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For a while we have had the likes of FiiO, Cowon, Colorfly et al all offering high end portable players that aim to give you the best possible sound from your music and headphones respectively. I tried a variety of headphones that I have access too and it played everything bar the HiFiMan HE560 with ease. Looking at the entire package I personally believe that the AK380 is currently the best portable player in the world.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. From the moment you buy the large box and slide it from it’s outer sleeve you are greeted with a stunningly presented solid duralumin player, with angles and lines that I can only compare to a Lamborghini Aventador. Delving deeper into the packaging I unpack the wrapped up genuine leather case and see the beautiful leather stitching.
The benefit of choosing the AK380 is that it also has an external amplifier that it can connect to for harder to drive headphones. This is a big conclusion I know, however, listening to the device against a few others and with its complete feature set I would not hesitate to recommend this to a client wanting nothing but the best. I bought the AK380 and thought it was no improvement over the Sony ZX2 or Cowon P1 and in terms of the UI and transferring files using a mac it was a lot worse.
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This portable player is the first from Astell&Kern that will join the ecosystem that they are developing, enabling all of their devices to interconnect and be controlled via a smartphone remote app.
The leather on this case is FAR better than any of the other leather cases provided from Astell&Kern for their AK100 II up to their AK240.
This will be available soon and corrects directly to the player via a docking system rather than using any cables to connect them both together.

It can drive pretty much any pair of headphones you wish to throw at it, with the exception of some of the HiFiMan range of planar headphones, these seem to be complete pains to drive properly from many of the portable players at the moment.
The AK Connect app will enable you to stream music from the AK380 to your local device or stream music from the AK500n direct to the AK380 and all be controlled via a smartphone. The sound from this portable player is exceedingly involving and warmer sounding than its sister the AK240.
From inception of their brand in the UK, I have always had a soft spot for a certain Korean brand of portable audio player. This helps when you wish to use the AK380 as a source in your hifi and control the music without physically having the player near you. In comparison the AK240 appears faster and more up front than the AK380 and I much prefer the sonic signature of the AK380. This brand have offered a great sound, simple to use user interface and exceptional amounts of pride of ownership with all of their products. It also means that there is an element of multiroom capability that is slowly being integrated into their entire range. I keep finding with digital audio products that in the last few years there has been a giant leap in DAC conversion technology. Their range has always been slightly more expensive than the competitors with similar hardware specifications which can put people off who hadn’t held the units in the palm of their hands.
It has developed so far that the detail retrieval has crossed the line where I now find the music reproduction too analytical and often lacks musicality.
Once the product had been physically picked up and played with and you could smell the wonderful aroma of the real leather cases they provided, it was clear that the player was very luxurious, offering the best pride of ownership of all of the players I am able to provide my clients.
This very often swayed clients away from the other brands and the sonic signature often made the decision a pretty easy one to make.

The Hugo was the first product in my mind that gave clients all the detail and resolution possible but didn’t lack any musicality what so ever.
Up until very recently they produced portable audio players over ?500 which had made the brand inaccessible for many. The AK380 has detail in abundance but remains truly musical irrespective of what headphones I use. Dropping some of the feature set that the bigger brothers had the Jr still maintained the excellent high quality sound and pride of ownership synonymous with Astell&Kern. All the headphones that I use with this player sound incredible and the detail is exceptional. The built in 256GB storage offers plenty of space for an accumulation of your favourite albums and the access to Qobuz’s online store lets you download purchased HiDef content directly to the player. I have used ttpod, neutron, realplayer, rocket, playerpro, Google play music etc etc and I always come back to poweramp cos it's simply the best, if you know how to use it to the fullest. The basic and primary functions of TTPod (which is to play music) are fully translated to English.
And the naira equivalent is deducted for my purchases on play store and other online market.

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