I can’t predict the future, but I do know that plain ol text on the page will have more value for search than animated solutions (at least for now and in the near future).
I blame graphic designers who have no concept of development and want a web page to act like a video presentation of a magazine page.
The reason why some people know that flash will make a resurgence and is a great product is because Flash offers the exact same viewing experience on every single browser (PC) and for mobiles a simple text site (or html5) site can be displayed. Flash’s capabilities are still light years ahead of html5, so why people choose to go backwards in time is beyond me.

Just about one month ago I launched my crowdfunding project to try and raise funds for a PR campaign that will help raise the profile of my book, and also the profile of alpacas as an alternative farming lifestyle.
We started really well, and a couple of great supporters quickly snapped up the weeks holiday and the two available adverts in the back of the sequel to Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca?
Slowly, slowly we picked up pace, and for about two weeks I wasn’t sure whether we would even get close to the target. From then on we didn’t really look back and we reached our target with days to spare. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. PresenterMedia is a subscription based service where you can get unlimited downloads for a monthly or annual subscription. Would we all start building websites that snow, sparkle, flip upside down, and make burps when we click buttons?
HTML5 is the most promising, and as it is more widely adopted, you will see more websites with HTML5 animation. There is a reason why we have traffic signs that blink, sirens that scream, and alarm clocks that buzz. You’ve got about 2 seconds to engage your audience before they click onto the next thing.
Creating animations that work well on a big screen and a tiny phone screen is a tough challenge and it often fails. So in addition to not getting much search engine traffic, it probably won’t get any referral traffic or social media mentions either.
Really, who wants to see html5 or flash animations on a tiny little screen anyway (that is definitely where animations are over the top and a distraction).
I did not really know what to expect, I had spoken to other people who had tried crowdfunding, and not achieved their target, and therefore not been allocated any funds. Then, an article I had submitted to the Expat Telegraph about the project got published and we gained some fresh momentum. Even on the last day someone invested ?80 to get themselves an overnight stay at our farm with BBQ and breakfast, and we finished on 113% of our total.

Using the cliparts and animated business chart templates for PowerPoint you can decorate your slides with unique styles and impress your audience.
If I’m trying to get some information or buy a product, I want the shortest distance between my mouse and my goal.
These things are designed to tear our attention away from whatever we were trying to do in the first place and PAY ATTENTION.
If a fancy animation loads when you land on a website, you are forced to watch it before you can go on to what you were trying to accomplish.
Sure, HTML5 will be easier for Google to handle then flash, but because of the potential for keyword stuffing and hidden text, words that are embedded in images will probably not be given the same weight as text on the page. I was hopeful that if we set the target at a reasonable amount, offered up some nice rewards, and managed to get it in to the the public eye we could make our target.
This is great for startups and venture projects where you need to identify a growth trend or represent a successful business. Ambulance sirens scare the hell out of me, but I’m generally forgiving because they are serving a public good. If your visitor wants to watch or listen, they will push play and they will usually wait a reasonable about of time for it to load.
Now if I’m trying to locate a concert date, buy your eBook, or perform any other transaction on your site, a splash page serves a s a barrier between your site and my intended action. Ask yourself what you want people to do on your website and make that super easy to do on any device. I have instructed a PR company and hopefully we will be up and running for July through to December, and we will pick up the holiday and Christmas sales for the book. If your website starts screaming, talking, spinning, or blinking, it might just scare the hell out of me as well.

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