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With the advancement of mobile devices, editing video has become easier as you can now edit your video on the go. Magisto is one of the most popular and widely used video editing app on Android smartphones and tablets. Magisto is the perfect app for the beginners as it does not require much video-editing skills to use.
Like many video editing apps, Video Show also allows users to add cute stickers, images and themes to beautify your videos.
The best things of the app is that it’s completely free and you can edit unlimited videos without any watermarks. KineMaster is a free Android video editing app that features a multi-track video timeline that gives you the ability to drag and drop content as you wish.
You can import multimedia files from your phone or record on the spot and take advantage of the KineMaster’s editing tools and transition effects to edit each clip. You can record video with the app or use existing videos, trim, add a soundtrack, and select a style for transitions, effects, overlays and captions. VivaVideo also has built-in Photo Movie Maker feature that lets you make slideshows using available photos from your phone’s gallery.
So, these are some of the best Android video editing apps which you can download for free on your smartphones or tablets. Viewing and Editing office documents on Android is just easy with these Office Apps for Android.
There are lot of powerful Android Phones, specially Tablet devices now available on market and quickly over-taking place of notebook.
Kingsoft Office is very simple and resembles the interface of Microsoft Office, causing the user to quickly find all the functions they need.
Olive Office Premium (free) will be very useful for the owners of Android tablet devices, who often have to deal with files from Microsoft Word. Office suit Quickoffice, owned by Google, allows you to create and edit documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly from your Android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.
Android smartphones now come with great cameras and features, allowing you to use them even as digital camera and laptop replacements, which means you can take photos and even edit them on the go.
FX Photo Editor is probably the most complete android app in its category, featuring over 110 unique effects that can be easily applied to your photos. This app comes after a desktop web app bases on Flash that tried to replace full-featured image editing software and has been developed by Autodesk Inc., a popular CAD design company. Pixlr-o-matic allows you to either take a photo and edit it or choose an existing one from your gallery.
PicSay comes also in a free and paid version and it’s an award-winning photo editing app for Android, featuring effects like Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch. This app also allows you to add titles, hairstyles, shapes, editable text and more to your photos in order to personalize them better, being able to share it on the most popular social networks or through MMS, WiFi or Bluetooth. LightBox Photos is a more simple app that allows you to apply effects, geotag or take photos on your Android device. This app also allows you to set up your own photo blog on their website and socialize with the other members, all being passionate about photography. Instagram is probably the easiest photo editing app on Android, though it doesn’t have many features.

Magic House has a wonderful interface and has become popular on Android probably due to the lack of Instagram. PhotoFunia is a really fun photo editing app for Android, featuring face recognition and the ability to transform faces or even fit them onto scenery. This app is free, though it requires a SD card for installation, so it might not work for everyone. BeFunky comes in both free and paid version and includes 20 and, respectively 50 effects available to add to your photos. If you use an Android phone or tablet and wanting to play around with your videos, then check out our list of the 5 best Android video editing apps below. If you are looking for a dynamic and professional video editing tool then the Magisto Video editor is the best choice for you.
This app comes with all the basic video editing features such as merge videos, trimming, add music, add texts, add filters, etc. Once you have edited your video, it allows you to share the edited videos on social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, etc.
The app is also equipped with a variety of transition effects, as well as visual and audio effects, speed controls and many more.
This app allows you to create amazing movies and slideshows, and share them on your social sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
It comes with easy-to-use professional editing tools which allows you to trim and merge video clips in storyboard editing.
If you have any favorite video editor please feel free to share with us in the comments below.
A lot of us and mostly business owners need to edit office documents, Word, Excel spreadsheet, Powerpoint & view PDF Documents files on the go. It is a very good option for those of Android users who want to view and edit Office documents on a larger screen on Android tablet devices as well as smartphones.
This application allows you to create new office Word, Excel , and even Power Point, edit and save them. The application integrates with Google Drive, so you can do quick edits at the airport or in a car and save everything in Google Drive instantly. Cloud On allows you to create new Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, review and edit them, supporting wide file formats including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Images. The app, compatible with all major Microsoft Office formats, allows you to view and edit any document in DOCX, XLSX and PPTX. There are hundreds of photo editing apps on the Android market and we tried them all in order to make a list of the best ones and present you the ups and downs of each one. The app also has 10 preset themes, real-time opacity setting and the ability to combine multiple effects. This app comes with so many features it would take us an entire article to write about and it comes in both free and paid version, depending on your needs and budget. Pixlr-o-matic is a very easy to use app, though it has a plentiful of features, built-in effects and also downloadable ones.
Photo can be afterwards shared with your friends though different methods, including Facebook and photo sharing service. It has multiple editing options and color adjustments allowing you to easily edit your photos or images.

Edited photos can be afterwards shared on Facebook, Twitter or the Lightbox social network, though you will need to sign up for your account if you want to use the latter. One more feature of this app is that you can navigate through the other users’ publicly uploaded photos. Is allows you to take photos, add filters to them and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and Tumblr.
This app comes with more features than Instagram, like the ability to backup your photos to your Dropbox account and it also features more social networks. It has a lot of effects and filters and the interface allows you to change them and place them wherever you want to make the app much easier to use for you. You can take a photo or pick one from your gallery and then choose one of the 150+ scenes available.
Photoshop Express also allows you to share your photos through a number of social services and also WiFi, Bluetooth, MMS and more. It also provides a real-time updated thumb of the photo to see how it would look with the effects you are going to use, so you can make an idea about it. The apps in our list will give you the features that you need to enhance your videos without paying a penny and you can use them wherever you are. All you have to do is add your video clip, select your desired theme and soundtrack, and the app will do the work for you. You can enhance your videos with various texts, FX, stickers, music, filters, transitions and live dubbing.
A whole bunch of Android apps are now available on google play store has the ability to handle viewing & editing documents on Android devices.
You will have the option to copy, cut, paste, select a certain range of text, change to bold, italic, underline, change font size and the app supports doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, chm, mht file formats.
This application is undoubtedly one of the greatest solutions for those who need to work with Microsoft Office documents on your Android tablets.
Another of the most notable features is its synchronization with leading cloud services Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Box, allowing instantly take anything from your mobile or tablet in your computer. You can also sync your account DropBox and Google Docs to access any file hosted in the cloud. Like most photo editing apps, it allows you to share it through a plenitude of methods, so it doesn’t lack any basic function of a photo editor.
It will automatically turns your video clips into awesome edited movies with your choice of theme and music. Not only these apps allows to edit office documents but users can also backup their data through various cloud backup service such as google drive, dropbox etc.
Moreover, you can create and edit 23 kinds of extensions such as DOC, DOCX, TXT, PPT, PPTX, XLS and XLSX. The app is also very useful if you need to print a document directly from your device, because the printer support is guaranteed.

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