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The Editing stage of Post-production involves putting the rendered pieces of our animation together in the correct order of events. Digital editing offers the benefit of being able to work in a completely digital environment regardless of the final output format. Low cost DV editing software includes iMovie, Avid FreeDV or Pinnacle Studio, moving up to more advanced DV editing software there are packages such as Apple's Final Cut Express and Avid Xpress DV.

In this modern digital age this means the use of digital Non-Linear Video editing software which allows a great deal of flexibility in the editing process. Higher end packages such as Final Cut Pro can be used to edit film resolution digital media.
In the past the editing process would have involved the use of video-tape or film based methods which were considerably more time-intensive and less flexible.

One benefit of digital editing is that it is achievable using any recent desktop computer - Apple computers in particular have offered the ability to do DV video editing via Apple's iMovie software.

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