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Hats off the WordPress community and Matt Mullenweg's insistence to promote open source design. A blog about Movable Type, technology, geek-dom, science-fiction and yes, sometimes my personal life. Hats off the WordPress community and Matt Mullenweg's insistence to promote open source design. This theme requires Movable Type Pro at is relies on custom fields for many of its advanced features.
Create custom cropped images for placement on the front door, within the slideshow and else. However, when I try to go into any of the blogs on this installation, I get a rather strange error. I'm guessing it's as simple as adding these two custom fields, but shouldn't the plugin take care of that for me? I wonder though - maybe they only get installed when you do a refresh of an existing blog's templates? I experimented and found out that if you move the footer-container outside of the container div (but still inside the body-container) it works great.
Can you provide any insight on replacing the test blog name with a custom (graphic) header?
To all Hybrid News beta testers: I wanted to let you all know that I fixed a critical bug in the theme that many of you reported, having to do with unrecognized template tags. Right now this theme requires MTPro, but I can begin work on a fully open source version soon -- once the MT Pro one is complete. Can you at least say what "type" of custom fields each is supposed to be, so that I can fix this myself?
To everyone subscribed to the post, I want to let you know that I just released Hybrid News Beta 0.5. When I go to "System Overview" in the admin section, I can see the there and they are enabled.
Lastly, and I didn't see this one mentioned yet, where is that video pic of the day coming from, lol? 5) The template Global Variables is included in the package but has nothing to do with HybridNews (it appears to be for Chicago Now). 6) Since the CustomCSS plugin is required, I was expecting some of your custom CSS code with the package. Front-end tasks include all of the elements that make up the visual components of a website. A web designer is responsible for putting together page designs and making the designs come to life on the screen in the form of HTML & CSS.
When hiring a web designer, you shouldn’t expect them to develop and program a website too. Allow for all communication to go through your project manager to other members of the team - This helps to decrease the time spend communicating back and forth between different team members so they can stay on schedule and get work done.
Organize meetings and phone agendas – Project managers can help to keep a team on task by putting together a list of items to accomplish in a meeting or phone call.

Setting up project milestones & deadlines – They are responsible for working with all team members to build a schedule with each specific task that should be done by a particular date. Freelancers are generally professionals who work on a contract basis with multiple clients.
Specialized skills can allow you to build your team based on the best of the best, rather than a combined team of average skills. You don’t have to pay a freelancer benefits, spend money on their equipment, or use up valuable space for your full-time employees if they are working off-site.
Working with an agency generally gives you access to many different people, technology and resources. From different areas of expertise to robust technology and conference room space — an agency can offer you all the bells and whistles you may be looking for.
If you are using an agency for multiple areas (photography, writing, design etc.) you end up putting all your eggs in one basket. Utilizing the team you already have assembled will most likely increase employee moral if done properly.
This option can be cost effective if you have the resources available to dedicate to the project.
You will also save time from having to educate an external team on your company goals, missions and processes. Another benefit is that you may be able to squeeze more revisions and changes into the project. Before hiring them to work on a large project, give them a smaller one to tackle to see if they would be a good fit for your team.
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Thanks to his philosophy and the courage of designers from the WordPress community, I am able to bring the Hybrid News Theme to Movable Type. Technically these custom fields should be installed automatically when you apply the template set to a blog. Not sure why I would think that except to offer a suggestion as to what you might try to get these fields installed for you according to the theme's requirements.
For example, in the Frontdoor index template, if comes before the last div, instead of the next-to-last div, it looks perfect.
My husband is a high school newspaper adviser and he has been wanting me to develop a newspaper website where all the students need to do is write articles, take photos and post them.
That seemed to go fine (except I wasn't sure what System Object to put for Bio, there is none listed. I figured out all of the above, and then a few hours later I got a message that there was a necessary update for Hybrid News.
I manually modified the templates to hard code those absolutely necessary to get this to work. Often times they are assumed to be programmers as well as designers by those who don’t quite understand the differences. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery are a few languages that can be the responsibility of a web designer.

These tasks often include working with a database and all server-side operations that go on behind the scenes. But in most cases looking for two candidates that are experts in their particular areas is best.
They make sure each individual component to the project is being done to your expectations. This helps to save time, keeps questions from being overlooked, and to keep discussions moving when they get off topic. Usually more resources will require additional contracts with other freelancers such as a photographer, developer, illustrator etc. They can consist of anywhere from two to thousands of people and work with multiple clients.
If you’re able to find a photographer, copywriter, designer and developer all for one package deal, this can save time in trying to find them individually.
Don’t expect them to put in extra hours so you can squeeze in additional work, unless you plan on paying for it. If you aren't aware of what your candidate should know, have someone internally that is knowledgeable in that particular area to sit in on the interview.
Otherwise they should let you know ahead of time when you can expect to hear from them again.
I did notice that in my installation and in your live demo, the footer was a little "messed up" compared to the WordPress demo (footer doesn't stretch across, margin at the bottom). It worked best in 4.3, but I couldn't get the images to associate with the entry (but everything else showed up fine). Also, if one is logged in and then tries to search, its hows the search template but without any content.
When a user orders a product, submits a form or does a search it calls upon the server to perform such tasks. With so many different programming languages to learn, throwing in usability design, typography, CSS and HTML and more isn't an easy workload. Freelancers can work from any type of location, which is often the appeal to this type of work.
An agency resides at a physical location, whereas a freelancer may work from a home office or a shared office space with other freelancers.
Needless to say, my days of being able to spend hours on end working on some web project are behind me (for a time at least).
Ok, so I downgraded to 4.2 (which was my previous install--I didn't have any real entries in my database, so I just deleted it and made a new one to avoid any weirdness with downgrading). When I click on any of the Hybrid News templates under Design > Templates, there is nothing there.

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