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Instagram – an online photo and video sharing app that enables users to take photos and videos to share it through Facebook.
Other than filters you can add some effects like blur to the images either horizontally or in a single point. Other than effects, there are also some extra sliders like tilt shift, color boost, glow, etc. Magic effects like color Splash, Cartoonizer, Sketcher, Stenciler, Vintage, Lomo and lot more. Effects such as Metal, Scratches, Glitter and lot more options to give your image a dramatic look. Confused to choose from the various photo editing options than you can tap on Shuffle icon, which will select the effects randomly and it won’t disappoint you.  With the Pixlr-o-matic app you will get a fine tuned image as a result. Apart from these apps there are lots of photo editing apps for android phones and devices which will make your work much simpler and very effective.
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Even though you have the best video camera and mad skills at hand, sometimes this is just not enough. If you are willing to spend some time in front of the smartphone and have the right video editing software installed, you can easily do some wonders.
In this article I will present some of the best video editing applications for Android and iOS devices.
Magisto the Magical Video Editor is a free automatic video editing application for your Android phone or iPhone. YouTube Capture is a free video editing application made by Google which comes only for the iOS devices. Practically, the YouTube Capture is designed to replace the built-in iOS application and allows you to make a video quicker, with fewer clicks and less waiting. HighlightCam Social is a free to try video editing application that is available for Android and iOS devices.
Basically, HighlightCam Social combines videos and pictures from your phone’s gallery and creates a movie. HighlightCam Social has a very interesting ability of collecting videos from multiple phones and transforming them into one video. Choose to add scratches, flicker, grain and even more, while sharing the video on Facebook, Twitter or even through email. Clesh video editor is a professional video editing application that goes for $3.99 on Android and iOS. VidTrim comes with a big package of editing tools and features, such as trimming, adding effects, transcoding (change the quality and the resolution of the video), extract the audio of the video in MP3 format, the frame grabber and others.
The last one, the frame grabber, is a very interesting utility for the VidTrim Pro application. When the video is ready, you can upload it to Facebook with just “one-click” of a button directly from the application.
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Although, the default music player provides all the basic features for playing songs you already own, the Play Store offers alternatives that simply expand upon the basics, offering more features and functionality than you ever thought you needed.
After extensive research and testing, we have compiled this list of 13 best Android music players to shake some life back into your music listening experience on Android phones or tablets.
On top of that there are additional tidbits that come default with the main app, such as music synchronization over Wi-Fi between your PC and Android, playlist management, ability to stream over fifty thousand Shoutcast radio stations, an option to import iTunes library directly to Winampa€™s and more! Overview: You totally need to try this one if you stream music to external speakers from your phone over W-Fi using AirPlay as the app supports it from the ground up. While doubleTwist is free at Google Play Store, most features are only available in Pro version of the app which costs $9.99.
Akin to doubleTwist, Rocket Player also lets you sync your iTunes library with the app including playlists, podcast bookmarks, song ratings and video play counts. It also carries a user-configurable sleep timer which allows you to stop the music after specified time a€“ a handy option that can prove useful when you unknowingly sleep while the headphones are still in your ears. Overview: Developer Max MP knows how to woo our hearts so they have packed every amazing feature there could be into this monster, creating something thata€™s surely one of the best Android music players in its class. If you store music on your phone and listen on the go, Powerampa€™s is the most powerful music player for Android you can get.
Overview: Thanks to a lot of updates and improvements done to N7player since its inception, ita€™s become another great music player choice that boasts promising features.
The greatest bit is probably its ultra cool interface that is both easy to navigate and looks stunning from every angle. N7player is also fully theme-able just like the former, houses various home screen and lockscreen widgets, and contains excellent music effects, bass boast and virtualization technology via SRS or Dolby Surround.

All the apps that you’ve mentioned above are good according to professional standards.
Perfectly Clear counteracts your camera’s limitations by applying 18 automatic corrections to your photos. Our Beautify technology automatically detects gender, age, and facial features to apply just the right amount of correction. Quickly flip through your images in a gallery so you no longer need to go to another App to view. Plus we’ve leveraged the latest innovations of Android’s Lollipop, giving you full-resolution high speed burst, full-resolution panorama (Nexus 6 & 9), HDR shots of fast-moving subjects, full White Balance control, and more.
As a video journalist wanting to branch out into cell phone video, but owning an android, I was extremely happy to find out that there was finally an Filmic for Android. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. Cropping, Straitening, Resizing and Red Eye removal are some of the basic feature of Pixlr Express. It will make you to become an artist and share it through the Social Networking sites quickly. Select any one of the best photo editing app of your choice which you will think the best and start editing your apps. It is surely impossible to add something unreal or something that could have not been captured with those tools. Be it a nice reliving of your holiday, a good presentation for work and even a new movie that may be a future block-buster, all of these are done through external editing tools. These apps have the elemental features of video editing which allows you to cut, split and add basic effects to the videos, but each has something special too. The producers say that in the near future the application will be available on the Android devices too. In concept, this application has four features: trimming, video stabilization, color correction and the possibility to add a soundtrack from 21 songs available in the default gallery. So, with only one tap on a button you can simultaneously upload on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. So, if you were at a party you can do a montage with all of your friends that filmed from different perspectives. Inspired by the Super 8 mm film, the most known motion picture film format released by Kodak, iSupr8 comes with a Hipstamaticor Instagram feature which transforms iOS-taken videos into something special. For example, you are able to choose the number of frames which you want to shoot the movie (12, 18, 24), you can switch on or off the flash, choose the film stock or add effects.
It runs on the most advanced Cloud-based video editing platform, where the internet takes care of the security, storage, delivery and access. The software can combine shots, make transitions, trim, rotate the video, correct the color, publish at 1080p, fade up the video or the audio and so forth. Practically, the video is split in frames and you can extract which frame you want as a picture. Naysayers might tell you otherwise, but Android now sports the most amazing apps library catering to just about any kind of task.
Like automatic lyrics downloading, advanced software equalization, streaming radio stations and svelte user interface.
The appa€™s grandeur lies in its in-app purchases, which are essentially additional features that further expand Winampa€™s functionality with add-ons like lyrics downloader, album washer, and a Pro bundle that basically offers all the free and paid options in one grand package. Coupled with a highly intuitive interface, doubleTwist lets you stream music, videos and even photos from your device to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Pro users not only get AirSync, but also AirPlay to Apple TV & compatible speakers, Equalizer, album art search and no ads.
Rocket Music Player can play tons of different files including MP3, WAV, FLAC and ALAC, lets you organize your music library the way you want, and therea€™s a powerful software equalizer that is just awesome.
Speaking of video, Rocket does play videos out of the box, so ita€™s a music app that doubles as a robust video player. Although Fusion Music Player is a free app a€“ with absolutely no in-app advertisement a€“ it may give the paid substitutes a run for their money. Besides playing music already stored on your device, it lets you discover and stream new music from the internet. The most interesting bit is Poweampa€™s ear thumping sound equalizer that really infuses some life into music. In fact, it almost equals Poweramp when it comes audio quality and amount of settings crammed into it. Then therea€™s this wide spectrum of format support letting you play almost any music file you want.
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It’s Award Winning, Intelligent Image Correction that improves your images with a single tap.

Our corrections are designed to highlight the beauty that was always there so every photo looks as vibrant as life itself. We’ve made the existing Skin Smoothing, Teeth Whitening, Eye Enhancement & Enlargement even better. Our advanced camera includes face, blink & smile detection that automatically captures the perfect portrait or selfie, powerful Panorama, amazing HDR, and more.
However, I have a Samsung Note 4 (2014 model International version as I live in South Africa with the latest software updates).
Either you can click an image through the app or you can select an existing image from the gallery to start editing the image. Lighting effects like Grunge Look, Sparkling and Drama will give the intensity effect to the images.
It is stuffed with some amazing features that will make its users to edit their photos easily. There is no special target of the guide, and we’ll start from the simplest to the most complex tools. The next step is to choose a soundtrack, which can also be done from the included music library (one that’s surprisingly good).
Unfortunately, you cannot add your own music or insert another video to mix the two of them. Once you have paid you will have additional features enabled, like music and high video resolution. The application uses a complex system of combining the voices, the faces detected and the motion, deciding which parts are more important from each clip. Thanks to this technology, you are able to access all your edited movies from a Windows or Mac computer just from a browser that is Java enabled.
Rendering is done in real-time and due to the cloud system, all processes are outsourced so your phone will not be overloaded. The app’s main purpose is to trim, of course, but it does a lot of other important activities too.
When he’s away from the keyboard, simpler things like hiking, mountain climbing and having a cold drink make his day. From streaming rich media to photo editing to managing your emails and everything in-between. Fusion packs all the powerful features youa€™ll find on the more popular options, including a mighty 12 presets sound equalizer, internet radio via Shoutcast, social media integration and more. You can either choose from an array of presets or customize it according to your preferences. We regularly publish app reviews, previews, how toa€™s, and other cool stuff that aims to make your life easier, entertaining and more productive. All 18 corrections happen automatically so you get professional-looking photos without tedious and complex editing. With the debut on Android I expect the same level of granular settings controls of the advanced video camera app. The Filmic software only works on a Samsung Galaxy 6, Note 5 and newer, because of various technical reasons.
It has some enhanced features like selective adjustment functions that will automatically analyze your photos to apply the appropriate effects.
It includes a number of basic adjustments and it also has Auto Fix where it will automatically fix the required adjustments in one click.
You can favorite their effects with the help of favorite buttons.  Share your photos directly through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover, this comes with a live chat built function for free support with the Clesh community and the team behind the application.
Powerampa€™s audio rendering engine is absolutely top-notch when it comes to audio quality.
And it includes powerful presets like Beautify which makes it easy to look your best every time. I am wondering if you or perhaps anyone else reading your articles, may have found away around it yet.
The application utilizes artificial intelligence for analyzing your videos and editing them. The next step is to press the button “Make my movie” and the video clips are uploaded on the Magisto server, where the magic happens.
It’s not necessary to always depend on a PC to edit while there are many photo editing apps available for Android devices.

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