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Avid Xpress Pros long-awaited HDV capability is now available, and that same feature will be released for Media Composer Adrenaline later this month. NewTek TriCaster combines everything found in a television live truck into a box small and light enough to fit into a backpack. 3Play 4800 is the only multi-camera live sports replay system that dramatically enriches the viewing experience for audiences, engaging stadium and online fans with slow motion, instant replay, in-game highlights and social media publishing in every game. There are many different settings you need to be aware of in the capture settings dialog box, but the first one you need to address is the length of allowed capture. Here at GeniusDV, we recieve a large number of calls on a daily basis from editors seeking support on a wide variety of issues that can arise in a day in the life of a working editor , but occasionally, we receive calls that would seem better suited for someone who works in the paranormal!
This producer was using a cheap, unshielded firewire cable and everytime someone was on a cell phone, or when the church used their wireless microphone system while he was capturing his material into Avid Xpress, those signals became mixed with his audio signal.
If you are trying to sift through all of your render options and find that you are confused by all of the settings, then I would like share with you my work-flow and hopefully it will help stop the confusion. Where you wondering if Media Compser Software version was up to the task of editing big motion pictures? If you need to capture analog footage, (8mm, Hi-8 etc), into your Avid system and you do not have a MOJO or some other form of transcoder, all you need is your DV camera or deck connected through the firewire port.
I was recently trying to import an image into Avid and I found that it was making a clip that contained 6 images. Yet again, another great story has popped up using Avid software and showcasing Avids ability to manage media and play all format types. Read the full story and sign up for one of our next up and coming Avid classes and get started on your dream!
When you are in the Color Corrction toolset within Avid Xpress Pro and have finished making adjustments to a clip, you can save the color correction parameter to use later on a similar clip. 1 After you have finished color correcting the clip, control click for Mac or Option click for PC the C1 bucket to save the adjustment parameters.
Keep in mind that when you end your Avid Session these saved parameters will not be retained. Let's say that you have created the popular white flash effect for your Avid project via the Fade to Color Effect located in the Effects Pallete.
1 After you have tweaked the Fade to Color Effect in the Effect Editor and applied it to an edit point in your sequence, Notice the icon representing that effect at the top of the Effect Editor Pallete. 2 Activate the Bin window by clicking in it and Press Control N for a PC or Command N for a Mac to create a new bin and name it Effects.
To create a PIP effect in Avid Xpress Pro, you must first have two video tracks with the desired footage placed over top of one another.
If you are experiencing errors or poor 3D DVE performance within your Avid Xpress or Media Composer software, it may be because you are running the wrong drivers for your graphics card.
Making sure that your hardware works with your editing software is critical to your daily work-flow.
Just navigate to the settings tab in your project window and then click on the timeline setting.
I have had the power scheme warning come up on the last few installs of Avid that I have performed for people, so I thought it would be good to address this issue again. When Avid editor Brian Fassett was presented with a batch of 25 MiniDV tapes and a request to create a promotional trailer out of the footage, little did he know the project would turn into a life-changing experience. In order to bring the story to life, Fassett set up a home-based workflow that initially consisted of an Avid Xpress system running on a Macintosh G4 desktop. Check out the complete story and do not forget to sign up for our next Avid training class and get on your way to producing the next great film!
Avid has a great new plug in that speeds up the process of getting your sequences straight into YouTube. If you are wondering the differences between Avid Media Composer and Xpress Pro then you need to look no further. I always like to stay on top of the latest movies and what the editors are using to put together the latest blockbuster!
Some members of the editing team, such as Malina, also used their own Macintosh-based laptops equipped with Avid Xpress Pro software to handle a quick comp or other offline task. Check out the complete story and do not forget to sign up for our latest Avid Training Bundle, seats are going fast!
You can trim a transition on either the outgoing side (A-side or tail), the incoming side (B-side or head), or both sides (dual-roller). Knowing the keyboard shortcuts for any given program will greatly increase your workflow speed. When using Avid Xpress or Media Composer, make sure you have the video quality menu button set to solid green when you are laying back to tape. If you are an Avid Xpress or Media Composer user, you've probably discovered that when you perform a motion effect, the audio doesn't slow down with the video. To have matching audio that is 'time compressed', you will need to use an audio suite filter called 'time compression expansion. If you are trying to upgrade to Media Composer and you are currently running Avid Xpress Pro you need to follow a few simple steps to get up and running with Media Composer. Having the ability to get your sequence back out on to tape as quickly as possible is very important. This tutorial will walk you through on how to change the speed of a clip at a certain point, and then return to its original speed. If you are looking to find the Read Me Files for and version of Avid there is one page that has them all. Mapping your Avid keyboard is a critical step in becoming efficient with the Avid software. Did you also know you can map any menu command to a keyboard shortuct with Avid Xpress or Media Composer? Imagine if you are working on your Mac using Final Cut Pro or Avid as you receive the dreaded error message 'Disk Not Readable on this computer' What do you do? I reccommend that you keep a program called 'Disk Warrior' from AlSoft in your arsenal of troubleshooting tools. Understanding how to create navigation in a DVD can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. If you are looking for a quick way to get the letterbox 16x9 look fro your projects then Avid has a quick solution. Would you like to be able to quickly export a QuickTime movie from your timeline or from a subclip ?
When attempting to import P2 media from a FireStore 100 drive, the Import P2 Clips to Bin or Import P2 Media commands do not find anything to import. After running the "Organize P2" command on the FireStore, navigate into the drive through your OS and create a new folder on the root of the drive (the name of the folder can be anything you chose.) Place the entire Contents folder (and everything in it) inside this new folder. This is very similar to how we had to handle the old OMF files on our first FireStore hard drive and it is a very simple fix! With the introduction of the intel based iMac's and Mac Pro systems, you may have the opportunity to use your Avid software in conjunction with many of the video editing applications that are available for Macintosh.
Better yet, if you are lucky enough to have Apple's Final Cut Studio, you can use the best of both worlds! You can even import Motion or LiveType project files directly into an Avid bin window without ever having to export the file from Motion or LiveType. Better yet, the Avid software will build a real-time moving matte for you, which will enable you to make keyframe adjustments in terms of your objects position. When you open your capture tool in Avid Express Pro you may have a power scheme warning pop-up. When Avid designed its HDV implementation, its goal was flexibility, with the HDV workflow the same as it is for other formats, including the ability to mix resolutions on the timeline.

With proprietary NewTek IsoCorder technology, you can capture video for up to four channels and output to two. What I mean by this the the time that Avid will allow you to capture your footage before it stops capturing. First and foremost you need to decide the delivery vehicle for your program, is it going straight to the web, are you publishing a DVD or simply exporting to another application. Once you have your DV camera hooked up simply plug the RCA jacks from your analog source into the analog plugs on your DV cam. Director Robert Zemeckis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump) is viewed as somewhat of a legend himself for his technological innovations in cinema. The P2 format is a true HD format and you will not have to worry about tape ingesting because you are recording directly to flash media. When snowboard enthusiast Anthony Cupaiuolo first launched First Tracks Productions in 2001, it was purely an experiment to see if he could turn his high-flying hobby into a well-grounded business venture. You will have many problems if you try and build your own workstation or use one that is untested by Avid. The manufacture of your drive normally lists the speed of the drive but this may not be accurate or through time you may have a problem in your system either with the drive or maybe a cable. If you are an Avid editor you know that when you turn on the sample plot (waveforms) that, be default it will show the audio waveform for all of your audio tracks and for the complete duration of you timeline. This will open a dialog box that will allow you to turn on a feature call Show Marked Waveforms. You can set your in and out points anywhere you want to see the waveform and it will only draw them between those two points. Because Fassett was digitizing at DV25 resolution, he was quickly maxing out his storage capacity, so he kept adding 180- and 200-gigabyte FireWire drives to his rig.
You will have the ability to easily create a Send To template that will export a QuickTime movie and launch the YouTube upload web-page simultaneously. The main differences are the available formats, media delivery features and resolutions you have the option of working with in Media Composer versus Xpress Pro.
This summer, Jason Bourne returns to unlock the secrets of his mysterious past in The Bourne Ultimatum, the latest espionage thriller in the popular film franchise.
The easy exchange of media and files between the Macintosh- and Windows-based systems gave them the flexibility to handle a one-time job speedily and keep the project moving smoothly. Click a specific location in the Timecode (TC1) track at the bottom of the Track Selector panel. Before you can upgrade, you need to uninstall any older version of Avid already installed on your computer.
The Read Me files are great for configuring, determining compatibility, and what fixes have been made from the previous version. I am unfamiliar with P2 files and when I tried to import them could not find anything to import so I blamed the cameraman for the error.
The FireStore has an application command called "Organize P2;" this places all of your P2 media into a folder structure that most NLEs can understand. Now, when using the Import P2 commands in Avid, select this folder but do not navigate further into it. Instead of have great knowledge of our application software we must also be computer technicians of software and hardware. Having the correct frame to look at though is the only way to make good use of the frame view. To move backward through the footage, press and hold the K key and press the J key (Reverse Play). Make sure you don't miss out on the few remaining seats in our next Avid Training bundle, you will be glad you attend one of the most powerful and intense Avid training in the country! As an added enticement, Avid has dropped the ?HD from its Xpress Pro nomenclature, offering this new HDV editing capability at no extra cost. The default is 30 minutes, which I have always thought to be way to short considering that your average DV tape is 60 minutes and for the most part I want the time limit to be when I press stop. I Am Legend is posed to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the holiday season and it was cut on Avid Media Composer Software. Now, the centuries-old material comes face-to-face with the latest motion-capture technology in Zemeckis’s 3D computer-generated film Beowulf.
So, when you played the clip through, you watched six images pass the screen so fast you could not see any images but the last one. One of the most popular emerging workflows in today's post-production world is the Offline-Online workflow with the Panasonic P2 camera.
The HP workstations are certified and tested by Avid but you must make sure the internal guts will still work with your editing software. This is okay if you want to see the whole audio track but more than likely you are trying to look at a small portion of your timeline to zero in on a problem or try and set you video to a specific beat.
This not only helps you isolate you work area but saves time from watching the waveforms draw through out the whole timeline! Not only does this story talk about the power of had and its ability to handle all types of media shot under all conditions but truly the power of people. As cumbersome as it was, the system performed well and got Fassett and Carr through the critical, early phase of the project. This is very useful and a great way to get your sequences from your Avid timeline to YouTube. There are 25 more resolutions available in Media Composer than in Xpress Pro and most of the HD resolutions in Xpress Pro only allow 1 stream. Matt Damon stars as the memory-challenged international spy, Jason Bourne, who must outwit the authorities and an assortment of assassins who keep him constantly on the run.
You can use a single roll trim or a dual roll trim depending upon what you are trying to achieve.
Draw the lasso by clicking at a point above the top track in the Timeline and by dragging to surround the transitions. Of course you won't use them all but knowing just a few key shortcuts will help your speed up your day. Newer versions of Media Composer and Xpress Pro have separate applications, Avid Uninstallers, that make this process very easy. What he is referring too is he had a QuickTime file that we imported into Avid and it from that import Avid created one OMF file and two AIFF files. The standard link sets the next destination; the override sets the end action of that destination, replacing its default end action.
This is treated just like any other effect and is a quick way to make your footage a have the HD or film letterbox. I edit in Avid Xpress Pro on an HP 4300 machine and for the most part I run day to day without to many problems. The capture tool in Avid Express Pro displays various information about what you are about to capture. If you do not remedy this problem your capturing may be interrupted either by your screen saver or your hard disks shutting down. We tested Xpress Pros HDV ingest, editing and output routine, assessing how the application would fit into a real-world editing situation. So to do this I have found that a QuickTime movie set to Animation is the best uncompressed export setting.
Wahrman (the films editor) owns five specially equipped Media Composer systems that he rents out to productions (four were used on I Am Legend). Make sure you have your camera turned on and plugged into the firewire port before you turn on your computer. O’Driscoll spent two-and-a-half years on the project, handling everything from cutting pre-visualization sequences to finalizing cuts for the IMAX 3D version, slated to release simultaneously with the film’s theatrical release.

Since it first burst out of the gate, First Tracks Productions has hit its mark in the world of snowboarding and action-sports videos - despite its limited resources and small staff of fellow snowboarders-turned-entrepreneurs. The best way to make the waveforms only appear where you need them is to turn on Marked Waveforms timeline settings.
If you do not remedy this problem your capturing may be interrupted either by your screensaver or your hard disks shutting down. Check out the full details and the step-by-step instructions and do not forget to download the .bat file at the bottom of the tutorial. Based on the novel by Robert Ludlum, this installment promises to uncover the truth behind Bourne’s dangerous and never-ending search for his own identity. You can drag from right to left or from left to right, and you can lasso single transitions across several contiguous tracks. If you download an untested version of Quicktime or another software you may run into many problems that seem unrelated but they will make your editing life a disaster. The end action specifies what happens when an item finishes playing, or when you have specified a duration for a menu and the viewer takes no action within that time. When navigating to the drive through an Avid application, the application can not recognize the Contents folder as a P2 source, nor can it recognize the root level of the drive. When it comes to media management do not forget to check the Target Drive area of the capture tool. You can, however, change the displayed frame with a frame that has meaning to you or a frame that actually identifies the clip. He believes that investing in his own systems offers revenue-generating benefits and also helps ensure the overall quality of a film. Once you have Avid running and your capture tool window open you need to turn the Toggle Source button to off. Also our latest Avid training class is filling up quickly so do not sign up soon and get a seat in one of the most personalized Avid training classes in the country!
These only scratch the surface of differences, for full details checkout this chart and see if the added features in Media Composer are for you and don't forget Genius Dv offers both Media Composer and Xpress Pro training classes!
We ended up not needing this particular file so we deleted it from our system, but he still needed the QuickTime file for another project. There are a couple of way sot apply this effect to your footage and I have the best way is to put it on it’s own video line so you can turn it on or off.
This is key for making sure that you select the preferred drive and make sure you have enough space on that drive to capture the amount that you need. It will always embed a clean alpha channel that is easily recognized by most applications, it does not compress your sequence and even if I am making a DVD I still render to this setting and I then allow Adobe Encore or Sorenson Squeeze hand the transcoding. Wahrman, who has been using Avid systems for nearly a decade, particularly relies on the script-based editing feature. Read the rest of the story and do not forget to sign up for one of our up and coming Avid classes, seating is not only limited but going fast! This can appear to be very complex yet once you start playing with the basics of trimming you will find it to be very simple ans straight forward. Now you can look up and see your documentation or see if upgrading to the next version is in your future.
In the past this has meant that I had a corrupt hard drive or corrupt files in that hard drive. You select the target-drive from the pop-up menu and check your amount of free disk space from the Time-Remaining display.
Click on the OMF Media Files tab and set the maximum capture time to your time limit of choice. This is not only efficient but most authoring programs handle the transcoding much better then After Effects or Avid. Read the complete story and sign-up for the latest Avid editing training bundle and set your sights on the next blockbuster film! Now push play on your analog source and hit record in the Avid capture tool and you are on your way. The great thing is that if you have graphics or titles it will only mask the whole region and not reformat every line like the reformat effects do.
Well, this happened again to me earlier this week and I this time it appeared to not be a corrupt file but somehow, permission was changed on one of drives.
The Time-remaining display is an estimate based on your resolution settings, the number of tracks you have to be stored on the drive, and the free space available on the target drive. Make sure you sign up for our next up and coming Avid class, class sizes are always small and seats are filling up fast! If you want to make animated gif for the web After Effects allows you do this and I use this setting if I am posting something to the web that is not needed for any other application. This is the best way to get analog sources converted into digital so that you can edit and output to digital!
When this option is deselected, the system does not automatically import a whole sequence of files that have sequential extensions. If this happens to you you need to immediately check out this how to change your permissions article and hopefully your problem will be fixed because if you have a corrupt file life will not be easy until it is rooted out. Always make sure that if your only need the audio from a 3-track source, that you turn off the video to save space. When you capture paying close attention to detail will help you manage your projects in the long run. Learn this and other valuable inside tips from one of our great up and coming Avid classes and get started in becoming the top in your profession.
Learn this and other valuable inside tips from one of our great up and coming Avid classes. Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer have on of the best media capture tools in the business, so make sure you take advantage of it power! The settings for your .flv will change from project to project so you will need to play with your settings to achieve the results you are looking for. Just remember that QuickTime set to Animation; Flash Video and Animated GIF’s will get the results you are looking for in most applications. Avids philosophy is right on the money, where it anticipates the transition from standard definition to high definition will take a while.
The fact is that numerous producers, editors, directors and production facilities possess a multitude of standard definition footage and equipment, and for some time to come will need to mix these formats together with HD footage.
Given that virtual Tower of Babel of video formats, Avids mission is currently to feature the ability to use all different formats on the same timeline. Striving to allow users to work with HD without feeling the pain of all that extra data, Avid set out to let users of Xpress Pro play back as many edits as possible in real time, no matter what the resolution. Whether it succeeded at that is largely a matter of how fast the host computers processors are.
Thankfully, the rendering takes place after the editing is done, because Avids implementation concentrates on quick ingest of the footage. It works like this: As it imports HDV transport streams, it de-muxes the signal, which means it separates the audio and video. Avids technique doesnt touch the actual data at this stage, which remains native as it goes into the computer.

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