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Wallace also mentioned Northview’s auditorium as the perfect location for an event like America’s Best Hope.
Wallace’s enthusiasm for this event is evident in the way he summed up his thoughts, “We are very blessed to be able to host for the 2nd year.
If God is urging you to lead others and create a positive impact for Him in the marketplace, register to attend this important event. This event is designed to launch a nationwide mentoring movement equipping a generation of godly leaders from many walks of life to lead our country.
She faces great challenges, such as: debt and financial issues, cities being bankrupted, and business and political leaders who make decisions based on personal reasons — rather than for the greater good of the general public.

They specialize in working with Christian business owners and executives, helping them to build their businesses biblically while balancing the demands of leadership. Northview’s Creative Arts Pastor, Greg Wallace, provided the answers to these questions. Even though the auditorium has a seating capacity of approximately 2,100 people, it is constructed in a way that every seat has a good view, so no one is really far away from the speaker.
America’s Best Hope is being simulcast to a number of other churches, including Northview’s [Greater] Lafayette campus.
Hope helps give us focus and direction, so we aren’t like a rudderless ship on stormy waters.

It will draw leaders from a variety of fields who will come together to be challenged, trained and equipped to mentor other leaders to become all God is calling them to be.
This is done by offering seminars, workshops and keynote presentations to help Christians understand Biblical teachings on work, business and career, as well as how to develop ministry platforms in the marketplace.

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