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These are a great little set of commercials which have been running for a few years and Apple just keep releasing more of them. You say that a mac is super fast that’s true but it should be super fast for that amount of money! Hate to burst your bubble there, Woody, but the majority of people working at CERN at using some flavor of a UNIX variant. Windows might be the dominant player in an office environment for businesses in general, but in a the tech industry (be it tech companies or just the IT people in non-tech companies) the Mac and Linux rule the land.. Incidentally, working at another company some years back, I used to manage hundreds of Windows workstations and some Linux servers, all from my Powerbook running OS X.

While I could have done it from a Windows based Thinkpad or something, I wouldn't have gotten sh*t done, my workstation of choice was running a solid, secure, robust OS, better suited to work and communicate with systems in a multi-platform environment. Apples are great for people who have no ability or desire to modify or upgrade, once it’s obsolete you buy a new one, and if something works with an Apple it works great but if it don’t there is no plug-in, patch or driver that’s going to change it.
Indeed, much of the CERN Large Hadron Collider research occurs around the globe in many, many decentralized locations, and I have little doubt that, given the comparative abilities (and expenses) of even just Windows and Mac computers that there are probably an equal number of minority players using those systems and making some contribution, though I would seriously doubt that both together would equal the numbers of real 'nix systems used by many serious researchers--especally given the decades-long leg up that Unix has in hard science research fields.
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The following ten are my pick of the best, let me know what you think should make the top ten.

If Mac use were central or even significant at the CERN Large Hadron Collider project, there is NO doubt that Apple would be trumpeting it far and wide and there'd be a LOT more press beyond the few paltry references in fanboi pages.
Otherwise, good luck paying the geek squad a fortune to fix your shitty mac (when it inevitably breaks) that you don’t know how to fix.

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