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At BMA, design solutions are arrived at by a cultivated and experienced team of professionals.
BENEFITS Bill Moore and Associates offers a long term career opportunity with growth potential, medical benefits, a 401(K) plan and profit sharing.
Why is Web Animation Preferred to Real Acting – Startup Video is a Animated Explainer Company!
Nick is the founder of Startup Video, an media production house that makes concise and fun explanatory videos for startups in two minutes or less! If you’re going to boycott a browser because he’s the CEO you should’ve boycotted a while ago because HE IS A CO-FUCKING-FOUNDER. The premise was simple: Put together a pool of innovative design and manufacturing talent and provide clients with a total service at a national level. The results of the BMA business doctrine carried out by a collective talent pool have been tremendous.
Bill Moore and Associates is a multidisciplinary retail sign and environmental graphic design-build firm that works for prestigious and high profile national and regional retail clients. Albany's small town atmosphere in direct proximity to cultural centers, such as Berkeley and San Francisco, offers the ideal context for the 21st century career. We can do so much with one single device, and with a room full of advanced devices, we can do almost anything imaginable.

Either way, you’ll run into trouble having to edit for hours and cutting up sentences and video to ultimately create one chopped up mess. Having an instructional animation or introduction video for your business will help spread the word about you and your company to people all over the world.
Our office resources and policies provide for an innovative, supportive and progressive working environment, while the opportunity to travel throughout the US consistently refreshes one's attitude and perspective. Working with the officers of the new company, they formulated the "Dress For Less" tagline and designed the logo that is still in use today.
If you’re thinking about making a web video for business, did you know you can create it without using a camera at all?
Your animated business video will be able to entertain and educate at the same time, and who doesn’t like something that is both fun and informative, and not to mention easy?
With the friendly help of sites like YouTube, you’re able to connect your video with viewers globally without any extra fees. Our eclectic, collaborative team is composed of architectural graduates, graphic designers and fine artists. BMA prototyped the sign program and has continued to provide the exterior signage for every Ross and DD's Discounts location nationwide since then, about 1,400 stores in all. If all you want are explainer videos to get your company out into the world, then don’t jump into the messy process of film making.

Don’t waste your time trying to direct your own little short commercial, seek the help of real tech-pros that can create the perfect and affordable animation for you and your business. Bill Moore and Associates has been in the retail sign and design business for over 35 years.
Twelve hundred plus stores later we look forward to continuing our role in Ross' success, by striving to earn and maintain this relationship everyday. Depending on the length of your video, you may be facing a big bank buster, but feel free to ask for a quote to get a general idea of what it takes to have your own custom video animation! Using real actors in your video can turn into a mess real fast, and you’ll be amazed at how your web video cost will jump up, and up and up! Today, Skip and Alastair lead an organization that combines talent from the fields of graphic design, architecture and the sign industry.

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