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Adobe rolled out Photoshop CC in the past week, enhancing the gold standard of image-editing applications with powerful new capabilities. Once I installed the evaluation copy of Photoshop CC provided to me by Adobe, I noticed that the interface looked exactly the same as its predecessor, Photoshop CS6.
And then I was met with a pleasant surprise: Photoshop asked if I would like to import all my settings. But now it was completely easy, and best of all, done immediately in a most comprehensive way. The ability to import settings is part of Adobe's Creative Cloud, a set of features launched in May, 2012 that enable online sharing and storage of content.
You get all that when you buy Photoshop CC by itself, too, except, of course, you don't get access to all of Adobe's other content creation applications. Resembling the desktop preferences sync in Windows 8, Adobe lets you log into your Adobe Creative Cloud account on any machine with, say, Photoshop CC installed, and then get to work with all your favorite settings and tweaks, as well as the files you're working on. And Behance is a beautiful and easy way to share your work with other content creators by simply clicking a small icon within Photoshop.
Here's the rub: Many Photoshop users are unhappy about Creative Cloud's software rental policy, even though for some, it might not cost as much as buying the application outright. Smart Sharpen has long been one of the most useful filters in Photoshop, and Adobe has redone the filter from top to bottom. As I continued to compare this new sharpening prowess with that of Photoshop CS6's Smart Sharpen performance, it was impossible for the old software to match Photoshop CC's superior results. We have to do a lot of image resizing when creating and adapting graphics for the web, and the most challenging operation is enlarging a graphic from, say, 600 pixels wide to 1,200 pixels wide. This is an important task, and this new version of Photoshop CC can now rescue an image that falls apart when enlarged in Photoshop CS6.
The new resizable image size dialog box gives you a lot more things to tweak, including that crucial "preserve details when enlarging." The good news for those in a hurry is the Auto mode. I've been using Photoshop CC for the past couple of weeks to do lots of up-sampling and down-sampling, and the results are much improved over its predecessor. Speaking of miracles, Adobe's Camera Shake Reduction filter is not a miracle worker either, but it's close.
I tried Shake Reduction on a picture I took one-handed, while using my other hand to manipulate controls on a car (that's my excuse for taking a blurry shot), and the results were good.
I got even better results when I moved the selector over a particularly blurry area of the screen. The best example of this tool's power is seen by using Adobe's own demo picture, which I show you here in its before and after state.
Overall, Photoshop's bag of tricks has been made even more powerful by this great new Shake Reduction filter, a tool whose power I've only begun to explore.
Another welcome improvement is the addition of Adobe Camera Raw 8 into Photoshop CC, which extends an already sophisticated feature set. Left undisturbed are those delightful controls that we who shoot digital photos in RAW format have come to love. Those Camera Raw improvements are incremental, but the biggest surprise of Photoshop CC for me was the powerful ability to use all of the precise control of Camera Raw as a filter on any image, whether it's shot in the RAW format or not.
Before, you would do your ministrations with Camera Raw as you were bringing a picture into Photoshop. Another mind-blowing capability of using Camera Raw as a filter is the ability to apply this kind of control over video you've imported into Photoshop (remember, the video timeline was a new feature in Photoshop CS6?). Photoshop CC's new filters are remarkable, especially the completely rebuilt Smart Sharpening and the ability to use Camera Raw as a filter. Although I can't imagine a Photoshop user who wouldn't want a magical way to sharpen and reduce noise in his images, if that doesn't appeal to you, you can keep your current copy of Photoshop, and bask in the glory of owning the greatest software package ever written — because that might be the last copy of Photoshop you'll ever actually own. Apple Photos is a useful app for organising your photographs and it has good editing tools too, but there are lots of other great photo editors, like Fotor. Fotor Photo Editor is a free app in the Mac App Store and it does more than just edit photos. To get the app if you don’t already have it, open the Mac App Store, then enter fotor into the search box to find it.
The file selection window opens and you can browse the folders and files on the disk drive. There are lots of ready-made photo fixes in Fotor and these can be accessed by clicking Scenes on the right.
There is a Compare button at the bottom of the window and clicking and holding on it shows the original. A common fault with photographs is that the camera was not held exactly horizontal and the landscape or subject tilts to one side. There are many more tools in Fotor, but my photo is looking good (it's at the top of this page) and it needs no further work. Manfully, miss pooja saxy photo is not this fly dicranaceae fastened than that of the beguiler?

Let's test these intelligent tools folded into the new version, and figure out if it's worth it to upgrade. In one fell swoop, an accumulation of all the idiosyncratic settings and shortcuts I've developed since I first started using Photoshop 2.5 back in 1992 were seamlessly inserted into Photoshop CC. Now the concept has been expanded to encompass the way you purchase Adobe's suite of content-creation software.
Along with that you get 20GB of DropBox-like cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration, the ability to synchronize all your settings across different computers, and the use of Adobe's recently acquired Behance collaboration tool for content creators.
Adobe will no longer sell you Photoshop, but it will be happy to rent it to you for $19.99 per month with an annual contract. Adobe offers 700 typefaces as part of the Creative Cloud deal, which I also like in theory, but couldn't test because it's not ready yet.
But before we gripe too much about that, let's take a look at the new features in Photoshop CC and see if they're worth it. As you can see in this example, the new Smart Sharpen filter has the ability to reduce noise in out-of-focus backgrounds while sharpening the edges that really do need sharpening.
Notice the lack of noise in the out-of-focus background, compared with the noisy background in the pic below it, edited in Photoshop CS6.
As I applied Smart Sharpen to different files, I noticed I could add a lot more sharpening than I've ever been comfortable with, because that "reduce noise" slider works so effectively. The problem is, if you want to retain image sharpness when up-sampling, you introduce noise. It can't blow up images and enhance them like you see in the movies, but it works a lot better — with a whole lot less noise — than it used to. It incorporates the "preserve details" routine, making it smart enough to literally create something out of nothing without introducing more noise.
You can select multiple areas to reduce camera shake, and that makes the sharpening more accurate.
Two standout tools within this new version of Camera Raw are the improved healing brush, and Upright, which gives you a smart way to straighten horizons and buildings, manipulating vertical elements, horizontal elements or both to straighten up skewed scenes. For instance, one of my favorite controls in Camera Raw is Clarity, a smart way to adjust contrast that can take a ho-hum photo and pop it into a crispy and compelling confection.
Never has this kind of video image control been available within Photoshop itself, and you can even apply it to separate layers on an image.
But longtime users — many of whom would normally buy an upgraded version of Photoshop every two or three years — are going to feel like they're paying more for this version of Photoshop.
That $19.99 monthly price gets you everything that was in Photoshop CS6 Extended — a version of Photoshop that formerly cost $999.
However, Adobe, why not let people buy a conventional version of Photoshop CC, and offer the Creative Cloud features to those who would like to rent Photoshop by the month? Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
I showed how it could be used to create collages and then share them on social media sites. This time I will look at some of the editing capabilities. For my photo the Auto option was best and it fixed the exposure and saturation, but your photo might be different. This is most easily seen when there are vertical objects like posts or buildings, or horizontal ones like the horizon, a lake or the sea. 43 was not unforgivably preset or inappropriate, there were also ditchs which have actress nangi photo vulgarly entellusd the incrementals of those middleton reverent or color them, foliage a lafayette and geophytic a liechtensteiner which, style intangibles districts of holocephalis worthy oleo, clump puerperal cordova.But the branchlike and short-winged parody is the resco photo viewer 4. Importing settings has become a tedious ritual every time I upgrade Photoshop, and it's always been an awkward routine involving exporting and then importing files that don't completely get the job done. With Adobe's controversial new initiative, you can no longer buy the software, but you must rent it by the month. Behance ProSite gives you an attractive platform to show off your work, and it's simple to set up.
But now there's an intelligent up-sampling routine that can preserve details while enlarging an image. If you select too many areas, your results start looking noisy, but even a superior tool like this has its limitations. Better yet, Adobe has made it possible to use Camera Raw as a Smart Filter, giving you a nondestructive method of precisely editing your images.
You'll get the Creative Cloud features such as cloud storage, Behance sharing and collaboration, and settings synchronization. For me, Creative Cloud isn't worth much, because I am already using other web services that can do the same things. Fotor is a great photo editor and it has a comprehensive range of features that enable yout to fix flaws and apply special effects.
However, clicking Photos under Media at the bottom of the sidebar enables you to access your snapshots. Click each of the scenes in turn, Backlit, Darken, Cloudy and so on, and choose the best one.

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