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More has been written about the art of the presentation than could ever be covered here, but one thing that usually accompanies your co-workers’ demos are PowerPoint slides. Still, many have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint, in part because some believe presentation slides are a crutch for bad public speakers. Sadly, meetings with presentations (and the need for accompanying slides) remain a reality. Perhaps most useful are the collaboration features — multiple users in multiple locations can work on the slides simultaneously (something Drive also does with aplomb with word processing and spreadsheet documents).
As it states in an introductory deck of slides, Haiku Deck is shooing for 33 per cent simplicity, 33 per cent beauty, and 34 per cent fun (as much fun as prepping for a meeting can be, anyway). Once you’re done creating a Haiku Deck, showing it is easiest with an iPad, but the decks are also embeddable into sites. The pCon blog informs about the free 3d design software pCon.planner, which helps you realize all your interior ideas. Our three telephone experts likely have more customer contact than anyone else at the firm: Nicole, Dennis and Andrea.
Think about the last time you saw a beautifully-designed, modern kitchen, or when you last took a stroll through a brand-new model home. Just as the ball has to fit into the goal, not the other way around, room and workspace concepts must be carefully planned, taking into account all of the necessary details and criteria.
Warm weather is just around the corner, and what more to put an extra SPRING in your step than a new version of pCon.planner! For room plans that are used within a professional setting, pCon.planner offers several features that help to impressively present plans and product images.
Even more so than in the virtual world, we are highly dependent on lights in the real world, too. Plan with Magis: New OFML Data Now AvailableUniformity, continuity, monotony… after a while, repetition gets boring. The name was changed for legal reasons in 1987, the same year Microsoft bought the company behind it and created its Graphics Business Unit.
The software is such a behemoth, that as of 2012, it held 95 per cent of the presentation software market, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Well, we can tell you that one of our favourites, SlideRocket, is no longer accepting new customers as it tries to integrate more with sales tool ClearSlide. You can upload PowerPoint (PPT) files to Google Drive Presentation for editing or playback, or export the Google Drive formatted files to PPT format (or PDF) as needed to work with other systems.
Haiku Deck stresses the use of art and imagery, making it a must for designers — but it provides access to 35 million pieces of free stock art to go with six included themes.
They can also be exported into PowerPoint and KeyNote formats, though Haiku Deck would prefer you publish your deck on their site, making it public (the best of them end up in the Haiku Deck Gallery), but you can restrict the audience or make it totally private as desired. Part of the free suite with 5GB of space (you can get fifty times more if you have a group of users paying $5 or £3 per month per user), Show is on the web so presentations are available everywhere. This Windows software isn’t strictly for creating presentations, but it does something different by supporting multiple kinds of presentation files and other formats (like PDFs, Prezi files, video, images, you name it). The free version sticks a watermark on your work, and it’s a hefty $19 (£11) per month minimum to get rid of it! Well, unlike the full version that comes with Microsoft Office, the stripped-down PowerPoint Web App handles your PPTs with ease, which shouldn’t be a surprise. You can gain free access to a huge amount of 3d models (DWG) and materials on pCon.catalog. To help the waiting time pass more quickly until the release, we’d like to give you a small sneak peak of what the new version has to offer and introduce one of the many new features to come. Perhaps you even lost yourself in a day dream for a minute or two, imaging sipping a glass of wine on the partially covered terrace at sunset. When it comes to custom laboratory solutions that are both functional and ergonomic, as well as those that meet the current VDE standards, that’s where hera Laborsysteme GmbH comes in. For years I have worked enthusiastically with pCon.planner as an interior architect at Pjotr-design. Even if you’re dealing primarily with interior design, it still pays to look beyond the walls.
Daylight works to synchronize the individual biorhythms in our daily routine, helping us to feel better and to be more efficient throughout the day. Many simply hate meetings and anything associated with them (to which we say, testify, brother!).

But they might just be the right tools you need, and definitely at the right price (free!). Everything in the presentation is on one, giant slide — you just jump from spot to spot.
You’ll want a browser with SilverLight installed, and that probably means using Internet Explorer for Windows most of the time.
It offers plenty of templates, colours, and animations to make any speaker happy if they need the extra flash.
That’s not to mention the essential role it plays in the overall feel and look of the plan. It may be easy to image cooking a meal in a luxurious kitchen, but it’s doubtful that the precise amount of space necessary to cook comfortably is something that often crosses your mind. This dependence is often unnoticed by us until there’s not enough light or, on the contrary, too much of it is present. Everyone else might be using Apple’s elegant and easy KeyNote software (which is only free with new Macs). You won’t find every feature of the desktop version here, but you will be able to save directly to your SkyDrive (soon to be OneDrive) account for access anywhere. Import of PPTX files is a breeze, but it only outputs the older PPT format or its own, or it just converts slideshow files to PDF. Biologically effective artificial light can compensate for this deficit and work to stabilize our biorhythm.
Some are online-only, so you can access them anywhere as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection. Inside a slide, you can draw shapes, create tables, link shapes, enter unseen comments, and more.

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