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We then use the B2B buyer decision map to identify specific differences in what each segment wants to know. As always, we would love your input on how this B2B buyer decision map compares to how you are marketing to your customers. The B2B Marketing BlogWebbiquity: 1) The unified management of SEO, search marketing, social media, brand management, content marketing and social PR supported by web presence optimization (WPO) metrics. While social media is the flashy show horse of online marketing, email remains the solid workhorse.
One key concern among email marketers is open rates; how can you craft subject lines that increase the odds recipients will open your email messages?
Achinta Mitra provides step-by-step instructions for integrating Google Analytics with standard ESP email tracking, which produces much richer data to help optimize conversion rates. Dustin Betonio shares 30 designs that are undeniably beautiful, though most rely too heavily on graphics (see the post above). Brian Deagan identifies three key components for email marketing success, starting with picking an email service provider that incorporates device detection, can deliver messages in mobile-friendly format, and provides actionable analytics. Noting that “B2B marketers say that their internal e-mail lists are seven times more effective at generating quality sales leads than third-party lists.
David Kirkpatrick walks through a scientific formula for addressing the most challenging aspect of email marketing: building a qualified list.
Amanda Gagnon explains how Walden University dramatically increased email subscriptions by simplifying its signup process and reduced the number of clicks required. An interesting collection of email stats from a report by email marketing service provider Silverpop. Email marketing can be used in any industry of course, but the results can vary considerably. Ben Ardito identifies the characteristics of social email and then explains how to capitalize on it by using email to share social content and encourage your recipients to pass it along.
Ajay Goel believes email and social media will increasingly be used in an integrated, mutually supportive fashion, and offers five tips on how to use social media attributes to make email marketing more personable and effective. Gail Goodman notes that social media is timely and interactive, but also fleeting, while email is more intimate and archivable.
J-P De Clerck details 10 characteristics shared by skilled email and social media marketers, such as relationship building, content sharing, trust earning and engagement. April 5, 2013 By Rachel I share a lot of great B2B marketing content with my social networks. This article outlines seven bad email marketing habits that could be causing you to lose subscribers. This article offers a case study on how one company attempted to engage their inactive subscribers by sending them a “we’re removing you from our list” message. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
In this penultimate best-of-last-year post you’ll find a compendium of interesting, informative and valuable but difficult-to-categorize marketing-related articles and blog posts from 2010.
Next week will feature the must-see Best-of-2010 season finale post here, then it’s on to new ideas and putting 2010 in the rearview mirror.
Kipp Bodnar shares more than two dozen marketing lessons gleaned from the MarketingProfs B2B Forum event, among them: repackage expensive content (such as white paper content) into different formatsa€”blog posts, webinars, bylined articlesa€”to get the most out of your investment.

Brian Solis reports that social media is that area getting the biggest increase in B2B marketing budgets, explains why B2B vendors are embracing social media, and identifies which social networks are viewed as most effective in the business world. Kerry Spellman shows how customer understanding, keyword research and content tailored to each stage of the buying decision process can be used together to shorten the buying cycle and bring revenue in the door more quickly. If you work for a small to midsized company and are concerned that your company hasn’t quite perfected its use of social media yeta€”relax. Details on five associations that can help online marketers keep current as well as possibly connect with future clients, including the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Business Marketing Association (BMA), and local interactive marketing association chapters.
Maria Pergolino highlights five entertaining and informative videos for B2B marketers on the state of the Internet, social media, changes in business buyer behavior and B2B branding. Another noteworthy post from Holger Schulze, again focused on the B2B marketing process but from a different angle. Opening this post by writing “Look, we both know that this is linkbaita€”a top ten list combined with infographics, ca€™mon!a€”but you have to admit, ita€™s worth bookmarking or tweeting.
Judging by some of the presentations I’ve seen recently, a lot of people need to read this post.
Heidi Jackman explains how to use social tools to make any live or web-based presentation more interactive and engaging for the audience.
Eilene Zimmerman offers five tips for standing out from other candidates in today’s tough job climate, such as using social media and phone calls to conduct research on the company through customers and former employees.
While the big job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder offer volume and convenience, they are also highly competitive; recruiters and HR managers may receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes for a particular position, making it extremely challenging to make yours stand out. This time-lapsed video presentation on differing perceptions of time is difficult to categorize, but fascinating. According to recent research, 92% of marketers consider email to be one of their a€?most important marketing toolsa€? and 54% plan increased spending on it in the coming year.
How can you use email marketing most effectively and avoid overloading your recipients with information? Bannan reports that more than half of marketers plan increases in their email marketing budgets, while nearly two-thirds plan to spend more on digital marketing generally, and identifies three key spending areas to consider when allocating those budgets. It takes constant trying, tweaking, analyzing, and risk-taking,” Dylan Boyd highlights seven brands that he thinks do email right, such as National Geographic, Banana Republic and The Wall Street Journal. A better approach may be a simpler newsletter design with a compelling hook to get the reader to click through to a more graphically-rich web page with similar but augmented content.
The key is to optimize the relevance and value of the incentive offered while minimizing friction (your target audience’s concerns about subscribing). She then details five considerations to keep in mind in order to maximize the impact of both channels, along with tactics like repurposing newsletter content in short snippets as social media messages. The thing that I like about this article is that it not only offers ideas, but also aligns them with your target audience’s stage in the sales cycle.
It discusses everything from the frequency of your mailings to the possibility that your email subscribers may not feel special. The “opt-out” email was very clever and can provide you with inspiration on how to better engage your audience. She helps B2B marketers improve their response rates, clearly communicate complex messages and generate high-quality leads. The pieces presented here range from an extensive list of marketing cliches to avoid and tips to shorten the B2B buying cycle to guidance on branding, presentation skills, freelancing, job hunting and more.

Building upon the Pragmatic Marketing framework and the RocketWatcher framework, Holger presents his own elegant 4-layer model, with marketing knowledge at the base and progressing through business strategy and tools & content to the marketing tactics layer at the top. Bronwyn Saglimbeni highlights several techniques for making presentations more dynamic and useful, such as focusing on the needs of your audience, involving them in the discussion, and fearlessly being yourself. Factors like where you live, what religious beliefs you hold and how stable your family life has been all contribute to your perception of time, e.g.
Email marketing remains one of the top spending priorities for online, after search and display advertising. While many corporations still ban or limit social media use within their walls, none ban email (they filter it for spam, but don’t block it completely).
In all cases, however, email from senders in the top quintile (those using the best practices) significantly outperformed those in the bottom quintile.
That’s why I’ve decided to round up some of my favourite articles (this time on the subject of email marketing) and share them with you below.
The article also provides statistics on how many links you should include in your emails to maximize your click-through rates. An easy way to find followers is to search for hashtags that your ideal customers follow or for keywords that they use in their bios. What you will find however are an extensive and insightful list of 101 over-used ideas to avoid, from the lightbulb (bright idea! This outstanding compilation lists niche sites for career opportunities in fields like accounting, advertising, banking, design, engineering, health care, higher education, IT, pharmaceuticals, public relations and more. You can refine your segments over time with more robust analytics and data but a quick segmentation is a great place to start knowing more about your customer and what they want to know.
It’s direct, cost-efficient, and, done properly, still an effective channel for lead generation, nurturing and sales. For example, many websites feature an opt-in box on the right- or left-hand side of the screen.
Not.) and the baton pass to the mountain climber, the Post-It note and of course the ubiquitous handshake.
While most are active to some degree on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogging, none exhibit a truly consistent, integrated social media presence. And as some of the posts below show, when integrated with social media tools, email becomes even more powerful. Integrate your email and social media marketing efforts to improve results through both channels? In addition, we can say whatever we want in an e-mail and not get interrupted by someone elsea€™s point of view,” and suggests using other communications methods such as instant messaging, phone calls, live meetings, web conferences, blogs and wikis in situations where those tools are really more appropriate and effective.
However, you can also consider placing an opt-in box at the end of your blog posts or on your “About Us” page. The Online Marketing Institute listed Rachel as one of the top 40 digital strategists of 2014.
Find the answers to those questions and others here in more than two dozen of the best email marketing guides of the past year.

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