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Emphasis should be on your faces so it helps to choose 3-4 colors of clothing for your group. Socks should match your pants so when you sit in your family photo and your pant leg goes up your socks don’t stand out.
Lenses may cause distortion and glare in your photographs.  If you prefer to wear your glasses, our photographers are trained to remove the lenses. Sunlight and studio lights emphasize fly away hairs, so use a little hairspray on everyone but young children. Please call the studio if you have any questions regarding family photo ideas, clothing selections, or other concerns.
Own your ImagesDigital sessions are color balanced, ready to print, and include all pictures taken by your photographer.
The ability to create a complete set of permanent teeth on a foundation of four dental implants is only new relative to other, more traditional tooth replacement alternatives. If your oral surgeon has recommended the procedure called All-On-4 in the Chicago Loop area, you can be assured that it is certainly not experimental. Additionally, based on decades of long-term clinical evidence that supports the success of dental implants to replace missing teeth, it quickly became apparent that implants could be modified to meet the needs of virtually every patient.

The strength and integrity of four strategically placed implants can easily support a complete upper or lower denture to create a stable, permanent smile. Since the titanium posts that are implanted into the jaw bone are readily accepted by the human body, the risk for an allergic response of rejection does not pose a concern for patients. The use of dental implants is not questionable or experimental, but, as implant dentistry continues to grow, we can expect to see an increase in the number of ways in which implants can be used to restore your smile’s beauty and function.  Dental implants are, in fact, the most predictable medical procedure that is performed. Welcome to Chicago's most unique oral surgery practice, providing comfortable sedation dentistry in a relaxed environment for procedures like dental implants, removal of wisdom teeth, dentures stabilized by dental implants, extraction of teeth, bone grafting, obstructive sleep apnea treatment, snoring treatment, and the All-on-4 (All on Four - Teeth in a Day) procedure, performed by a dual degree oral surgeon, Dr. When other people are shooting at the same time, it is distracting to people being photographed, and they will be looking in different directions. All members of our staff would be happy to alleviate any stress prior to your appointment to ensure you are extremely satisfied with your portraits! Options such as dentures and partials have existed for hundreds of years, whereas dental implants have become more popular during the early 1950’s. Just as a single implant could replace a single missing tooth, a series of implants could also be used to replace a group of teeth. The individual advantages of single implants used together maximizes the prevention of bone loss, eliminates shifting dentures, and restores patient confidence.

By utilizing only four implants, the All-On-4 procedure affords patients a number of additional benefits.
Steven Koos and Brian Shah, your dual-degree oral maxillofacial surgeons serving Cook County Chicago, can help you to explore your dental implant options including the All-On-4 procedure.
Most cases can be completed in a single dental visit, even when patients have suffered extensive bone loss. If you are doing the digital session, you may photograph at the same time but be aware there will be charges for any head swaps required because people are looking in different directions. In fact, bone grafting is typically not necessary, and patients find that they can resume normal eating and speaking within the same day.

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