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Below you’ll find my preferred load-out for GTA Online and detailed reasoning for my choices.
Check out our full list of GTA Online ranked unlocks to see when you’re going to be able to buy and equip these guns, and be sure to bookmark our full GTA 5 and GTA Online guide for loads more information and advice.
The Special Carbine and the Bullpup Rifle have exactly the same stats and are best-in-class weapons. Only switch away from the Assault Shotgun if you’re in a tight situation or feeling particularly funky.
Keep the Grenade equipped as a go-to general explosive, but be sure to properly understand the roles of the other thrown weapons. The AP Pistol is, pound for pound, the best-in-class weapon, purely based on its full-auto firing mode. This category contains both SMGs and LMGs, but the SMGs are, unfortunately, a useless class.
The assault rifle will likely be your default weapon for most combat situations, as they’re more powerful than SMGs and more accurate than machine guns. The Advanced Rifle debate is an odd one, because many, illogically, see it as the preferred option.
The only alternative is the Marksman Rifle, a recent addition from the Last Man Standing Update. The gun you’ll pick will depend on your play style and the situation in which you find yourself. Check out the rest of our GTA 5 and GTA Online guide for loads more information and advice.
A Better Video Editor Than Windows Movie Maker - Free and Supports YouTube Tech Guides About Us Work 21 Aug 2010 A Better Video Editor Than Windows Movie Maker Video Spin also ships with a variety of 2D transitions, background music and other sound effects to make your amateur movies look slightly more professional and interesting.
If you get to 120 you’ve been playing for hundreds of hours, so you probably deserve it.
The Advanced Rifle was one of the original assault rifles in GTA 5 before DLC added more, so its relatively high fire-rate over the standard Carbine Rifle put it at the top of older tests.
The basic Sniper Rifle unlocks at rank 21, but the Heavy Sniper doesn’t appear until a far distant rank 90.

This beast of a gun has a 32-round extended clip and fires full-auto, making it pretty difficult to argue with. It was added with the Last Man Standing Update and looks good on paper as it causes more damage than the Assault Shotgun, but it suffers from significant damage drop-off at range and the mag only extends to 12 rounds.
The only other two weapons in the same class are the RPG at rank 100 and the Minigun at rank 120. The RPG’s only advantage is its ability to fire an explosive in a straight line, and is therefore useful for taking out choppers, but the grenade launcher carries ten rounds and fires semi-auto. It’s the most powerful weapon in the game by so many miles, a gun in front of which police choppers turn into immediate matchsticks. Fully tricked out it’s a devastating gun, a truly multi-role weapon capable of the toughest jobs that has no problem scoring head-shots at range. This is normally used for a situation in which you’re looking to deliver as much damage as possible to a hard target (probably another player) at very close range.
The two hardest hitting shotguns in the game are the Bullpup Shotgun and the Sawed-Off Shotgun. All others transmute to pieces of exploding meat when you finally get your hands on one of these.
More than one long-time player has claimed the Heavy is the best gun in the entire game, but you’re a long way off owning one if you only started with the new-gen GTA 5 release.
The second is willing to sacrifice the immediate take-down for an increased fire-rate and longer range.
Both suffer from glacial fire-rates but are seriously powerful, the Sawed-Off being the most potent.
Remember that you can now throw grenades by swiping up on the PS4 touchpad while you’re aiming with another weapon. The Bullpup causes less damage, but is more accurate, has a higher range and carries more shells. For extracting MP3 songs from Music Video – Video Spin can save any video file as an MP3 audio file. The software can directly import photographs from external media devices like the Digital Camera, iPod or the USB drive but the video footage cannot be , the files transfer the files from the camcorder to the hard drive.

Pinnacle make money from VideoSpin by selling additional codecs that you will need for creating videos in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 format. But if you are satisfied with creating or editing AVI and Windows Media files, you need not purchase these codecs. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.
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