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Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. Often you may have a great product and if you could talk to the right people you are confident that they would find your product or service very attractive and useful.
The data include TPS (telephone preferencial service) information so that you know who you can call via telephone to follow up with. On the right you can find examples of what data lists look like, nike free 5.0 opinioni a list of business types and sectors, along with a list of the type of filters you can use to select data. Licensing: The data are available with two types of licenses (single use, 12 months use) and are seeded to ensure adherance to the licensing rules.
Prices start from A?250 per 1000 records, for single use and approximately twice the amount for a 12 month licence. With access to the UK’s industry leading business email database, you can be confident that Naxtech can help you find the data to fit your business needs.

You can choose from over 1.4 million business contacts ranging from Senior Decision Makers to management roles including, Financial Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, HR Manager, Office Manager and more.
With a UK database of over 2.5 million consumer email addresses, Naxtech can help you find the email data for the contacts in which you want to target. Your account manager will assist you in selecting your consumer email data and can run more detailed email data counts in-house within a short time-scale. With access to a global email database of over 100 million email addresses, Naxtech can help you select an email data list to fit your business needs from any country, worldwide. Covering all business and consumer selections worldwide, your account manager will assist you in finding your target market.
With targeted business to business mailng lists, eBusiness Prospects helps you find the right prospects for your business. Email Append Service - Provide us with your internal lists and we'll add as many business or consumer email addresses as possible using our Email Append service.

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