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Social media marketing is dominated by Facebook with research revealing that over 90% of all social marketing endeavours include a Facebook marketing campaign. Twitter is still used by brands and organisations to engage with an audience and run marketing promotions but its lack of a self service advertising platform has restricted its ease of use as a marketing tool. Many companies marketing teams are still learning to optimise and utilise the reach and the power of  Facebook’s 800 million users as a marketing platform, from when to post an update to what are the best tactics to implement. Here are some infographics that will provide some tips, tactics and insights into the world of Facebook marketing. Facebook was founded in 2004 and its main revenue driver is its self service advertising platform that allows companies to create design and place their own banner advertisements on Facebook.
The number of Facebook marketing strategies and tactics that you can create comes down to the creativity of the marketing team. The battle for the marketing dollar is dependent on many factors and this infographic looks at the factors that help drive those decisions such as. By the way thanks for posted and really useful and interesting article, and  absolutely agree with the methods you have mentioned above. Facebook with research revealing that over 90% of all social marketing endeavours include a Facebook marketing campaign.  thanks for this great info. Just as much as network marketers must learn internet marketing skills in order to better their business and brands so do other professionals such as lawyers and attorneys. Your considered the lawyer of the future and it’s now that you must plug yourself in online networking and properly market yourself on the web.
Understand that the only thing that makes a successful firm stand out from the competition is the Marketing. Like, comment and share this post if you enjoyed reading 5 Best Marketing Strategies for Lawyers!
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In this article we will take that same business we sold to tie them into a second strategy in which you can create even more revenue for your radio station through sales.

Re-Cap – We taught you a strategy in the first part of this article where sales people could sell local businesses on a special auto-reply message for a week or day. After the contest is over you can sell that same local business on options for Text Marketing Messages or Communications for future use with the list that was built during their contest from the previous weeks promotions. Since the listeners knew what business was offering them an incentive for entering the contest they also gave that business permission to be marketed too by texting in. The text list for each week would only be relevant to the business advertised during the contest or that week.
If you are running a contest and the auto-reply for entering the contest is for a mobile coupon for a local business such as Bobs Burgers, you would not want to turn around and use those contacts for Brian’s Pizza Shop.
The radio station will be the best judge as to pricing plans for their clients.  You could essentially assign a value for your time, effort, and size of list. One of the most difficult moments for most authors is when the question of how do I sell my books comes up. But out of all of the book marketing tactics and strategies out there, which one will give you guaranteed results? If you enjoy this episode, please leave us a review on iTunes and subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher  if do not forget to leave your comment or question in the comment box below. It was only in July of 2009 that the self serving feature for brands to advertise was introduced. Have an Attractive Website ~ Lawyers usually like to use free webpages or use some kind of sub-domain but these sites are really boring and dry. Instead of a free webpage pay to have a fully hosted Word Press Blog with your firms domain registered. Engagement ~ With your website now in place you need to have the site user friendly and social media optimized. Welcome Video ~ Even lawyers should have a welcome video thanking the person for visiting the website and talk about your experience and qualifications. SEO ~ This can be done by hiring a SEO consultant who can take your website and search engine optimize for specific keywords to have the website rank on page 1 of Google. Don’t neglect the internet to promote your business or you will be missing the boat by giving all the traffic to your competition.

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Together they share their passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills.
This message doubled as a confirmation for joining a contest and a coupon in which it could be redeemed at the local business.
So now, all the contacts that were collected on that one list can be sold to the sponsored business from the previous week. You can find plenty if you take to Google and search for terms like “how do I sell my books,” ”what is the best book marketing strategy,” “book marketing tactics,” and so on. Facebook is a winner over top of Twitter, but Twitter has it’s own unique look and feel. They both share a common interest in beaches, fine dining, shopping, electronic trance music, romance and comedy. During the first week listeners had a chance to get a great mobile text coupon by joining a contest with the ability to win a prize at the same time. It’s worth having your own fully hosted Word Press blog given that you can take that website and do so many things with it to attract new clients. You can blog post about specific case situations and share your concern to attract the right kind of lead. Depending on what kind of lawyer or attorney you are you can add categories for accident, malpractice, social security disability, etc.

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