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Operations Note: This site remains operational as an educational example as well as testing tool. Together we can win and defend the freedom to marry if we build a people-powered movement to go head-to-head with our opponents. Washington Businesses for Marriage Equality -- a coalition of small businesses and corporations who have endorsed Washington United for Marriage and Approve Referendum 74, the campaign to protect marriage equality in the State of Washington. Note to all people, when you have to navigate in the court rooms, know that these quasi-courts so called judges are really Magistrates or Administrators, and they are practicing Law over the bench and making legal determinations for the people, which is an absolute violation of due process of Law. Seven Middle Inn Templar's who had pledged an oath of allegiance to the Crown Temple (including Alexander Hamilton) were among the members of the Constitutional Convention who signed the completed 'American Constitution', to which your never told that copies of the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence hang on the wall of the library of the Middle Temple in London because they were the force behind both of them. The America people were deceived into thinking they were declaring lawful independence from the Crown, when really all that was really established that year, was government of estate possession legally. So now you know why lawyers are so crooked, and the legal system is so corrupt, because its not Just Us that is established, but rather Just This (Justice). These lawyers under the Bar Association whether they know it or not, are in the business of taking away Constitutional Rights from sovereign citizens and giving their power to a foreign banking family. The Bar Association Lawyers have taken every measure to obfuscate the law, by creating a whole new language, which although it sounds, like English, the definitions of words may differ tremendously.
Please include all Titles of the United States Codes relative to or ancillary to the charges.
Always ask these questions which will prove they are incompetent, and always deny their appointed legal counsel as aforementioned.
All politicians and Officers of the Courts of The Republic United States of America, and all Federal and Military Officers, and all State and Municipal Officers, Sheriffs, Mayors, Councilmen, Freeholders and Policeman, etc., are bound by Law to support and defend the Constitution.
Each Justice, Judge and Justice of the Peace shall, before entering upon the duties of office, take and subscribe an Oath that he will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State Republic to which he or she is a citizen or member; and that he or she will faithfully and impartially discharge his or her office to the best of his or her ability. Lawyers of Oudh Bar Association have decided to abstain from work till February 18, protesting against the alleged murder of a colleague and subsequent lathicharge by the Police.
The body of 40-year-old advocate Sharavan Kumar Verma was found in a drain close to Ganeshganj locality in Delhi last week. Protesting the alleged murder, lawyers had pulled down posters and banners from poles and set them on fire.
At least 25 people were injured during the rampage, forcing the Police to lathicharge the mob.
The Central Bar Association of the District Court has declared that the members would not resume work unless the District Magistrate and the SPP are dismissed. Live Law is a comprehensive legal news portal and is set to redefine the standards of legal journalism in India.
Also know that there are only two courts, such as Criminal and Civil, there is no indices in the Constitution for Traffic Court, which means that every ticket they give you is illegal.
The Ruling Monarch is also subordinate to the Crown Temple, and has been since the reign of King John in the 13th century, when royal sovereignty was transferred to the Crown Temple, and through, was it transferred to the Roman Catholic Church. The Crown Bankers and their Middle Templar Attorneys rule America through unlawful contracts, unlawful taxes, and contract documents of false equity through debt deceit, all strictly enforced by their completely unlawful, but 'legal', Orders, Rules and Codes of the Crown Temple Courts, which really is the so-called 'judiciary' in America, because the Crown Temple holds the land titles and estate deeds to all of North America, they are the Inquisitionist's that I was talking about in my other notes.
Then they love here in American schools to throw 1776 up as its Independence Day, while knowing it is the year that the Crown Colonies became legal Crown States, because the Declaration of Independence was a legal, not lawful, document. So that made all the North American States become Crown Templar possessions through their legal document, signed by their representation of both parties to the contract, known as the Constitution of the United States of America.

If you really wanted to get technical with it, you would discover the Crown which was passed from the Monarch to the Knights Templar, who govern Britain on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, which really those who would own the Knights Templar's who control the United States, would really be the ones through the Crown Temple owning the United States, and that would be the Mother of All Harlots known as the Roman Catholic Church, she own the United States, Canada, and all countries and Bar Associations controlled overtly or covertly by the Crown.
The American Bar Association was founded by the Rothschild banking family in 1879, in Indiana.
You might have family members who have become apart of the Bar, trust me, if their so called Black or African American, then they are truly wearing blinders, they ignorant of this to the highest degree.
They have created non-laws outside the scope of the Constitution, and often enforced with more vigor and stiffer penalties than legitimate law. This was so scandalous in the early 1800's, that an amendment was ratified to make it a felony for anyone in government to hold a title of nobility.
If you take these questions and write them up in a word file on your computer and print them off and have them to fill them out, then you have a paper trail to utilize if they don't, you have a refusal to do so, and that is still a documented course of events that you can utilize as proof of your position that can be necessary to the courts to prove further the attorney's incompetence.
For "appointed counsel", Exactly what are your fiduciary duties to me as a third party recipient of your services? Do you or any member of your trade association have a financial interest of any kind whatsoever in the proceedings before the court? If you are a foreign agent of any kind, by any association or practice, where is your registration of foreign agent status filed? Are you aware that defense counsel appointed in a federal criminal proceeding pursuant to federal statute cannot claim any "official" immunity under federal law in a malpractice action growing out of it?
Remember you have the right to your own counsel, as noted in the Constitution of the United States Republic.
The following is an example of the standard Oath which all the above, etc., must take for the public record. The oaths of all Judges of the courts, inferior to the superior court, and the Oaths of Justices of the Peace shall be filed in the Office of the County Recorder; and the Oaths of all other Justice and Judges shall be filed in the Office of the Secretary of State. Lawyers had then resorted to rampage, burning and damaging vehicles and attacking police, public and journalists. Hundreds of lawyers and judicial staff of the High Court and the District Court were left stranded inside their offices for around four hours, till the situation was brought under control. Shahi was quoted as saying that the Association has demanded action against the CRPF commandant, who is in-charge of the high court’s security, and the SSP. Our endeavour is to bring in more transparency in legal reporting without lowering the supremacy of law.
So when you are in Criminal Court, there must be indictment papers before any acceptance of you of charges against you, in which most courts want you to take a plea, which is really to give up your rights.
The Knights Templar Church, is also known as the Crown Temple or Crown Templar, and is located between Fleet Street and Victoria Embankment.
The government of the United States is not for the people by the people, its merely a subsidiary of the Crown Temple along with the U.S.
Now you should understand clearly as to why if you want to become a lawyer here in the United States, you must take the BAR Exam, of the British Association, and also should be clear, as to why the hospitals here in America, operate on British Maritime Law, thus making each child born, property of the Queen. She is the Mother of All Harlots, and the harlots would be all religions upon the face of the earth, they all are authorized to exist by her, cause they come from her. All members of the two Judiciary and 71% of all legislatures, federal, state and local, are Bar Association members.
They have been brainwashed in law school to think they are performing a public service, they are unconscious of their crimes, but when they become conscious of what they have gotten themselves into really, they better break their oath and repent, before they end up burning in hell.

They have even conspired to change laws by changing existing legal definitions, without legislation. So efforts were immediately made, to bury the new amendment and destroy all traces and records of it from the law books and history books.
Also know that when asking for the Oath of the Judge at the local court level, they may give you a hard time and say they don't have it, in which this is because they don't want you to have it. Oundh Bar Association has suspended two members as they did not follow the resolution of abstaining from work.
Why, because they know taking a plea involves signing papers of such which waive away your rights, and those papers take the place of indictment papers. This places at least two branches of the government under their control, which makes this a conflict of interest. The Bar Association is also charged with generating laws and codes which serve Rothschild interests, which include a number of large corporations and whole industries, in which the Rothschilds and their associate bankers have invested, in which these include drug companies, oil companies, insurance companies, educational institution, religion, medical industry, auto and munitions manufacturers, and the mass media. For this reason, old editions of Black’s Law Dictionary from prior to 1930, have become extremely valuable, and because the Bar Association has established a total monopoly over the interpretation and manner of practice of law, they can, as an organization, commit any crimes, perpetuate any scams, upon the american public with total impunity. Since evidence has now reached the surface in this to this amendment, lawyers all over continue to deny its existence, for the sole reason that it threatens to expose every single lawyer in the United States, as a traitor to the United States.
They are not used to people asking for it, yet it is public information and they usually have a copy and generally ought not have any reason not to supply it to you. Which they love this, because they know they have no lawful case against you, so without you knowing the Law and your Rights, then they can get away with violating your Constitutional Rights and be able to charge you upon something frivolous, by having you sign plea papers. All Bar Attorneys throughout the world pledge a solemn oath to the Temple, even though some may not be aware that this is what they are doing, because their only given an Inferior understanding of Law, enough to keep them brainwashed into the Temple's agenda.
Bar Associations are awarded their franchises by the four Inns of Court at Temple Bar, in which these are the Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln's Inn and Gray's Inn and they are nothing less than exclusive secret societies without charters or statutes, thus making them a Law unto themselves. Why, because lawyers have a stake in writing bad laws, because good laws don't make them much money, because good laws tend to be obeyed, as where bad laws, are not. Cause as you have seen so far in this lesson, is that every lawyer bears a title of nobility, and they are a party to imposing foreign jurisdiction in almost every courtroom in the country, making the United States Constitution unavailable, and the people's Constitutional Rights inaccessible to them as Americans, which this is treason against the people and Constitution of the United States of America Republic. The technicality is that the Judges Oaths are filed at the Country level, therefore you may have to write to them, or go to them for a copy. Understand mainly, that there are No Lawyers for them to appoint for you, or for you to hire to represent you as they are a conflict of interest, because they are officers of the court. The Bar is not a Constitutional establishment of the United States of America Republic, but rather its the British Association establishment, under the Knights Templar's, who are controlled by the Rothschild banking family. Did you know that the very first law passed by the Indiana legislature, after its takeover by the Bar Association, was to prohibit private citizens (laymen) from practicing law? In closing I say know yourself, in doing so you know Law, and declare your Nationality, and stand not only for yourself against the Powers That Be, but also for the ignorant of the masses, shalom. This was an unconstitutional ruling designed to create a monopoly over the interpretation of law and the manner of its practice.
Every lawyer under the Bar Association is party to imposing a foreign jurisdiction in almost every courtroom in the country, making the United States Constitution unavailable, and the people's Constitutional Rights inaccessible to them as Americans.

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