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2012 was a big year for music, click through for our list of the best music videos of the year. In this age where everyone is seeking that viral hit, Trinidad James did it in style with the video for All Gold Everything. DIIV has been building a really strong local buzz in New York over the past year and for good reason. Look out for the cameo appearance by my friend Lizzy Okpo , one half of the William Okpo clothing line that you may check out HERE.
2012 saw many artist collaborations but one of the best ones was resulted from Major Lazer getting together with Amber of the Dirty Projectors.
The year isn’t over yet (nor is┬áthe world, for that matter), and already, music publications are engaged in the annual ritual of deciding which songs and albums represent the very best the year had to offer. As ridiculous as it is for a publication to assert that one album was the objective best of the year, we love these lists because they always contain plenty of great music, and there are always some surprises in there that we hadn’t heard yet.

I never would have thought that tiny dogs and OD gold jewelery would have went together so well. This video flips back and forth between the back of a chinatown transport truck and an elaborate nightclub seen that has to been seen to be believed. He deserves the success and without a doubt this was one of my favorite videos of the year.
Time is a departure from most of RiFf RAFF’s more lighthearted material but still very much RiFf RAFF. This video gives me flashbacks to the glory days of Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot videos and I mean that in the best way possible. The video has a freeflowing energy and is shot in the township of Langa in Capetown, South Africa.
Francesco Carrozzini really outdid himself on the video for Wavvy and now the world is ready to hear and see more from the Illuminati Princess.

Interesting camera work combined with a kid who looks just like Danny down to the tiger stripe hoody. 2012 was the year of the internet rapper but RiFF RAFF set himself apart from the pack by bringing this fresh take on what hip-hop in the modern age can be. The visuals for Get Free were shot in Kingston, Jamica and show the local lightlife and streets teeming with energy. This video taps into our natural inclination to want to see random things thrown into a blender.

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