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Have you always wondered how professional photographers obtain jaw-dropping, stunning images - with seemingly little effort?
You've probably looked at some photography courses, but found them too technical or simply uninteresting. Our Digital Secrets course is a 20 module self-study course that we email to you on a weekly basis. From portraits to landscapes, you'll produce astonishing photos you thought were only possible by spending huge amounts of money on equipment! Over the duration of the course, you'll learn how to take brilliant photos in simple, easy- to-understand steps that you can shoot with any digital camera. Well, after this course you'll know the exact, simple techniques used to make a breathtaking photo, as opposed to your average vacation snapshot. This course provides you with the tools and know-how to skyrocket your portraits into professional quality pictures. For example, contrary to what people think, an overcast sky provides the best lighting for outdoor portraits, such as wedding photos.
Have you ever felt envious of those grainy candid photos, where characters with lined faces stare intently into the lens? You'll get the knowledge and confidence needed to capture those rare, fleeting moments that photographers search for!
Have you ever attempted to take a photo at night with no flash, only to have your camera reject the photo or capture awful, blurry images? The answer to crisp, bright, and colourful night-time images is quite simple, and one we cover in this course. Now you can venture out at night to obtain those wonderful photos of a city skyline or the mysterious evening landscapes you see in magazines, with sharp detail that only professionals know how to capture.
And you can obtain beautiful images with any camera, by using the available light you have around you - in the form of lamps, streetlights, or even the natural light of the sun.
This photography course will teach you how to get lighting right in any situation, allowing you to seek out your own light sources and apply them with panache.
This course gives you simple, easy tips that will drastically improve your photo-taking techniques. Social media in today's world is an important communication platform that connects people by several types of visual and audio communications. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique of preparing the settings of a web site to increase its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine(s).
E-ducate believes in the role of gathering the industry experts to address certain agendas and business updates, in the way that brings top international speakers and digital marketing gurus to the Middle East and Africa. Here are some course for those are interested in learning about digital marketing but do not have the money for it. There is no better place in the world to learn digital marketing than from the big G itself.
The collection of online marketing guides provided to you from Constant Contact will help you mater social media marketing in no time. Here in this quick twenty installment marketing course that comes to you from CopyBlogger, you get the absolute low down information on content marketing, SEO, copy writing, keyword research and so much more! Celebrating five whole years of service echoVME is an acclaimed digital marketing organization that focuses primarily on the digital front as well as teaches digital marketing courses for both the experienced as well as the fresher.
This course is a 10 hours course and you can have direct access to Question and Answers Community. With 18 free marketing classes to teach, Hubspot backs up their training program with a great deal of reading material to help you master the art of inbound marketing.
Copyright Clarity– learn about the myths and misinformation regarding copyright and the fair use. Projecting your brand through new media– here candidates are thought on how to use the media to promote their brand voice as well as the ways to tailor their message to the various media markets. The Analytics Edge– Learn more about the power of data and learn how analytics can give your business the leg up.

Entrepreneurship 101– the sessions focus on certain case studies from entrepreneurs hailing from MIT in sectors like 3D printing, electronics, mobile apps and more.
ALISON offers you a variety of online business courses free of cost as well as free virtual diplomas for anyone who enjoys learning new things. ALISON Social Media Marketing Diploma: A total run down on the world of Social Media Marketing as well as learning about email marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging etc. MIT Open Courseware is a publication that is web based and has all of the MIT course content.
UDEMY offers a massive (more than ten thousand) selection of online courses on everything possible. Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises: A definite and solid guide which is great for those who want to learn about content marketing for B2B lead generation. Entrepreneur on Fire: guests share their wisdom and experience with the host John Lee Dumas.
I Love Marketing: With the hosts Joe Polish and Dean Jackson you learn about all things that are marketing right from emails to generating leads. Marketing Over Coffee: this weekly discussion handles all the goings on in the marketing world. Duct Tape Marketing: Hosted by John Jantsch, this podcast provides listeners with the experts on marketing strategies and techniques. In this world with the help of social media, it is easy to build a professional network faster than the time it would normally take.
The fundamental if not founding feature of making money online for many social marketers and social bloggers is the ability to leverage SEO, inbound marketing content, social media followers and how to build an e-mail list.
The minds over at GFC proved short, well structured courses some of the hot topics in social media as well as the better uses of technology. This MOOC that is completely brand new from the University of Manchester, England helps candidates develop their professional and online profile through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing tactics in Social Media that help you prove your online presence.
The course here from Google Analytics gives you a foundation for marketers and analysts trying to understand the basic principles of digital analytics and helps to improve business performance through better digital measurement. The new PPC (Pay per click) University is the one stop super shop for learning the workings and details of PPC. There are plenty of courses out there for anyone who wants to test the waters in the digital marketing world and for those who are experienced but still wish to learn more and more about the ever changing landscape. Well now you've come to the right place, because 'Digital Secrets' is the photography course that's designed for you. We've asked leading portrait photographers how they get their great photos - and their answers may surprise you. Gone are the days when companies would spend so much money on marketing campaigns and ads that may or may not reach their target audience.
The digital marketing course that is offered by Google comes jam packed with video tutorials on everything from SEM, social networks, AdWords, mobile strategy, video marketing and so much more.
It comes equipped with easy to read and quick guides; this allows social media novices the ability to browse through this extensive knowledge base at their leisure. More than that, it is sent to you through emails so you won’t become overwhelmed with too much information sent at once.
There are close to about 1000 people already taking this course, you should not miss out on the same. Digital Storytelling (known as Ds106 to a select few) is an open, online course that occurs at various times across the year. Hubspot teaches candidates not just how the tool works but also why it is important and how it fits into the inbound methodology. Though there are no courses that specifically deal with online marketing, there are courses that can be helpful for anyone that is in the online market.
It is vital for those who are in the online market and wish to borrow content, licensing responsibility and how to use creative commons, etc. Through these stories you can get and examples and learn how to access the ideal customers interested in your product as well as how to appeal to their needs.

ALISON is a massive six million global online learning community that offers free high quality education and the resources that will help develop essential and workplace certified skills. Open courseware (OCW) is available and open to the world as it is a permanent MIT activity. Some of them range from parenting to cooking and then there’s app building and finally of course we have marketing.
There are also paid courses for those who do wish to learn more detailed and extensive courses. This teaches all about the type of economic situations that one may encounter on a daily basis. Anyone can become a self made influencer using a combination of high degree of social intelligence and social media. This course comes from top blogger Glen Allsopp and teaches how to build and monetize the audience with e-mail marketing. The courses here may seem rudimentary to some but they are a great help for anyone who is an absolute beginner and needs the basics on the setting of a profile, sharing content and finding people. With the help of the four primary themes they have heard from online marketing students, they have made a series that will navigate online marketers through building relationships, direct response copy writing, content marketing and delivering on your promise. There are easy to view lessons for beginners as well as an advanced course for more experienced PPC users.
It’s a great opportunity to start learning about the digital market so start learning today. With the advent of social media; companies, startups, professional marketing employees and stay at home parents can become an internet sensation by learning how to navigate the digital media market.
During this training you will familiarize yourself with the digital marketing world and take the necessary steps required to promoting your brand on an online platform. The course is conducted by the University of Mary Washington but candidates or those who are interested are free to join whenever they please. With the help of Hubspot you can learn about SEO, keyword strategy, blogging, email marketing, social media, calls to action and more.
With the help of OCW educators can improve upon the courses and curricula, making schools effective and help them find the additional resources that help them succeed. Now that may sound dull and some-what off putting it honestly is a great help for anyone who listens.
They can be listened to at anytime like during the daily commute, having lunch or when the day is over and you have a few minutes to yourself. In order to be part of the cutting edge of digital marketing, one must learn about growth hacking. They systematically introduce candidates to the very important concepts that every online marketers needs to know about. Use the Search Box, the Main Topics drop-down box, or the Tag Cloud below, or just browse the ones described on this page to find courses that interest you.
All that’s really required from the candidates is a computer, a fair internet connection, their own domain and all the creativity that you can bring up.
Though some of the episodes may not relate to marketing, more often than not there is always a less that businesses or entrepreneurs can take away from these podcasts. This is a skill that involves creativity convergence, social metrics and analytical thinking. This is a twenty part course on internet marketing that helps people prepare for a life in the digital marketing world. This is undeniable the primary if not ultimate skill set in today’s fast-growing digital economy.
He also writes some very engaging marketing related blog posts, making him an excellent person to learn from.

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