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Also, lot of people use FL Studio & Reason as well so I would suggest to check out these four DAWs first.
Then there’s Cubase which is one of the oldest DAWs and still used widely and Pro Tools which is broadly used by professionals throughout the audio industries for recording and editing in music production, film scoring, film, and television post production.
Other popular DAWs are Sonar, Presonus Studio One, Sony ACID Pro, Synapse Orion, Reaper and Adobe Audition. Mmm been using Fruityloops for years now too but it’s only recently that I have started really getting serious with music making. Do you recommend a good website or tutorial that goes into elaborate detail, but is geared towards fl studio, so I’ll know what I’m looking at? However, I do play in a band as well, and we use Zoom H4 and Zoom R16 to record our material and when I go to mixing stage, I still rely on FL Studio and so far it has worked great for such use as well. Many pro producer use Ableton for podcast and in live but use Logic for production as Armin. Cant say much about how widely Pro Tools is used for production though, but you’re probably right. Plus if you look into the project files that come with Fl studio you will notice deadmau5 has made a track. Hi, i really liked your article and it did help point me in the right direction, but im still only slightly uncertain as to which DAW’s would my definitive choice although i have a good idea but would like your opinion in the matter. I want to make electronic music (maybe some jazz in the future) making mostly ambient techno, illbient, acid techno, some dnb, glitch and house.
Of course its your choice, but I would recommend to pick only one DAW for starters and play around with it for a while to see if it fits for you for the type of music you’re producing. Anyway, where do you base your claim that DM or AVICII most certainly do not use FL anymore? I think every man vouch for his choice of DAW, but in the end, all that matters is what kind of music you are able to create with your chosen DAW. Many people understand this and try to improve their pictures with a Best free photo editing software. There are a number of handy tools which can help you make a video presentation by recording your desktop, voice and cam. This software is compatible with all major versions of Windows, even the latest Windows 10.
This is another easy to use free screen recording software for Windows based operating systems.

You can find out more about this free video capture software from the link below which provides the download link for the software, with a detailed review of how to use Free Screen Recorder. Note: This application tries to install a lot of extra apps and for this reason it might be identified as malware by your anti virus. This is not a desktop software but a web app which makes it perfect for use across various operating systems. With versions available for Mac and Windows, this is one of the most famous screen recording applications. After Camtasia it would have been no surprise to mention Snagit, which is another video capture software by the same developer, i.e. This is an application suite for making e-learning courses, video presentations and animated content.
PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio. Armin Van Buuren does use Ableton Live for producing as well and not just for his weekly radio shows. I will be using it with VST instruments like Synthogy as well as CamelAudio Alchemy or other of their samples.
I saw a video where he’s jamming with Live), but I read he still use FL for making beats and such, but this needs to confirmed.
I have Live alongside with FL and I like some of its features a lot, but my in my opinion it lacks of sequencing features (and couple of other small details) which are unbeatable in FL.
Here are a few free and paid video capture software for making professional video presentations. It comes with built-in features that enable recording the desktop and a player to preview your recording before you can save it as an AVI or FLV video file. It is fairly simple to use with some extra options which allow you to adjust the brightness, darkness, contrast, noise effect, etc. This is because lately adware supported apps are being identified as threats because they install unwanted software. It is a complete suite for recording and editing screencasts, with a plugin for PowerPoint which supercharges your slides with the ability to record your screen, audio and camera. With Articulate Storyline you can create elaborate animations with animated characters by creating your scenes like a PowerPoint slide.

We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations.
That means you’re not able to use any additional virtual synth plugins or effects in it. Its exclusivity to its own plugins make it more straightforward which is conducive I think to creativity and workflow. Could you give me some advice on which DAW would likely be able compensate best for both electronic production and instrumental recording (ex. I’ve been playing keyboards and arranging some compositions but I want to explore the software production aswell, since I find really expensive buying new gear according to my needs when I can have a powerful setup in my computer at an affordable price.
When we go to nature or travel to other countries, we are doing a lot of pictures of interesting and unusual places. While the free version of this software works perfectly, you can also opt for the paid editions to get more enhanced features such as the ability to edit your recorded videos. Lectora is a premium video recording suite which integrates Camtasia, Snagit and Flypaper software to provide you the best of all three applications.
Sure, every man vouch for his favourite music making software and keeps telling it’s the only choice for this-and-that type of music. However it has some pretty good virtual synths and effects built in so you can definetely create high quality electronic music with it. While you get screen capture and comprehensive editing options via Camtasia and Snagit, you also get the utility to play with flash and other types of video files using Flypaper.
It has also been voted as best DAW by MusicRadar users in 2011 and 2012 and I could give you thousand reasons why FL Studio is the best DAW,  but that would be just a my opinion.
I also use maschine, which whilst tailored to electronic music, I have been using it for a bit of folk, with really good results. I am thinking of getting either Ableton Live or FL Studio since they seem to the most acclaimed in the business (electronic), so perhaps it would be great if you could give me some advice on which of these two would best accomodate for studio recording? But after some research, watching videos and listening stuff I can’t realy decide which one is the best for me.

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