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According to recent research by Postling, nearly 80% of real estate agents are using Facebook to market their practice and properties.
In addition to offering cost-effective methods of promoting properties, Facebook also offers a range of new opportunities to grow and cultivate a robust community of prospective buyers and sellers.
Social media makes it much easier to make a fast, personal connection with people you meet.
On that note, you may want to consider developing a separate business page on Facebook that allows you to target your content and your audience more effectively.
That being said, many agents still opt to use their personal Facebook account for posts rather than setting up a business page. Savenko originally set up a business page on Facebook, but then decided to just focus on building her personal network.
It used to be that a monthly newsletter was enough to keep your network updated on your business, but with the advent of social media, you now have the opportunity to stay top-of-mind on an ongoing basis. Dinner posts two times a week to her personal connections — once with a listing, and once with a relevant article or piece of data — and uses an RSS feed to automatically share four to five of her blog posts a week with fans of her business. Even if you’re just getting started using Facebook, make sure you’re at least mixing in some real estate-related posts with your personal feed — because your extended network is often your best source of new business. In addition to giving people the ability to follow you on Facebook from your website, think about other ways that you can integrate Facebook into your marketing. When marketing a particular property across multiple channels, Dinner suggests using different lead pictures for each.
Facebook Ads have also become a popular way for agents to market both themselves as well as new properties. When designing your ad, Facebook recommends that you write clear, targeted ads with concise text that speaks directly to the audience you will reach.
Be careful what you post to Facebook — pictures of you drinking a cocktail or posts about a wicked hangover aren’t likely to inspire trust. Leyl Master BlackLeyl Master Black is director of communications at health care services company One Medical Group. Wanting to get your business website seen by people who want to buy your product or service is every business owners desire. After going through this Infographic you feel you would rather have someone else do it for you and cost effectively, reach out to us and we will quickly assess your site and give you a quote on exactly what you will need to get you ranked. For a small business owner, knowing where to begin with social media can be overwhelming, especially if it’s a new concept. Take a look at the infographic below, and be sure to check out our own pro tips posted beneath! These general guidelines will help you create content that is both sensitive & intruiging! Small businesses are unique in that they have limited resources to allocate in order to achieve success.
It makes you wonder, if small businesses are short on resources (time, money, employees) then how do they invest in learning and managing their social media? Did you know that almost 120 million Americans now own a smartphone, and 80 percent of those use their device to access social networks? SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) is the addition of local information to search engine results to capitalize on the increasing use of mobile, allowing businesses to push relevant offers to customers based on their location. This infographic takes a closer look at how retailers are making the most of the SoLoMo opportunity.
One of the  the greatest challenges for small business owners managing their own Facebook pages is determining exactly when to post a given piece of content so it attracts the most “likes,” comments, and retweets. For instance, companies considered “general retail” will find more engagement on Mondays, whereas nonprofits will see greater success on weekends, according to LinchpinSEO, which analyzed the user engagement of more than 1,800 Facebook pages from the world’s top brands. It’s important to remember that each type of business will have a different best day and time to post to Facebook. Although small business owners are struggling with the added workload of social media and content creation, small businesses are ramping up their social efforts and are increasingly finding value in paying others to help them with their social media efforts.
According to an online survey of 462 businesses (93% with fewer than 100 employees), conducted between Sept. For some small business owners, spending six or more hours per week on social media activities, coupled with the one to three hours for writing a single blog post, creates a major time strain. That’s why small businesses are investing more in getting help with their social media publishing efforts.

Small businesses should proceed with caution when considering when looking to have employees manager their social media. What is everzocial?We are a social marketing agency with extraordinary expertise in social brand design, communication, technology and strategy – a rare combination! BlogLocal SEO Checklist For Small Business in 20165 Way To Improve Your Mobile Marketing Efforts in 2016Are You Connection Rich? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Today’s marketers need to be able to make good judgements about social channels, and yet many brands have a weak presence, with social conversations brands that feel pretty dull. Relationship marketing is at the heart of the Starbucks marketing strategy, and through a loyalty card, email and social media, Starbucks maintains an always on connection with tens of millions of consumers.
Their Facebook fan page gives consumers a way to manage their gift card information, get useful information about the “My Starbucks Rewards” loyalty programme and deliver messages about their social cause marketing. This is a brand that hasn’t just taken a scope of social, they’ve gotten the whole tub – and then gone back for more!
There content is a blend of social cause marketing, humour linked to the brand, and specific product activations.
This hazelnut spread has really stepped-up in social media, creating an always-on conversation that combines competitions, games, videos and loads of great sharable images.
Coca-Cola’s Facebook page quickly became legendary after it was launched by consumers and gained a massive number of spontaneous likes. This is a brand that’s made for Facebook, but their conversation strategy takes consumer’s relationships even further.
It’s a rich conversation area, but Axe went further, by having two social media voices – Dan and Lauren – with different points of view and a great social chemistry. To get started building your fan base, Dinner recommends uploading your email database to Facebook once a quarter and inviting everyone to become a fan, and then inviting new friends and contacts as you meet them. She also keeps the picture banner on her business page updated with recent properties she’s sold, changing these out every few months to keep it fresh. For example, if you’re blogging, set it up to automatically post each new article on Facebook.
For example, Dinner uses Constant Contact’s Facebook app to make her monthly newsletter available to friends and fans on Facebook. For example, the MLS listing might show the front of the house, your email might show the kitchen, the Facebook post might show the view and the Facebook Ad might show the garden. Dinner recommends setting up the ads to target your fans’ friends — because the people within your sphere of influence are more likely to become clients and be in your target demographic. According to Savenko, “There are so many free online resources right now, the economy is weak and agents are really suffering … so people are being very cautious and targeted with their marketing dollars.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. To start, running a personal Facebook or Twitter is MUCH different than running a business Facebook or Twitter.
We recommend 1-2 Facebook posts a day, and if you even miss one, single day, your Facebook insights will show it! This means respond to all comments and posts on your page, visit the pages you’ve liked and engage on THEIR pages, comment on posts in your newsfeed… the more your business name gets out there, the larger your fan base will grow! According to a survey of over 1,200 small business owners, 39 percent saw a ROI from their social media presence in Q1 with 30 percent of that group claiming that it was an ROI of $2,000 or greater.
So, it’s a no brainer that the results they are seeing from social media, which costs little to no money to run, beats out hiring on new employees. Well, 36 percent of small business owners refer to online resources (articles and blogs) to help them with their social media. Our goal here at Everzocial is to provide affordable social media services for your small business and free up some of your valuable time. And the results can be unbelievable – smartphones are expected to influence $200 billion worth of sales in 2013. A recent infographic from LinchpinSEO could help crack that code by showing the best days to post to Facebook.
This infographic could help you identify it.  If you need further help with your Facebook Business Page, our team of Social Stagers are here to help do it for you.

On Facebook and Twitter, mostly, as 90% of respondents are active on the Facebook; 70% on the Twitter. The data suggests that if a small business is going to increase its budget, it will likely be for social media rather than marketing; 36% of those surveyed pay for social media publishing and analytics tools. When marketing directors asked our team to find case studies of the best Facebook fan pages, we looked for those that had great social conversations, really engaged with consumers and gave people a reason to follow.
If you’re going to win in social media marketing, then you need to create vibrant conversations your consumers will love to take part in.
The page includes regular competitions for seasonal products and has useful apps like the store locator, and keeps the social cause and community activities of the brand front of mind among consumers.
Whenever they have a big promotional event in the life of the brand - like their birthday in this screenshot – they look for a way to involve consumers. Fuelled by a powerful personality, and championing the social causes that are part of the brand’s DNA, Ben & Jerry’s always has something interesting to say. Their Facebook fan pages around the world have a consistent tone of voice and a freshness in their conversation that stems from having the marketing teams hands-on. They’ve realised the hunger people have for sharing great content and, like Oreo, set about designing simple pieces of content with shareability in mind from the start. Social media spaces are grounded in consumer passions and there’s nothing more authentic than when brand adorers take the lead. The brand’s essence is symbolised in the Mating Game, with Axe playing the role of wingman to give the guy an edge in getting the right girl. Dan is the cool guy with a stream of great ideas, images and links to things he’s found online. There are a few rules & regulations to abide by, both to uphold your brand name and reputation, and to grow your overall media presence. Having a consistent queue of quality content that your fans can scroll through is extremely important to your social media reputation. Pinterest, for example, attracts a different kind of people with different interests than, say, Twitter. Yes, nearly 79 percent of those surveyed are optimistic about their business in Q2 but it seems as though social media is proving to be more valuable and cost effective than manpower. In addition to online resources, 22 percent seek advice from their circle of friends and colleagues.
5 by VerticalResponse, 66% of small businesses are spending more time and money on social media than they did a year ago, with 43% spending six or more hours per week on social media activities for their business. Only a third of the small businesses surveyed said they are able to publish to their social networks every day. Here are some of the best Facebook fan page case studies trainers at the Digital Training Academy have been using when coaching brands and agencies on social media strategies.
They often post pictures of the brand being played with in a way that is funny and instantly sharable. Today Coke’s fan page is among the most popular, and the universally recognised brand enjoys the spontaneity of immediate and unprompted likes. Lauren is the girl everyone wants to date, and with a smart wit and her own thread of links and content. Contemplate which platforms will optimize your business’s reach, and start dedicating a quality bit of time to them to grow your fan base there.
26 percent of small businesses are planning on investing their dollars in social media marketing in Q2 2013 and 49 percent are increasing their time spent on social media platforms.
Even though these learning tactics are economical, they don’t capitalize on time management. You have enough on your plate already; let our team of experienced social media managers handle the rest. This simple stream of content successfully builds engagement and amplifies the reach of their message. This makes for a great conversation between the two social voices as well as fans, and the way third party content is linked to is best in class.

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