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June 11, 2013 By TimothyD Sociology is a broad field with many approaches on every single level from which society can be viewed. This list of blogs features a diverse range of sociology blogs from scholars, researchers, and practitioners. 1. Every Day Sociology Blog deals with the pressing sociological issues faced by our culture.
2. Montclair SocioBlog consists of posts on sociology in general, addressing pertinent questions about society and culture.
5. UnderstandingSociety seeks to understand the global place of the individual through examining social agency and structure in innovative ways.
6. Orgtheory addresses innovations in sociological theory and seeks to find applications for those innovations. 7. Citings and Sightings keeps a close eye on sociology journals, and media to bring its readers the most up to date and cutting edge sociological perspectives on important, relevant topics.
8. Institutional Review Blog is aimed primarily at sociology academics and the content is geared toward commenting on news having to do with review board oversight. 9. Sociological Images combines powerful imagery with clear and concise explanations of sociological phenomena. 10. A Very Public Sociologist is a political sociology blog focused on analyzing and critiquing various political movements and programs.
13. Rural Sociology Group Wageningen is the blog of an European group based out of the Netherlands that studies rural social communities in Europe. 15. Socializing Finance takes a sociological look at the finance industry and tries to find ways to apply sociological principles to finance that will improve the industry as a positive force in society.
17. Kieran Healy is an associate professor of Sociology whose research has been primarily in the exchange of various goods, from human blood, to software and the relationship between the moral order of market society and the effect of quantification on social classification.
19. Social Watch is a sociology watchdog blog that calls attention to pressing sociological issues around the world including human rights abuses, gender based discrimination, and poverty. 21. Voices of Reason is a collaborative intellectual community that desires to bring together the minds of people from all intellectual backgrounds to discuss and debate issues, policies, and ideas in a non-partisan setting. 23. Somatosphere is a collaborative website positioned at the intersection of science, medicine, and anthropology. 25. Neuroanthropology focuses on the development of the human brain in its associated cultural structure. 27. Uncommon Thought Journal features the musings of its author on a wide variety of sociological issues.
29. Scatterplot is an academically oriented blog that features the musings of its contributors, all sociology academics from a diverse array of universities.
April 30, 2013 By Kristin Social Work is a vast field with many specific specializations and niches.
Listed here are thirty blogs representing various points of view among social work professionals. 1.National Association of Social Workers Blog is the blog of one of the primary advocacy organizations for those in the social work profession. 10. Anti-Social Worker is a unique blog in that the author is a social worker who struggles with anti-social tendencies.
11. Stories of a Burned Out Social Worker lets you get a look inside the life of a social worker who works in a California Hospital. 12. This is Me features stories from the life of a social worker on the quest for self awareness. 13. Awake and Dreaming, the Ramblings of a Social Worker is a day in the life blog of a social worker featuring posts that are sometimes about social work, and sometimes about just figuring out life and chronicling personal breakthroughs. 16. Harlow’s Monkey is a blog all about the ins and outs of adoption, from the perspective of an author who was, herself, adopted. 17. Hold My Hand features posts derived from the author’s life and professional experience as a social worker.
19. Social Work Career Development shares the views and experiences of its author, a clinical social worker, on mental health and other issues.
20. Karen Zgoda is a graduate student in social work at Boston College and her blog focuses on innovation in the field of social work and strategies for adapting technological innovations to fit your social work needs. Highlight: Preventing and Responding to Gun Violence- Where do Social Workers Go From Here? 22. The Political Social Worker is a social work advocacy website that features a blog where advocates post progress updates on their efforts.
23. Nicole Clark, MSW focuses specifically on improving the lives of girls and women of color. 24. Medicine Social Justice is the blog of a medical doctor educator and it focuses on the lack of available medical care to the poor, and on social justice strategies and insights from somebody on the medical side of the fence.

25. Social Work, Social Care, and Media is a blog where individuals within the social work and social care community interact. 26. Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian is the blog of a man who grew up in poverty, and understands the climate that exists in cities like Detroit. 29. JaeRan Kim uses her blog as a space to post her thoughts and insights on topics within the social work field such as ethics, research, education, policy, and theory. 30. Not So Big Society embraces off beat strategies for raising awareness about health and social care and trying to shed light on abuses within government and private health and social care. I love looking at different ideas on Pinterest and have found 30 Day Guns, Buns, and Ab Challenge. Instead of replacing my normal cardio workouts with just the 30 Day Challenge, I decided that I would add it to my daily routine for at least a month to see how I like it.
Today was Day 1, and I don’t feel too terribly sore yet, but I’m pretty sure by Day 7, I’ll be dying.
After all the work I am going to be putting in with this challenge, I sure hope that I see slight results. From studies of the individual, to global trends, the field has opportunities for people with vastly different goals. These blogs can be of interest to sociology students and professionals for any number of reasons. The blog addresses rising cultural issues such as violence, education, privacy, and marriage equality through the lens of sociology.
The blog is run by some members of the Montclair State Sociology Department, but has no official affiliation with the university. Global Sociology features many videos, graphs, and charts intended to communicate the numbers behind the sociological situation of the world.
She examines current cultural issues from a sociological standpoint, often using cutting edge sociological theory to get to the bottom of things. The blog examines everything from groups marginalized by society to the gradual change of social institutions and what drives that change.
The site also posts about new books in the field with the goal of beginning a discussion about the book’s implications. The blog also covers various other issues in academia including musings on funding and research faculty, and many of the other challenges faced by academic leaders in the field. The blog’s viewpoint is largely political, but the author does also address other issues of interest within sociology. The blog takes a hard look at scientific research both in sociology proper and in related sciences, such as economics.
Cohen on the sociological implications of current cultural trends and development on the family. While the human factor seems to take center stage in the field, the mathematics supporting research are equally important when seeking to reveal hard truths and back up theories with evidence.
The blog examines historical executions and the sociological issues and circumstances that lead people to commit their crimes. The content tends toward the scientific and has some cross application potential in the world of sociology. The blog deals specifically with post imperialism anthropology and is attached to the greater Zero Anthropology Project. The blog features articles that approach the subject from a variety of perspectives and contexts. A Backstage Sociologist partly features in depth analysis of sociological issues, and topics within the realm of sociology academia, and this sociologist’s personal thoughts and experiences with life. Danah Boyd is a senior communications researcher for Microsoft, which means it’s her job to analyze the social networks from a business side. Office Hours features conversations with top social scientists from across multiple disciplines about the sociological implications of current events and their research. Social Workers are, in most cases, responsible for facilitating the delivery of social services to those in need of them.
These blogs cover a wide range (though certainly not all) of the opportunities available in the social work field and will hopefully give social workers of all levels, especially students and those recently graduated, the perspective they need to find their passion. The blog posts are written by highly regarded practitioners and academics in the social work field. The Social Work Blog is a collaborative effort featuring articles from some of the top practitioners and thinkers in British social work. Everyone Needs Therapy is a multidisciplinary blog that focuses on posting in depth articles that have to do with some of the most prevalent mental health issues of the day.
Social Work World features editorial style posts that consider the implications of current events from a social worker’s perspective.

Christina’s Considerations features articles focused on the major issues facing hospital social workers, including issues of workplace effectiveness, enhancing the patient experience, and keeping up with the innovations in health information technology. Social Work Tech Blog features the writings of social worker Ignacio Pacheco and is a great resource for anyone interested in integrating technology into their jobs as social workers and other related fields. Cyber Social Worker deals with the challenges of new technology and personal use of social media facing social workers. The blog is a “day in the life” style, that provides social workers with tips and advice for surviving the workplace and achieving success in the field.
The primary purpose of her blog is provide a support system for social workers stressed out by their jobs.
Follow along as she shares stories about her life, and how her experiences have helped her peel back her layers to come to a better understanding of who she is, and what she wants. Though many of her posts are more personal, she also speaks up about important social justice issues. The blog features extensive articles dealing the major issues in the modern adoption system.
She writes of this experience most often through stories, complete with characters, internal monologue, and dialogue. The website features numerous bloggers each with their unique take on the social work field, as well as other important resources and a large community with which to interact. The articles here seek to explore innovative ways of affecting the lives of many that the greater system has failed. The people here are academics, practitioners, researchers, lobbyists, and users of service.
He has dedicated his life to humanitarian causes in the United States, and these are his stories.
The blog provides readers the unique opportunities to also become writers, and contribute to the blog’s content, helping bring together numerous perspectives and promote healthy discussion. Webber tackles the big issues in social work academia, and also points out areas that are lacking research, and areas that need to be researched but for which there is little to no funding. This particular work out starts you off with 50 squats, 5 pushups, and 25 leg lifts then increases the intensity over 30 days.
Whether you want to study the family unit, or the global effects of a government’s foreign policy, sociology provides the tools with which to accomplish that goal. Whether you are looking for somebody in the sociology field to have conversations with, or just looking for some stories or perspective on various problems, these blogs are a great place to start. The blog’s focus is divided between social policy commentary on useful websites, resources and talks about the sociological aspects of various social technologies. Particular attention is paid to families that exist in a disadvantaged or marginalized state.
The point is to remember that the human condition spans history and that while we have become much more adept at describing that condition in scientific terms, we have a long way to go before we start finding solutions to the problems. She has extensive education in the studies of media, culture, and communication and will be an valuable resource for sociologists concerned with the sociological implications of technology.
The blog focuses on updating the readers of the magazine with news, information, and articles in between the issues. The blog is editorial in style and not meant as a replacement for therapy, but to help people understand that they are not alone.
The blog is designed to be appealing to social workers at all levels, from students to retirees. The blog also covers innovations, and strategies for keeping your private life private on the internet. She recently added a message board and chat feature to the blog so that social workers can interact. She brings a unique perspective being both a foster care social worker and a foster parent. The blog deals with specific issues, and offers a personal perspective on how to go about lobbying for change successfully. Anybody who is involved with the social work and social care landscape in any way is welcome to share their ideas.
This can be daunting, especially for those just about to enter the field, and that’s where this guide comes in.

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