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Anyone who picks up a photography magazine lately will soon realize there is no shortage of photo editing software available.
Shown below are some of the most popular photo editing programs, along with descriptions on their use, as well as the photographer they are targeted towards.
With Picasa, you can eliminate scratches & blemishes, fix red-eye, and crop your images. Picnik is a free online photo editor that allows you to crop, resize, rotate, add special effects such as text or shape overlays. Gimp is a fully fledged photo editing software that is often refered to as poor mans Photoshop, and for good reasons. GIMP offers advanced photo retouching techniques such as correcting lens distortion and vignetting, cloning and healing tools.
We consider low cost photo editing software to be those priced within a couple of hundred dollars. If I didn't already own Photoshop CS2, then Photoshop Elements would be my next choice for photo editing software. Paint Shop Pro Photo X3 (also known as Paint Shop Pro Ultimate) is a low cost photo editing software from Corel. You can read more about ACDSee Photo Editor 2008 and download a free trial from: acdsee web site. Many photographers nowadays make good use of photo editors that allow them to label and rate photographs.
Photoshop is known worldwide for its professional standards, and now CS5 is said to be 200% faster than previous versions.
My personal choice for editing photographs, there is literally nothing this software can't do. Professional photographers often couple Photoshop with another Adobe product called Lightroom 2. Aperture is the choice of software for MAC users looking to upgrade iPhoto that was mentioned earlier.
If you browse through a few photography message forums you'll soon notice 'Noise Ninja' is mentioned often. Noise Ninja is available as a standalone software, or as a plug-in for Photoshop and Aperture. Simple controls and an intuitive interface guarantee a short learning curve and tons of creative fun. Improve image quality automatically with Magic Enhance or manually adjust brightness, contrast and other parameters of your videos.

Save your movie in any video format compatible with Mac OS X: AVI, MPEG-4, MOV and many more. Export your video for viewing on Apple, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices using handy presets. Prepare your project for upload to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and other video hosting services using the dedicated presets group. Switch between tabs to learn more about different media formats supported by Movavi Video Editor for Mac.
It's useful for home users or beginners to find, edit and share their photographs online with Picasa Web Albums (free photo album hosting from Google).
It's also useful for creating movies, collages and slideshows from your digital photographs. Note: Picnik is the same editor that the Picasa software above implements in their program. I was also impressed that it had support for drawing tablets, which is unusual for free photo editors.
All it requires is registration and you can touch up, tweak and tune your images before sharing them on Facebook or Flickr. This is usually acceptable for many SLR photographers who are used to forking out more than that for a quality lens.
Photoshop Elements is often referred to as a cut down version of Photoshop, created especially with photographers in mind.
Common uses include fixing problems such as red eye, color and sharpness with a few simple clicks. I've never used this particular photo editing software myself but have read many good things about it.
It's powerful correction tools include an auto retouch brush that automatically removes specks of dust, facial blemishes and other imperfections.
The advantage of this, is that it lets them quickly find and view images that they rate highly.
Lightroom allows photographers to efficiently import and manage thousands of images, making easy work of renaming, organizing and sorting through entire shoots. Aperture gives 'photographers a streamlined way to speed through edits, make essential adjustments, and deliver photos online and in print'.
This is because its a popular software for removing noise and grain from digital photographs.
You can read more about Noise Ninja and download trial versions from the developers web site.

Movavi’s movie maker for Mac has everything you need for quick and efficient home movie editing and photo slideshow creation. Click the format name you are interested in, and you'll see the full list of compatible codecs. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. Other social networking sites using Picnik include MySpace, Flickr, Photobucket, and Webshots.
A really neat part of Photoshop Express, is that you get to store up to 2GB of photographs on Adobe. Software in this range include: Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro Photo, IPhoto, Bibble (pro and lite), ACDSee and Nikon's Capture NX. The main tool I missed when using Photoshop Elements for a short time was the layers palette.
It also allows photographers to import pictures from their camera automatically into Paint Shop Pro Photo X3. This software is easy to use, you don't have to be a technical wiz to make digital scrapbooking creations from your photographs.
Capture NX2 'supports nine kinds of labeling and five levels of ratings according to XMP, a metadata industry standard'. It also offers over 70 plug-ins including HDR, depth of field, sharpeners, auto correct, noise and lens corrections, upload directly to stock photography sites, file transfer and many others. Just import your videos and photos into the program, magically improve video quality, apply filters, add titles, animated fades and music - and you’re good to go! Here we listed some best Softwares to Edit Automatic intelligent photo editing software, photo design software and free photo editor to get photo effects and design photo book easily. Or those who are still building up their camera and lens collections, so may not have a lot of spare cash laying around for digital software. We have easy-to-read, expert unbiased reviews and feature comparisons of the best and cheapest programs.
It includes layers, levels, color correction, effects, and other features for image editing.

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