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To get this problem solved, we've done a lot of search on google and tried many mac movie maker software. There are a lot of image file formats but only three are popular and widely used on the web.
On the right is an animated GIF image of Newton's Cradle, comprising 36 frames and each showing up for about 2 to 5 milliseconds. From the selection of GIF animators covered in this review, everyone should find something suitable to create their own animated images. Photoscape is an image suite which is comprised of a photo editor, GIF animator, image converter, splitter, photo layout, screen capture, color picker and other tools.
On the Animated GIF tab, you can select a few photos or images in various formats and drag them to the center panel, your animated GIF is then live and instantly displayed for you. On the frame strip, you can re-order the frames by drag and drop, or right-click a frame to change its display time.
You can even change the transition effect to sliding a frame and the program will automatically add necessary frames to that effect for you, but of course this will increase the GIF file size. If you think that's overkill to download a large program for just a GIF animator, then GifApp is a good alternative. GifApp is an open source portable app supported by the Sourceforge project and this is the best gif maker I know after Photoscape. From your file folder you can drag and drop multiple GIF files to the frame panel, then select looping and repeat, and set delay duration to each frame before saving to a new animated GIF file. That said, I find the user interface of the program rather small and its window cannot be maximized. XylemStudio's AnimateGif is one of the best choices for a very simple set of functions such as light and simple gif animations.
GiftedMotion is another gif maker weighing in at quite a small size of around 72KB (V1.23). When you first run this program, you might need some practice as it's a little tough to start out. And for a great deal of fun, try Pivot Stickfigure Animator, a simple stick figure animation program for you to create an animated GIF by moving sections of the standard stick figure. There are various online services available which allow users to make gifs by uploading picture files from computer or by linking from internet. MakeaGif – It limits the number of images you can upload to 20 but you can select them simultaneously which is a good feature. Gickr - It limits the number of images to 10, and you have to select each image separately.
These are some GIF animator programs or online apps or related products which were brought up in the comments here or noted from other sources.
UnFreez is a small program for creating animated GIF files but is short of more advanced features.
Stykz is a multi-platform stick figure gif animator program, like Pivot Stickfigure Animator. Better interface, ease of use, adjustable canvass size, background colour, photo alignment, auto transition effects, supports for importing various formats.
User interface is small and non-adjustable, Very limited functions, no user control over output. Drag and drop multiple GIF files, looping and repeat, set delay duration to each frame, re-order frames, undraw method, transparency and more. Downloading this program is no more available from the Microsoft Download Center but from third party download sites.
No installation required, user interface is adjustable, download size is very small, Can add multiple images at once, user can change images position by dragging, preview function available.

Very less features, output is very basic, take time for loading big size images or large number of images.
Like, you drew a happy face, then select happy face, and press record, and you move the happy face around with your mouse to make it dance. What you are looking for is not a animation program but a screen capturing utility, a screen capturing utility can capture dancing smiling face dragged by mouse. Different from your finding chefleez, Microsoft GIF Animator did allow for creating, editing and saving as new animated gif files with no issue as I tested it on Windows 7. If you want to get out there and start making movies, it can be challenging to know where to start.A You'd like to find the best movie maker software on Mac that suites your needs and that's the reason you're here right? This best Mac movie maker software review covers the best movie maker on mac from beginning level to pros. You drag files (video, audio, image) from media browsing area to timeline, arranging the files in the order you want.
With iMovie, you can import photos & video clips from external devices, arrange them on timeline and preview the results.
It is truly a dramatic rewrite of Apple's mature and well-developed video-editing software. Fatpaint is an advanced online logo design software that has poweful tools for creating company logos. If this is true for an ordinary static picture then what about a picture that contains motion or animation? It usually takes only three easy steps, choosing a couple of images, putting them in desired sequence and setting frame rate, looping and other settings.
It's certainly more impressive than a static image if motions are needed to convey more vivid messages to readers. Although Photoscape accepted the business model of OpenCandy and now comes bundled with it, the GIF editor included in the suite impressed me with its clear interface, ease of use, intuition and good features for which I am not removing it from the number one postion. On the right panel, you can also adjust the canvas size, background color and photo alignment. You can add multiple images at once, remove images, adjust dimensions, set frame delay, move frames place and can add 17 different effects like dissolve, crystallize, grayscale, invert, etc.
If you need more advanced features, settings are available for animation width and height, border, undraw method, transparency and so on.
Its graphical user interface is very flexible and adjustable, good for very simple and basic gif animations. But it is highly lacking in special effects like sliding, background color, etc., and without which gifs don’t look so impressive and interesting. The main problem with almost every online service is various limitations, watermarks and privacy; some support no watermarks and private output but not all.
You have to select every image separately but it gives you custom options like control over size and speed of each frame.
You can easily arrange these pictures after uploading as it supports drag and drop feature. As they are not rated in this review, I am listing them here with brief descriptions and relevant links for ease of reference.
Using this as an animator requires you to go through a steep learning curve; think of every layer as an animation frame. Might be an overkill to download a large program if you just need a standalone GIF animator.
Registered members can contact the editor with any comments or questions they might have by clicking here. But, as per my knowledge it is not possible with gif animators, if in case i am wrong please correct me, as i love to know this.

You will need to have individual gif files ready for input to Microsoft GIF Animator, which shall then combine them and save as a new animated gif file.
You can then add transition & ken-burns effects for your media content and preview the resulting video in real time. You can create a video file suitable for burning to DVD or uploading to share with others. It borrows some interface elements from iMovie that may disappoint seasoned professionals, and also it loses many key features that are simply an absolute necessity in the professional world, like XML export. It took 5 years to develop the software and the result is a free online logo maker that has all the tools you need for creating a logo. You can also import video and make it as a gif, and preview gif as many times as you want before saving. It does not support customization of output file which is the biggest drawback of this program according to me. It is almost impossible to list them all, but here are some which I was able to find and test. The good news is it does not impose any watermark on a gif produced and it also gives user control over file privacy.
You have control over frame speed and size of a gif, and can also choose to make it private or public.
MIcrosoft Gif Animator appears to only read already made gifs and opens them up but does not create new gifs. If you have image files in other formats, try some free products suggested at Best Free Digital Image Editor to convert them to gif formats before using Microsoft GIF Animator. Final Cut Pro's bold philosophy of video editing will definitely take some getting used to, but in return, editors will be rewarded with blazing performance and a future where tapes are as outdated as wax cylinders.
Various vector drawing tools are provided so you can create your own drawings from scratch. It has a list feature which is something new and helpful for you to make a list of pictures and try different frame delay times by only selecting that list without adding images again and again. Although it lacks various options for making a good gif but still is one of the best online services for making a gif.
It also supports making gifs from various sources and file types like videos, youtube urls, webcams and other gifs too besides pictures from your computer. An animated format can also hold a lot more content which is almost impossible for a normal static image.
Gifpal also gives you full control over output file privacy, ability to download it to your computer or save it online for access with a link or publish it in your public gallery.
Most logos are made of simple graphics that you can draw yourself, and Fatpaint is for sure up to the task of creating these types of logos as well as advanced ones, for example using 3D graphics. In case you want to incorporate advanced graphics into your logo, you can make use of multiple layers, and we even provide a tool that let you create photo realistic 3D text. The tool is complex, so you need to watch our tutorial videos for a quicker learning curve.Our online logo maker let you can create 2D logos made of vector graphics and you can even create 3D logos. Because of the object oriented design and the use of multiple layers, you can create logos made of several graphic elements that combined form a great looking, professional logo. So, why not give our logo creator a try, it's free and you don't have to download anything.

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