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Best Buy is one of the largest video-game sales outlets in the country and owns both Magnolia Audio-Video and Futureshop in Canada. Nukoda is a news blog detailing the latest news in gaming, movies and all other things geek. Focusing on video games as well as tech, anime, comics and more, you as the reader can rely on our dependable and daily posting habits, regular unique features and original content as well as up-to-the-minute news and reviews.
The real cause of the selloff is that investors who had been riding high on a bull market and short squeeze last year don’t want to get caught holding the bag on BBY stock.
Because Best Buy still sucks, still faces revenue challenges and still can’t grow profits fast enough.
Anyway, those folks who misinterpreted the short squeeze at Best Buy last year as signs of a turnaround have now started to realize that it’s all built on thin air. BBY earnings in February are sure to say the same thing, too, and investors don’t want to stick around for the horror show. Best Buy said weak demand, fewer extended warranties and lower prices could pressure profitability.
Compared to other peers in the Electronics Stores sector, Best Buy hasn’t performed in terms of quarterly revenue growth year over year at 0.01 vs. The most recent analyst actions consisted of Telsey Advisory Group upgrading the stock on November 21st.
A growing percentage of the stuff Americans buy is sold online from Amazon and other web-based retailers. Target has actually installed WiFi in stores to make it easier for customers to compare prices while they browser the aisles. According to the WSJ, the strategies seems to be at least keeping the companies from losing customers in droves — and it seems to make more sense to embrace showrooming than to adopt policies that could turn potential customers away. But it’s not hard to imagine a future where online retail giants like Amazon do to big box stores like Walmart and Home Depot what they had already done to mom and pop neighborhood stores, slowly driving them out of business by offering lower prices. I go to Best Buy when I need a gadget right now, such as a remote for my Samsung HDTV, which won’t work without one. Hasn’t Best Buy been requiring that manufacturers offer a slightly different model number for their products as a way to circumvent price matching? Problem with Best Buy is small items are over priced so I have stop going there all together. Before amazon, before the 2000s, buddies and I were already used to go to large stores to look up devices (crt monitors, cd burners, routers), sometimes talking with salesman[1], but the price tag made us run away to specialized neighborhood filled with stockroom-like shops with prices 30%-50% lower.
I have the good fortune of having a MicroCenter nearby, meaning that I can look at neat things and buy them for a competitive price, and maybe get help from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. The price-matching move comes alongside another push by Best Buy to torpedo other advantages enjoyed by online rivals.

Best Buy has been mocked in the past for anti-showrooming tactics like using its own barcodes to block comparison shopping using Amazon’s price-scanning app. Due to Best Buy’s non-disclosure agreement, all employees declined to be named for purposes of this article.
Most employees said stores have had smaller and smaller labor budgets for the past two years.
Best Buy’s main competitor, Circuit City, declared bankruptcy in January and closed the last of its stores March 8, 2009.
He currently lives in the Dallas, Texas area and has recently learned that 'freelance writer,' like 'starving artist' is not a cliche. My friend Marc Bastow recently told me he went into a BBY location and had a great experience — the place was clean, the people were friendly and the layout was organized and convenient.
So think about that — BBY stock was making more in sales during the Great Recession than it is right now. BBY earnings in February are sure to say the same thing, too, and investors don't want to stick around for the horror show. The company last month announced the sale of its Five Star business in China to the Jiayuan Group, a prominent China-based real estate firm.
It expects flat to negative low-single-digit same-store sales and lower operating margins for the first half of its fiscal 2016.
But you can’t walk into an Amazon store to check out the latest Kindle, laptop, smartphone, or game console before placing an order.
In that case, my local Best Buy (Emeryville, CA) didn’t stock them, so bought from Amazon and waited two or three days.
However, BB doesn’t have the selection of things you can find online, thus we use a lot of online retailers as well.
I guess its up to the business owner to pick a model where they don’t over profit from being the largest by upping margins. Plus I also seem to walk out with that $8 external hard drive enclosure that I didn’t know I wanted.
Showroom at the local hifi stores, and buy from 47th Photo or other back-of-magazine advertisers.
Appliances are a good example where B&M will get my business, but small electronics will not. The tax will also mean more of your money is taken by the Government to redistribute to certain people and groups in exchange for their votes.
The struggling electronics seller says its workers now have the leeway to match online retailers’ lower prices when trying to close a sale. Have you tried to get Best Buy or another big-box store to match the online price of an item?

If lowering their prices were simple, Best Buy would have done so long ago to stop the bleeding inflicted by Amazon’s relentless ability to undersell.
The decision to match online retailers’ prices suggests the company is taking an honest look at its competition and recognizing that offline versus online in retail is fast becoming a distinction without a difference. Jonathan has played video games since Desert Strike forced him to break his 'B' button on his Sega Genesis controller.
And investors didn’t seem to care a whit about those trends in 2013, as the stock  skyrocketed more than 260% despite continued revenue declines.
And the cost of having shelf space and (sometimes borderline clueless bs) salesmen put them to a disadvantage. These days, I have a Best Buy credit card, so I sometimes use it for no int financing on things. The new policy signals a sharp shift for Best Buy, which hopes to undercut the main reason would-be customers go home empty-handed and order from Amazon instead. Analysts estimate that the overhead costs of maintaining a physical store add 10 percent to prices versus online sellers. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED.
The Mean Recommendation sits at 2.2 which is based on 7 Strong Buy, 10 Buy and 9 Hold ratings. Now that Amazon collects tax in my state, the playing field has been leveled somewhat as well with B&M. But if companies like Best Buy start acting more like Amazon, with the added advantages of being able to see, touch, and take home the merchandise, the balance of power, strange as it may sound, could start to tip back in brick-and-mortar’s favor.
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It also offers extended warranty service contracts, technical support, product repair, delivery, and installation services, as well as offers snacks and beverages. I also tend to buy things at BB that I want right away, and also aren’t really deeply discounted at AMZ, like Apple gear.
I do wish there were more indy stores around, though so I could supports them against BB and AMZ.

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