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Rather than send you out into the wild world of internet research on your own, we’ve gathered together 6 of the best in-app video networks and found out where their strengths and weaknesses are, to show you how to make your own call.
As long as you have a natural way to include video ads in your app, that doesn’t push your audience away, you stand to make more money by using them. In fact, the ads can be set to start on mute by default, allowing the user to seek engagement based on visuals and putting the power in the audience’s hands. Vdopia is best for your app if you have a very fickle audience who may leave after minor interruptions. A less intrusive ad that can even be closed by the viewer might not seem like a bold enough strategy, but there is a specific type of person who will reward your easygoing advertising with ad engagement and continued app usage.
YuMe offers a simplified interface for you, the displayer of the ads, while handling a lot of the optimization complexity in the background. Another one of the key selling points of YuMe is that you can use your YuMe account to display ads both through websites and mobile. YuMe is best for your app if you are exploring the use of video content online and in-app simultaneously. It also works best if you know that the ads you display will do exceptionally well compared to the competition (but it will not be quite as great if your app is in the bottom half of video ad conversion rates.) Be honest with yourself about whether the optimization algorithms at YuMe is going to find you to be the best. For example, HaxHax does allow publishing advertisements between mobile and web interfaces, but at your own discretion (and at the option of the ad’s creator as well.) You can also publish non-video advertising through HaxHax, and you may choose between getting revenue based on impressions or clicks, whichever suits you best. HaxHax is best for your app if you have a high volume of traffic and you know whether your users will be clicking the videos or simply watching them.
PropellerAds has no minimum traffic requirements for you to show ads and offers a streamlined sign up.
Plus, no matter what size your app’s audience is, PropellerAds makes revenue the top priority for the publishers who are showing the ads in their apps. PropellerAds is best for your app if you don’t have the audience size to get into one of the bigger video ad networks yet.
As an added perk, Vungle lets nearly every publisher and every advertiser get connected by displaying more diverse ads.
To ease implementation, you can also use the same ad integration across Android, Apple, and Windows phones if your app works for any combination of platforms.
Vungle is best for your app if you want to specialize in in-app mobile videos, especially across more than one mobile platform. AdColony is a marketing network that offers unique solutions to some of the pain points app creators have when displaying video ads.

First, AdColony optimizes video ad buffering so that your users are never waiting to see an ad start. The second challenge AdColony tackles is the major differences between gaming apps and other premium apps. It’s also an added bonus if you want category specialization and you want to tap into the no-wait video buffering AdColony is so good at. AdColony is best for your app if you know your audience might bail at the slightest friction with video loading. If you’ve built an app and have followed your app marketing strategy to the point where you’ve build up enough users to monetize, video ads is a terrific option. Utilize this post as a resource to help you navigate through the noise of the seemingly never-ending options of in-app video ad networks to find your sweet spot.
Addison Blu Williams is a writer for Zapporoo, a mobile app development company in Atlanta, GA. About Latest Posts Guest ExpertThis article was written by one of our awesome Guest Experts. Video ads already convert better than banner ads, with mobile video ads converting best of all.
Each ad network is different, and depending on how you fit, you might achieve radically different results. Because users can control the video ads with options like play, pause, mute, and even close, they mitigate much of the risk of permanently losing the audience. Also, Vdopia optimizes mobile ads exclusively for mobile devices, negating some of the confusion that arises from converting desktop video ads to mobile platforms later. While it’s impossible to please everyone, it makes sense to identify who your audience is and serve them. Their data-driven systems determine the ads in your app are displaying, what users are doing with them, and which types of ads do best with your app.
This is great if you want to use a single advertising network for both your app and website monetization at the same time.
While there are minimum traffic requirements to get your app into the HaxHax video advertising network, the options you’ll have to display ads give you a lot of the control behind the process. It’s also great if you want to combine video ads with static ads and use the same network for both mobile and desktop monetization. With arguably the lowest friction to get the ball rolling, PropellerAds works well for smaller apps that are growing but have already identified video ads as a beneficial revenue stream.

Advertisers bid on the price they’re willing to spend to show their ads, and those ads get shown first. It’s also great if you don’t have the resources to go through a long sign-up process or optimize ads right away. After all, if you are only displaying advertisements in your app (and not on a website you own,) and you really want to optimize video ads, then Vungle matches up without offering other services you won’t need.
This option allows publishers to explore ad performances in all sorts of markets and helps advertisers find new places to show their products. It’s also great if you have a broader audience rather than a niche one, as the ads you’ll show will likely be more varied than some other video network options. In addition, the ad doesn’t get frozen while waiting for the rest of the video to download halfway through.
It’s also ideal if you know your audience will be using a below-average WiFi or cellular data connections, as the buffering compensates for those problems.
With higher engagement and a better payoff than other ad units it’s worth a shot with just about any app. We really appreciate the time and knowledge that they share with the app marketing community in our guest posts. If you would like to get a video that you can use on multiple ad platforms and on social media, be sure to take a look at our services. Then, YuMe matches better content to your app over time while also rewarding better display and conversion rates in your app with more influential ads.
This works well for the ad displayers, as the most valuable ads get shown first and more often, leading to more income. It may be less appealing if you do have a huge audience, however, as you won’t get the preferential treatment you may feel entitled to at your app’s size. Having video ads is great, but if the experience is delivered poorly, it may spell doom for both the ad’s success and the app’s. Naturally, there are entire ad networks driven only by one or the other, but the option is there if your company has more than one type of app they want to use with a single video advertising network.

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