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Will Corel's powerful yet affordable photo editing and creative effects give Adobe a run for its money? Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. PaintShop Pro now boasts even more features, but does it give Adobe Photoshop anything to worry about? Steady improvements ensure PaintShop Pro X8 keeps up with the latest cameras and image-editing tools, offering broad appeal and good value for money. The latest version of Corel's all-in-one image editing program costs less than an annual subscription to Adobe's Photography Plan, and it's a 'perpetual licence' so you pay just a one-time fee for this version.PaintShop Pro is Corel's rival to Adobe Photoshop and promises powerful image editing abilities for a much lower price. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.

In Manage, you've got an image browser and file manager similar to Adobe Bridge, where you can quickly navigate file folders, display image previews and examine EXIF data.
New featuresCorel PaintShop Pro X4 incorporates a significant number of new and upgraded features over its predecessor - 75 to be exact - so there's plenty to explore.The first of the new developments is a set of HDR (high dynamic range) tools that have undergone a complete overhaul. All common image file formats are displayed, including raw files, with raw photos from recent Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras displaying flawlessly.
There's an Exposure Merge option that offers a decent range of presets, as well as the opportunity to manually control the merging process and save your own presets. Various viewing formats are available, including a map view to geolocate your image capture locations.When you've hit upon an image in need of a quick edit, switching to the Adjust tab reveals a simplified editing interface similar to Lightroom or on1 Perfect Effects.
Here you can use simple sliders to make common enhancements like boosting colour saturation or removing image noise.BeforeAfterYou'll also find a selection of around 100 effects filters here. Photo Blend is ideal for merging multiple group shots where, for example, someone is looking the wrong way in one, while someone else is blinking in the other.

Called Instant Effects, they're split into various categories such as Landscape, Portrait and Film Styles.
Multiple Instant Effects can be applied to a photo, but whilst the adjustment sliders can still be used to tweak the overall look of your image, the Instant Effects themselves are not customisable. As well as Instant Effects, the Adjust workspace also contains portrait touch-up options for whitening teeth, removing red-eye and even slimming a waistline. Or you can use it to blur distracting backgrounds if you find the depth of field in your shots is too wide. The new Vignette Effect similarly helps to soften the impact of distractions, enabling you to darken or lighten the area surrounding your subject.

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