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As entrevistas são sempre muito valorizadas e no mercado B2B podem ser usadas para mensagens importantes.
With more companies than ever before committing themselves to new business to business video marketing strategies, Optimum Productions wants to be your guide to learn more about the content options you’ve got at your disposable. According to what studies you use, it’s safe to say that the majority of companies using B2B video marketing strategies tend to see tangible benefits. Unlike print mediums, video marketing tends to streamline the advertising process, boiling down the product or service into an easy to digest video package that aligns well with today’s screen-oriented culture.
Much of the video content proving most memorable in the business to business sector is the kind of stuff that goes viral on major video upload sites like YouTube. In both cases, despite focusing on business to business transactions, these companies have shown that it’s definitely possible to drive arresting content to satisfy the goals of even the most ambitious B2B video marketing strategy.
What these successful marketing campaigns (and many others like them) did to win over viewers and customers is actually quite simple: they incorporated good storytelling to make their advertising engaging. If you have any other questions about different B2B video marketing options or would like to speak with someone to discuss your own potential video campaign, please feel free to reach out to a representative at Optimum Productions.
About Optimum ProductionsAn Atlanta Video Production Company, Optimum Productions began from a passion for storytelling.
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Um die Wirkung des Soundtracks zu maximieren, haben wir mit bekannten Konzert-Klischees gespielt. Wobei ich mich in einer Kunden-Mail schon recht frA?h aus dem Fenster gelehnt und prophezeit habe, dass das Video a€zsehr mA¤chtiga€? wird. Anfang MA¤rz wurde es auch beim a€zKey Opinion Leader Eventa€? von Sirona in Bensheim gezeigt. Whether it’s some commercial for body soap or food or cars, the potential for consumer product videos to go viral is exceptional.
More often than not, well produced video content does a very effective job of boosting brand awareness while bringing to life your product or company.
Some research even claims that just a single minute of video can have the same impact as almost two million words! Schneider Electric and Squarespace are two companies in particular who have made good use of their video marketing efforts to establish a strong and loyal customer base because of their online content. Without investing in this crucial component, any business to business video marketing strategy will likely fall flat on its face. We can spruce up your video marketing strategy and get you well on the way to producing lasting, memorable advertising. The use of film and video enables stories to not just be told but rather experienced by the audience. Am Anfang justiert sich a€zCEREC in Concerta€? A¤hnlich eines Orchesters, man hA¶rt RA¤uspern und das Klopfen eines Taktstockes.

FA?r uns sind die enthusiastischen Kommentare und die vielen Likes und Shares deshalb ein tolles Kompliment.
When it comes to the business to business sector, however, most marketing is forgettable, to say the least. Taking this with the fact that video is more accessible and available than ever before, there are increasingly fewer reasons to ignore and avoid business to business video marketing.
Beautiful imagery, music, lighting and editing allow our clients to re-create their stories to share them with others. Wir haben das Video zuerst in der Agentur gezeigt a€“ und dass alle lachten, klatschten und begeistert waren, hat uns gezeigt, dass wir auf dem richtigen Weg waren. Bei der Veranstaltung kam A?brigens auch eine von uns gebaute Fotobox zum Einsatz a€“ mehr zu deren a€zspecial featuresa€? und bemerkenswerten Entstehung erzA¤hlen wir bald in einem separaten Blogartikel. B2B video marketing has historically been a rather bland affair, but due to the explosion of social media and smart phone technology, it’s more important than ever to produce creative and engaging content. In fact, most of it tends to revolve around “how to” explanations or testimonials that most people click past without a second thought.

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