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Ia€™ve also published short stories, interviews, essays, reviews, other pieces of non-fiction, essentially anything that seems interesting to me.
A couple of three hours of television and this special drink I make out of seaweed always seem to revitalize me, though. JW: Rare is the day when words dona€™t excite me on some level, though sometimes ita€™s as simple as say, the word, a€?yesa€? after Ia€™ve asked my wife if I can give her a sponge bath.
SM: The McSweeneya€™s website has certainly evolved into an impressive (free) collection of short writings.
JW: The only thing more muscular than Blakea€™s rhythm were his calves, honed through a daily regimen of wind sprints used to stoke his fires for his sessions of automatic writing. I guess these days Ia€™m supposed to be ashamed of it, but I have an MFA in creative writing also.

In seriousness, I only select pieces for the site that excite me, so therea€™s a kind of constant pleasure in words.
I never expected any kind of career in writing or editing coming out of graduate school, but over the years, Ia€™ve had the good fortune to catch some breaks and place some stuff here and there.
In my day job, I teach in the Communication Department at Virginia Tech, and every time I collect a writing assignment from my students, I have 95 pieces I not only have to read through, but also be prepared to comment on in depth on every single line.
The greatest excitement is when I know wea€™re about to run something thata€™s going to lop off some heads. To me, Ia€™m sure it conjured images of its literal meaning, a gate made of water, and that sounded pretty cool. Lewis, and William Blake are all in separate corners of a room, in the center of which is a hundred dollar bill. Just about everything Ia€™ve done that can be read on the web is compiled here, thanks to my friend and My First Presidentiary co-author Kevin Guilfoile. Couple that with 200-250 submissions to the website per week, and Ia€™ll often feel like I cana€™t read another word.

Think of the possibilities: a question, a€?Is Shakira hot?a€? A Yoda-like declaration, a€?Hot, Shakira is.a€? Or even the start of a conversation with the Latina singing superstar herself about the temperature of her morning coffee, Is hot, Shakira? Ia€™ll often get wrapped in a book, and decide that whatever time I set aside to write that day would be better spent finishing that particular book and Ia€™m usually right. It collects the best of the first five years of the site, along with a handful of choice pieces from the print journal. It sounded so cool, that on a family trip to Washington DC., upon exiting the plane I asked the stewardess where I could go see it.

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