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In these days of MP3 libraries and vast collections of digital images, many of us have faced the necessity of renaming our files for organizational purposes. There are many different methods to achieve the desired result, from laboriously renaming files one at a time using Windows Explorer, to bulk renaming utilities that can pull out metadata or execute powerful Perl based regular expressions. My rough guess is that about 95% of readers are mainly interested in bulk renaming MP3 files and pictures. Lupas Rename has a fairly intuitive interface and once you know your way around it, changing complex file names with this powerful utility is easy.
ReNamer has a clean interface, supports a few different metatags and offers powerful PascalScript option for power users.
Wild Rename is a very basic renamer that can perform tasks with support of regular expressions. Flexible Renamer v8.2 supports invalid character mapping, file attribute modification, metadata tags for documents, imaging, and audio.
CKRename v1.08 has a simple design and you can change file names, extensions, case, auto number, and use sting substitution but it doesn't have many advanced features.
It also has many extremely useful features, such as the option to append sequential numbers to file names when "collisions" (ie. I was able to configure a renaming routine using EXIF data that I was unable to configure in any other renamer. I just downloaded the Bulk Rename Utility and tried it on a set of a few hundred files which I wanted to organize by date code in the file name. There's one very old program (which still works just fine for me in Win7) that you didn't mention at all here, and from checking out the programs you've mentioned I think it might actually better than the whole lot of them!
Though there are many free softwares available, I am mentioning 3 Best video compression softwares.
I hope you like my article about best 3 Free video compression software. If you like it, do me favor by sharing it with your friends. While the remaining 5% (probably power users) rename thousands of files every day and have got their own favourite already. For a power user with many and varied tasks to complete Siren will make your life a lot easier. Actually it is too simple for my liking with no ID3 or EXIF support and no recursive file structure. I'd like one which adds a context menu entries to prepend files names with 5-6 different words, like Statistics, Marketing, Simulations, and Accounts. In this article I am going to tell you about Best 3 Free video compression software to Reduce video file Size.
Avidemux is a free video editing software designed for simple cutting, editing and video encoding tasks.

Most of the renamers support a basic set of features such as crop, insert, remove, replace, case changes, and auto number.
That's why the following reviews are focused on common users that are looking for an application to help with their music files and pictures.
File change preview is limited to a single file and you cannot simultaneously view the commands and the file listing. It does have a steep learning curve compared to other renamers but I am used to it now, having used it for years.
With what is in essence a library of predefined tags the simplest rename will require a little studying of the help file. This could well be due solely to the nature of the products being offered, but we would advise caution when deciding to enter this site. It supports chapter markers, sub titles, constant quality or average bit rate video encoding. Irritating bugs, for example, just open "Options", change anything and the language also changes. When you want to send video through mobile or whatsapp, you can directly select mobile option instead using technical codec specifications.
You can use its filename filter to easily narrow down your search for specific types of files.
And, more importantly, Renamer has an "undo" function which File Renamer Basic does not have unless you buy the pro version. When you know about technical specification to compress video, You can select your required codec, display size, resolution, FPS and so on. You can copy and rename, move and rename, move to recycle bin and can use other various methods too.
It can create new file names by adding, removing, replacing, giving new name based upon the file information, or changing case. In step one you can add files and folders to rename and in second step you can set rules for renaming according to your requirements. It has some image editing features also, like change format, flip, rotate, resize, shrink etc. It can process sub folders, can add date stamps, auto numbers, search and replace, change time stamps etc.
To use it, first browse for a folder from which files have to be renamed by using its browse button. You can add strings to prefix, suffix, or at a position you choose in the resultant file names.
It has various features including drag & drop support, preview before renaming, undo last rename action, create batch program files, save rename settings, import filenames from a text file.

You can apply multiple types of values to the file names for renaming like text string, size, digit counter, metadata etc. When satisfied with the new name, click undo simulate button and click perform rename button to rename files. You can apply multiple options together (name, extension, and auto number) in the rename process.
You can add strings to file names, replace specific text from file names, add counters etc. With the help of this freeware you can easily rename all files in a particular directory to lowercase names or uppercase names.
By using this freeware you can also rename your picture files in a directory by specifying various numbers to it.
You can select the folder with images to rename by browsing for its location through the program interface. It does not have preview facility so new file names will change according to EXIF data present.
It has various predefined presets for renaming MP3 files like remove extra hyphens, change to sentence case, remove URLs, remove dots, change to upper case etc. You can shorten long file names, use simple regular expression or advance regular expression for renaming. You can add multiple rules for renaming like change case, enumeration, adding prefix or suffix to file names, using MP3 tags, file date etc. You can use its replace with space, search and replace, line by line replace, insert text at position, remove text by position and other various functions to rename files. With the help of it you can insert, delete, replace text strings from file names, can change extension, can change case, set incremental digits to specific position etc. Set the search string to find in file names and type the replace with string to start renaming. It supports various rules for renaming files including prefixes, suffixes, inserting of text, clipping, replace text, change case, enumerations etc. Some of its features includes add text to file names, remove text from file names, replace text, change case as uppercase or lowercase, capitalize each word etc.

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