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Here a 2D animation and graphics software, totally free and open source, realized by Pascal Naidon and Patrick Corrieri : Pencil. Pencil is a simple application for everyone that allows you to create traditional animation using Bitmap drawing or vector drawing. You can save your work in XML format, export your animations as a sequence of PNG images, or as a Flash movie or a QuickTime movie (only for Mac OSX).
If you want more information about Pencil, I invite you to click here, or if you want download it, it is by this way. MotionBuilder, Personal Learning Edition 3D Software Windows, Macintosh, other Freeware, Autodesk Inc. Autodesk gives industry professionals and those interested in real-time character animation an opportunity to explore all aspects of this award-winning technology while developing new skills. The ability to import and export FBL files to and from Maya Personal Learning Edition software. Yes, the watermark is subtle enough to let you evaluate Autodesk MotionBuilder, but intense enough that it cannot be used commercially. Criticism, evaluation, observation, examination, analysis, review, comment, feedback, remark, survey, forum. Creating stunning 3D animations is a breeze if you've got a multi-million dollar budget, loads of staff and state of the art studio. What you're getting is an advanced animation software and a full featured integrated modelling, rendering, animation and real-time open source 3D creation package.
Over the last decade, this has evolved as an in-house tool for leading European animation studios. The word processor revolutionized the publishing industry and now IllusionMage is revolutionizing the animation world, it's time to enter the third dimension. Complete 250+ Pages Of Illustrated Tutorials and 20 Step-by-Step Free Animation Software Video Training. Can Be Used For Professional Branded Advertisements to High End Animated Game Characters and Environments.
Works With Multiple File Types - Supports 3D Studio, Lightwave Formats and Many More & Compatible With Windows and Mac.
Let me lay it out for you: this is a complete solution for high end 3D-production at an unprecedented price.
These features include advanced simulation tools such as rigid body dynamics, fluid dynamics, and softbody dynamics, stop motion animation, modifier based modeling tools, powerful character animation tools.

Even better, you can also create dynamic 3D models by RTS animation so models can move back-and-forth, float, or rotate. It is an all-in-one 3D creation program suite that is suitable for both beginners and experts.
As I have already said, this suite is just as advanced as 3D Max & Maya, however the best way to demonstrate it's abilities is through some pictures and videos of real editing work.
Fully customizable window layout - You can configure any amount of screen types with custom themes.
Supports a full range of 3D object types such as polygon meshes, NURBS surfaces, bezier and B-spline curves, metaballs, vector fonts. 3D Shading allows you to create 3D shapes realistically to create objects, buildings and other life-like items.
It is completely versatile and you can use environment maps to render and shade amazingly REAL landscapes and scenery. 3D Rigging allows you to efficiently mimic real world skeletal systems for animation purposes. Make 3d models turn, run, jump, twist, stretch and do any physical activity realistically and life-like!
Realistic gravity effects using control methods like curve guides, wind and vortex effects. IllusionMage includes over 370+ mins (6 hours!) of 20 step by step video tutorials and "look-over-my-shoulders" video training to help you every step of the way!
So, you'll be glad to know that I've included free technical support in the form of 20 step-by-step video training, visual tutorials and guides that will greatly assist you in using this software. You will learn the techniques and tricks that hollywood animation studios use to create jaw-dropping and cutting-edge graphics like Toy Story and Madagascar! With these comprehensive video training at your disposal, there are absolutely no more excuses for not taking the first step in creating your own animations..
E-marketing: To help realize the potential in e-marketing, this software gives you a 3D presence. I know this information is exactly what you need to learn how to make create your own animations, or how to produce cutting-edge graphics and games that you thought were impossible. I'm so completely confident that this program will help you with your animations and make your life easier, that I am shouldering every ounce of risk. Our 100% No hassle Money Back Guarantee means you get to 'trial' the 100% full version of IllusionMage and NOT just some 'cheap' trial software for a full 60 days .

If you don't like it you are then free to return it next week, next month or up to 60 days from now .
Amara Photo Animation Software gives you the software tools and utilities to make slideshows and animated presentations using dynamic tools so you have the power to assign description and labels to each picture in your show. We are happy to recommend you programs like Amara Photo Animation Software that other users liked. Bottom line, you do not need to create complex models to get the best out of Dimensions, sometimes, even modeling a simple box can be easier than trying to draw the perspectives from scratch. This special version of Autodesk MotionBuilder provides free access to the software, with no time limit, for non-commercial use. You can obtain a software copy by following the download link to the legal software provider above. This is your chance to get your hands on a professional hi-end 3D creation program without paying an arm and a leg.
It also offers professional CG artists a complete toolset for creating exceptionally rich and realistic environments. What is the use of having a powerful 3D creation suite at your disposal if you don't know how to fully maximize it. Combine animated rich environments with 3D product modeling to create a unique online experience.
After using 3D modeling software for engineering, I truly believed that 3D animations are a tough task.
Just let me know why and you can return it for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your purchase price.
You can also import audio and video into the slideshow animation, and add tweaks for viewing each slide with multiple viewing formats. We checked the latest version of Amara Photo Animation Software using 50 antivirus software and found it virus free.
They represent professionals, amateurs, beginners and lifelong enthusiasts with the same passion and enthusiasm you bring to the industry.

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