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Yesterday there was a bit of flurry on Facebook between the Pinball Arcade developer and Wii U fans.
No, it’s not as powerful as the PS3 for visuals, it has more physical memory, but it every other measurable way, the PS3 stomps it. Of course, fans of the Wii U were quick to point out just how wrong the developer is and later on, he issued an apology for his inaccurate statements. This sort of bashing is exactly the way many consumers perceive the Wii U and now a developer has made the same mistake without doing his own research.
Actually don’t let this hurt your opinion of Zen Pinball, which is available on Wii U. Zen Studios has nothing to do with this, so if you want to play pinball on your Wii U, feel free to support them.
Obviously this guy never considered that fact that Wii U has a capable GPU and a more efficient architecture. I mean people go to the movies and everybody wants to see the movie that has the most explosions and crazy fx. I love nintendo and microsoft as well but nobody will pay 300 or 500 bucks for a indie machine. No Sony can sell as many units as ps2 Nintendo will keep building new studios and bring us WiiU gamers the goods aren’t Sony going bust right now ???? It’s a bit of a long shot to talk about bankruptcy IMHO if by the time they were investing, opening new plants and looking for new areas of business, but I can live with that interpretation. I’m sure u can barely know the difference but this already shows me ps4 is more future proof technically if xbox has a problem right now delivering 1080.
Speaking of which, you said the Wii U has much more 1080p games than PS4 and X1, but that is simply not true. Indeed, but at the same time, if it had been build from the ground up on Wii U, I’m sure they could have achieved the exact same visual fidelity, but at 60fps. This is also hopeful for future remakes as the teams can be small but still turn out titles in short time after planning. A Metroid Prime Trilogy Remaster on one disk would be a great preemptive to an official Wii U Metroid title. Agree, but the wii u actually has less 1080p games then ps4 and almst the same amount as xbox. What does playing the games of your choice that u pay with your own money have to do with maturity.
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The developer went on record saying that despite the Wii U’s status as a new console, the PS3 stomps it. HE IS A FRIKKIN’ PINBALL ARCADE DEV, you could develop on my toaster and it would still run smooth. I went to the play expo for all the retro goodness and the majority of the retro machines were pinball, and there were que’s!

It never has the satisfaction of pushing the side buttons or actually tilting the entire machine. But what they don’t understand is graphics hardware help with the efficiency in which visuals are brought to screen, but it does not control how the visuals of the game come to be. They have only sold just over 6 million consoles and their console sales have slowed already. I have a ps4 also and I think infamous so far is a great game and the best looking console game out right now. Be honest, also being an owner of a PS4, Infamous is the only thing Sony has, but I hate to tell you that Titan Fall for the XB1 is gorgeous! I don’t think it will die anytime soon, but it is wounded, even though most of the industry try not to admit it.
But I will say the PS4 is a very nice console, just giving the attributes of the other consoles as well.
It says that they were in deep debt, which means they were close to going bankrupt if things didn’t turn around soon.
Now perhaps you may want to play nice with your keyboard and not pound the keys so harshly?
At first I thought you knew what you were saying, but the more I read of your comments, the more I realize you don’t.
I mean, no denying that it looks gorgeous, but it’s not a strong case for declaring that 1080p will happen more often on Wii U in the future.
About how they tested this with Zelda Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Wind Waker, and ended up choosing Wind Waker as it was the prettiest one in HD. I never played any Metroid Prime game, but now that I have a Wii U, I really want to finally try them out. But, yes resolution is not everythng when it comes to graphics is the quality of the texture and lighting that show us the pretty graphics. Pinball Arcade is not available on the Wii U, which is why dude’s bashing is unwarranted.
Nintendo needs to hurry up and release something that proves the power of the wii u that’s not a racer, sidescroller or fighting game. Keep in mind, I bought a PS4 and it was ok, but in my opinion the Xbox One is a much better quality product that I can see new types of game play on besides the Wii U. I say ps4 is Killin it right now cuz it only took 5 months for it to pass wii u sales even with nintendos 1 year head start.
Sony is in big trouble but that doesn’t mean the play station brand will die Cuz it wont. 1080p does make a big difference compared to 720p, as much as 720p makes a difference compared to 480p. They somewhat managed to improve the look of the game and add some nice lighting effects, but without changing the code and stuff.
I do think too that Wind Waker HD was only 30fps (with slowdowns!) simply because they ported the GC codes over without changing anything except adding a new coat of sugar on top of it.

Developers need to quit putting their lack of creativity of making great games on hardware.
It will have the largest indie base, which means tons of potential to have the most exclusives. There was a lawsuit from Universal and Coleco in the eighties, where they were after royalties, that’s all. Because it was mentioned in an old Iwata Asks session that the only reason for keeping to 30 was so that they did not have to go back and rework all the animations… And that it would have been likely to hit 60fps, if that had been a key factor in the vision of a WWHD remake. I believe the exact same game could have achieved the holy 60fps mark if it had been developed from the ground up on Wii U. Wished they let more information out on that game cuz we still don’t know much about it.
I grew up in the art, computer hardware, software and graphics field and I work in it today. Yes it is true that everyone likes pretty explosions but lets look at it from another perspective. If you cannot see the difference between 1080p and 720p on your TV, then you are either sitting too far away, or aren’t watching proper 1080p content. I really don’t understand all of the hype about it ad the Xbox 1 has better features out of the two.
From Nintendo, I saw Pikmin, Mario, Windwaker HD, DK so far … Great games but not much concerning the technical side. Look at the games in the Wii U library and then compare how they rate with the games in the XB1 and PS4 library, I have to say that the Wii U games are more fun and do better on the ratings as well. But I have to tell you that the PS4 games does not run better in total than the Xbox 1 games.
Most should begin to ask themselves, how can they, or Nintendo themselves pull off such quality, but I can not.
When it Comes to all around better device with more Capabilities the XB1 is defiantly much stronger. The rest you are correct on pertaining to lawsuits, but that was off topic nonetheless, and have been aware of for years. They could really sell the XB1 for Pennies and quickly grow there console base and take Sony complexly out of the game.
They truly know how to advertise, but Nintendo and Microsoft are two juggernauts that is going to be tougher than they think to run over. They are having to patch most of the PS4 games just for them to work in single or multiplayer modes.
They have tons of financial issues and even with the PS4’s great sales they are still having to lay people off.

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