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One has to ask the question… what are the possibilities when everything is so tightly centered around an individual? Secondly, I think the new name lends itself much better to the true purpose of the site, which is Marketing. Something which is less obvious about that image is that the bar graph portion of that image is also symbolic of the structure of the organization I am creating. I look at the stuff that CopyBlogger and ProBlogger publish day in and day out, and an old quote from Henry Ford comes to mind. Just decided (the day after this post was originally published) to follow suit over on Facebook.
I’m about to go the opposite direction, and roll my technical site into my domain name site. Seems like a great move David.  I hope the transition is smooth and you can get the traffic here up soon.  The new  name seems pretty perfect! I think you’re a great leader man and if you lead, people WILL follow.I also believe this was a great move from you, congratulations!
As we worked with consultants in over 175 niches, many were well-known in their fields and didn’t want to move away from their names. Also potentially gives you a stronger position for getting guest bloggers if you decide to go that way. Not only that, when you’re using your blog to sell, it really will screw up your conversion rates if people feel like your blog is slow. When it comes to WordPress blog performance, one of the most common suggestions is to limit the number of plug-ins you’re running. Every plug-in you tack onto WordPress means more code that has to be executed by your web server every time a page is loaded. Now, how much those two factors impact the blog’s performance comes down to the nature of the plug-in.
To support the look and feel of any OptimizePress page, there are a bunch of stylesheet (CSS) and javascript files which have to be pulled into the theme.
It is completely unnecessary to load in all the overhead of the OptimizePress plug-in on a page which isn’t even using OptimizePress styling.
It seems to be a little heralded plug-in kinda buried in the plug-in directory… but honestly, I wish this was functionality they had baked right in.
For instance, as you can see in the above screenshot, I have OptimizePress disabled by default.
It could be used for any other plug-in which tends to load stuff into your site even when it isn’t necessary. Now, as much as this plug-in is a great tool in your blog performance arsenal, it doesn’t make up for crappy hosting.
Either way, if you’re going to use a big beefy plug-in like OptimizePress, DEFINITELY use Plugin Organizer.
I was just talking with a colleague about how I wished WordPress would static content at runtime from pages that need to be live. I am the developer of the plugin WP Performance Score Booster which helps to speed-up page load times and improve performance scores in services like PageSpeed, YSlow, Pingdom and GTmetrix. There are so many great plugins available to enhance the blog function but on the cost of the blog speed, this will help for sure. I was undecided whether to make a blog in wordpress but after this article I decided and started its construction. The only problem I can see with this is that you might not know every page you needed the plug-ins code on. I use a lot of plugins on my WordPress blog, sometimes I feel I am using a lot and delete some of the plugins, every month it happens to me. Whenever I read some good information about one plugin I will install it on my blog, later I will delete it because it is slowing my blog.
This is your shortcut to creating high-value offers (or even your first product) so you can really kick your blog monetization into high gear.
Growing the size of your mailing list and keeping your audience for the longterm is the most important factor when creating a successful blog or business online. The sad truth is that 70% of the people that come to your site for the first time will never come back.
Traditional methods like adding a boring subscribe form to your site simply don’t work.
The concept is simple… when someone comes to your site and starts to browse through your content, after a few second a mailing list subscribe form will appear. There are many benefits to using these popup methods, such as incentivizing users to join your mailing list in exchange for a free gift (usually an ebook or report), the ability to split test your ad copy and also syncing up your popup form to integrate directly with your preferred mailing list, like Aweber. While adding a popup plugin like OptinMonster will instantly increase signups to your mailing list overnight, there are still a few things you can do to improve your results as well.
You can also setup how often you want these types of mailing list popups to appear to your audience (once every 30 days is the average).
Below you will find an awesome collection of 32 of my favorite and top blog sites on the internet — each with their own popup window and how they are incentiving the signup process. The list below is in alphabetical order and there is a good chance that if you visit any of these sites, you will actually see a different popup, as many of them update often or split test their results.
Aweber is the leading list hosting company in the world and trusted by many of the sites mentioned in this list. Brian Dean is a master at creating amazing content, guides and case studies on his site, so it’s no wonder he would have a great looking newsletter popup as well.
David has been in the blogging space for a while now and his been focusing most of his efforts in his Blog Marketing Academy program, while teaching others how to successfully blog in the process. Taking a different approach from many other blogging sites and their popups, Blogging Tips is going the monetization route and asking their audience if they would like to earn enough money with their blog to buy a car of their dreams.
BoxofAds is a tool for spying on your competitors display and PPV advertising, however they are also using popup technology on their blog to bring in new mailing list subscribers. Chris Brogan is a well known entrepreneur and author in the business and internet marketing world. Elegant Themes is one of the largest and most successful premium WordPress themes sites on the internet.
John Lee Dumas is the brains behind Entrepreneur On Fire and he’s currently one of the top podcasters in the world.
Yaro Starak is a very well known and long time blogger who launched his blog at Entrepreneurs-Journey many years ago.
John Chow is all about blogging and making money by telling his readers how he makes money — yes, you read it right! Matthew Woodward is an award winning blogger and he’s done an excellent job at creating high value content, guides and tutorials for others to follow. Melanie Duncan is another well known entrepreneur who has done a great job at building a brand for herself.
Niche Hacks is a great sites that provides a ton of case studies and value for anyone looking to take their niche marketing efforts to a whole new level. As one of the leading pay per click marketing blogs, it’s important to grab the attention of your audience and build your brand in the process. Ian Cleary of RazorSocial is a leading expert in social media tools and how to convert your audience into loyal fans and customers.
Sitepoint’s Learnable offers a ton of content and guides to users of their site, but they are also a paid service. No one wants to be poor and there is nothing Tim loves more than making money with his audience.
Derek Halpern is the man behind Social Triggers, a blog that is dedicated to helping you think outside of the box and create a better online business.
We hope you enjoyed the awesome list of top bloggers and authorities that we’ve featured in this post.
Correct, with all of the built in features, exit intent technology and the easy split testing methods of OptinMonster, don’t be surprised if you see even more sites switching over to their software in 2015. Zac this is a great post and honoured to be included among some of the biggest and best marketers and bloggers online. What if you could double your email list signups simply by rearranging some of the content you already have – and not have to actually take the time to create anything new? I recently began doing this here at the Blog Marketing Academy and, so far, it looks like I’ve raised my average daily optins by 55%. The idea is to create a custom lead magnet for each blog post, therefore having a tailored, targeted opt-in offer on every piece of content.
So, it follows that 80% of our blog traffic is probably coming to 20% (or less) of our blog archives.
So, first item of business is to go into our web analytics and find out what our most popular posts are.
Once it is in a spreadsheet, you can clean it up and get rid of everything other than the data table.
Now, what you’re looking for is the pages which comprise roughly 80% of your total traffic for this time period.
Now, of this list, go ahead and delete rows for any page which already has obvious calls to action. Go one by one, starting at the top with your most trafficked post, and let’s start matching things up to a targeted lead magnet. I would recommend having the link to your lead magnet toward the top of the post and at the bottom. If it is a PDF lead magnet, just upload it to your Media Library in WordPress and include a link to the file in your email.
If it is a video, send them a link to the video on Youtube, or maybe create a landing page and embed it there. If it is one of your blog posts, you could either send them the link to the blog post or (better yet) send them a PDF version of that blog post.
I’m going to show you one particular post I upgraded because it was a complicated one to figure out. We all have those posts we wrote in the past which, without even trying, seems to get good long-term traffic.
If somebody is looking for a whiteboard, are they interested in blogging, online business, or anything like that? So, how could I form a bridge between these 85 people per day who I have no idea what they’re interested in… and something I could provide that might weed out true prospects?
In the text of the call to action, I use a little bit of copy to relate this lead magnet to the mindset of the person on the page. Another example to show that is my post: How To Find And Hire Writers For Your Blog (The Complete Guide). So, see how I used the text of the post to bridge whatever gap might be there between the reader of the post and the lead magnet I am offering? To make this list building actually generate money for you, you need to have a specific structure behind the scenes. Your lead magnet should be positioned not just to get the opt-in, but also to properly position your new lead for a potential sale.
And then, of course, are the actual emails you’ll be sending them and how you structure your lists.
Good news is that you can get immediate access to all of 3 of these plans (and many more) by joining the Blog Monetization Lab. The basic building block of this business machine is what I call the Blog Profit Funnel… and this is how you build one for YOUR blog.
I have a case study where I increased my overall blog conversion rate by 300% just by implementing a few content upgrades across a few most popular posts.
Generally, bloggers and webmasters are desperate to have a massive subscriber base within a short span of time. While using any kind of Pop-up or Opt-in Subscriber form, there are certain preventive steps that you can take. Derek Halpern is the founder of Social Triggers, and is a brilliant marketer and entrepreneur. Underground Online Seminar is one of the most happening sites for internet marketers, as it organizes seminars where people come together and share their own marketing skills on one stage and learn from others as well. Blog Marketing Academy is a one stop place for bloggers to learn about popularizing blogs and how to drive high quality traffic on them. Evan Carmicheal is a community of globally acclaimed entrepreneurs, who offers advice to many new and budding entrepreneurs. About Us Excellent support coupled with quality work is our chief motto; the very basis of our strong customer relations, in which we take immense pride. As of the time I’m writing this post, I am in the process of doing a little reorganization of the Blog Marketing Academy site. And so we, as bloggers, get our knickers in a twist over blog categories and, more often than not, it is all for nothing.
Inside the Academy Vault, we have an Action Plan called the Perfect Blog Blueprint. Step-by-step system to set up your blog for maximum opt-ins, maximum sales, and lowest rate. The primary function of your blog is to communicate the benefits that your prospect is looking for and then motivate them to take the first step in your marketing funnel – namely, email opt-in.
This is a communication business, and in order for communication to take place, you have to be talking to them on common ground. So, instead of it being a filing cabinet, your category is actually something that your market is LOOKING FOR, and the posts to deliver them that outcome will be found there. Not only that, you can actually name the category something which will communicate to your market. When you look at the core things that my own market and audience are looking for, there you have it.
Your blog will much more effectively communicate the benefits it offers if these benefit-based categories are out in the open in front of people’s eyeballs. Now, I have something much more effective in mind for these links than just pointing directly to a blog category, but these 6 things will each correspond to a blog category.
If the main function of the blog is to get the lead, then these kind of categories will be much more effective. With the StudioPress theme and the Genesis Simple Sidebars plug-in, you can have multiple sidebars on your blog and choose which sidebar you want to display on each post.
You can increase opt-in rates because the opt-in is now tightly related to the BENEFIT the person was looking for on your site.
Not to mention that you can map each benefit-based category to an offer of some kind and increase conversions. NEW A full beginning-to-end blueprint on creating a profitable membership site – which can literally BE your entire business. A tactical series on how to create strategic blog content which converts, building maximum leverage, and doing so in the least possible time.
Per this post, I’m going to take a closer look at my existing categories and see if there is a better name for any of them.

One question, should a blog post only be in one category or is it ok for a post to be in two categories. If you’re OK being one of the 90+% of bloggers out there who make less than a dollar a day blogging, feel free to leave.
If you’re OK with using your time tweaking Adsense tags or finding new places to stuff affiliate links all around your blog, you can go now. Download the full-resolution PDF download of the Model discussed in this blog post for your reference. It also happens to be based on the same kind of business system that you’ve seen all over the place.
If you are trying to maximize revenue, then you’re blogging in order to attract customers. But, there is little to no value in knowing those things if you don’t know the context.
This is a kind of before and after, but in the context of whatever your business is delivering. What people are looking for, searching for, and BUYING is ultimately found on what lies on the other end of that transformation. Now, where your blog content and products come in depends on what lies along the path of the transformation. All of this is very different than what most bloggers do, which is think only about their passion or a lack of competition. Traffic is just an issue of getting those people who are already out there to come over to your place. This is literally the difference between growing your own vegetables versus just going to the grocery store to buy it. The answer is by building up a business machine for your blog based on this one. If your funnel has things a person can buy, then it allows you to pay to acquire them. A blog is an extremely effective marketing vehicle, but everything from the design to the content needs to be done in such a way as to serve a strategic purpose. The other function of your blog, if we’re going to be really efficient about everything, is to build your retargeting audience. See, reality is that there will be a lot of people who come to your blog, read something, and then turn around and leave. While the typical blog opt-in rate will hover around 2%-5%, it is usually pretty easy to get a squeeze page to convert at 30%-50%. Blog software usually sucks at making landing pages, so this is where dedicated tools come in.
Squeeze pages that you create with these tools will go at the very top of your blog profit funnel. The front-end offer should be specifically targeted to a specific problem, with a specific solution. Also at this stage, you will notice an automated followup series and a retargeting campaign.
If they buy the initial offer immediately, then obviously you don’t send them the same sequence and instead move them along in your funnel. See, the front-end offer is designed to increase the number of customers, which is the 1st of 3 tactics to grow your business.
It is the idea of a recurring revenue model where you bill your core community on a monthly basis in exchange for an ongoing flow of value. The compounding effect of a membership site and knowing your numbers gives you some real power.
Membership sites are awesome, and for many of us, I believe they are a SOLID option to serve as our core offer. The other thing to keep in mind is this: You will make money a whole lot faster if your average transaction is larger. So, if they opt in for your lead magnet and DON’T buy your front-end offer… no problem! It is very important here that you know how to set up an email list, to use multiple lists, list segmentation, etc. Retargeting, again, is the ability to reach out to people who have visited your website in the past using paid advertising. You want these people to have frequent contact with you, your blog, your business and your brand.
You can click the big PDF graphic below to instantly download a full-resolution copy of this Model for your own reference. Consider joining the Blog Monetization Lab, where members are currently building this model for themselves with the help of myself and the entire community.
NOTE: This model was last updated in March 2015 in order to simplify the presentation of the email funnels as well as to introduce the power of retargeting into the business model. This is a really excellent guide, I’ve just shared it across my social media channels and have downloaded the PDF for future reference.
I’ve been following your blog throughout 2014 and have recently purchased a couple of your guides, and I have to say you produce some epic content. This blog funnel strategy post is one of the best of its kind I’ve seen anywhere online. In the case of a celebrity, the name has enough recognition, perhaps, to warrant such a thing. I mean, I have no intentions at this point to sell this website… but everything needs an endgame at SOME point. I want to create something which has the capability of operating without me… not because I have plans to check out, but because it is only smart to build it that way. As I pointed out in my rant about the problems in this niche, too many people are suffering from information overload, lack of clear direction, overwhelm – you name it.
So, as of 15 minutes ago (as of this writing), the Blog Marketing Academy has a brand new Facebook presence.
The initial change might bring some obstacles but in the long term it’s the right decision.
I now have defensible reasons for it, one of which is that what I do every day is far too broad to be niched down. I used to follow all of the A-listers such as yourself and them, but over the past two years I whittled who I follow down to a select few. Others who accepted new platforms morphed into federations, associations, institutes and, yes a few academy names.
If the plug-in is designed to do something on the front-end of your blog (as in, your visitor will SEE it), then typically the plug-in will be coded to hook into common elements of the theme.
However, on any page where I am using OptimizePress (on a sales page, for instance), I simply turn it back on.
These guys specialize in WordPress hosting and they tweak the bejeezus out of their systems so that your blog will be snappy. Designed to specifically handle the common technical barriers hit by so many blog owners, and allow you to move on with working on your business rather than fighting technical demons. People say PHP is slow but PHP is rarely the bottleneck unless the code is outrageously bad.
There are a lot of factors that go into blog performance, and a lot of it has to do with server setup as well as how well plug-in authors code. For instance, I keep OptimizePress turned off globally and only enable it when I create a page which uses it. And how to use them to create offers out of thin air - even when you don't have any big info products to sell.
The user will need to enter their information and subscribe, or simply click the X to close out the window. Be sure to setup multiple split testing so your audience doesn’t always see the same popup if you decide to set the popup exposure at a lower rate. With so many people accessing the site on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense for Affposts to build out their own list and send daily morning updates to each of their subscribers — a perfect example of how to build a loyal subscriber base by giving users exactly what they want. Aweber uses their own mailing list popup form to give profitable email tips to new subscribers.
Throughout Brian’s site you will also notice customized lead generation and forms based on the content you are currently reading. Through David’s popup you can see how he offers a free 34-point checklist, which is a nice downloadable bonus to anyone who joins his list.
In addition to their main headline, they also boast the free blogging secrets videos that are available for download as well. Their call to action is pretty simple and there is no giveaway, so anyone who does sign up for their list is definitely interested in receiving company updates.
Many of his readers come to the site looking for tutorials, guides and reviews of the latest ways to make money online. With a recent simplistic design update to his site, it would only make sense for his pop-up window to represent the same.
They also have a blog that highlights the many different ways to build a business, brand and gain an audience through blogging.
With a very loyal and strong following, John is inspiring others to start a podcast of their own as well. Since Yaro is already an established brand and sells his own courses and products, he uses his popup window as an extra way to brand himself and be more personable by showing his picture and offering value in the process. One of Jeff’s biggest accomplishments was the release of his blogging book which can be found on Amazon. With that being said, we could expect nothing less than an exciting popup call to action window when visiting their site.
Luke has a great popup on his site that focuses on expert tips and content while also stressing his personal brand through the use of a caricature.
Just like in the example with Lewis Howes, Melanie is using her personal brand and a photogenic image to pull in subscribers to her mailing list.
With that being said, it would be an honor for anyone to work with the same tools that he’s using to build his business and brand into what it is today.
When it comes to their mailing list popup, it doesn’t get much simpler than that — subscribe now for 1781 untapped niche markets! When visiting their site, it would only make perfect sense for them to be showing off an example of their own.
PPC Hero also runs their own conference called Hero Conf, which they are promoting by giving away a free registration to a random mailing list subscriber. This shows not only through his massive work experience and testimonials, but also through his popup window as well.
Right away you will notice how the black and white ad copy used on Ian’s page really pops right off the page!
Originally known for his $100,000 Google Adsense check, Jeremy’s blog has helped a lot of people get started with making money online. To increase the chances of getting someone to join their site and sign up for a free trial, they’ve implemented a popup subscribe from right on their site. However, when it comes to their use of ad copy and looks, I feel like theirs turns me off the most.
Tim is a well known stock trader who also has his own membership program when he sends stock alerts to all of his members. Just like the simplistic colors and theme of his site, his popup window follows that same path.
Everyone who visits or ends up on the WPBeginner site is most likely looking for WordPress tips or training, which is exactly what Syed caters his popup call-to-action to as well. If you haven’t setup a popup lightbox mailing list form on your site yet, I highly recommend you try OptinMonster. Yea, Derek Halpern has a nice call to action on his form and it really takes up the whole screen.
I created Blogging.orgBlogging has changed my life and business for the better and it can do the same for you.
After years of finding success with content marketing and blogging, I wanted to share my story and help others learn how to do the same. In my case, any URLs to the homepage, a squeeze page, an archive page… these pages are not candidates for a content upgrade. Yes, you can take past blog posts that you think are particularly compelling and easily make a PDF out of it. I just wrote it to put something interesting on the blog and, quite frankly, I was far less strategic with my blogging back then. The psychology of pulling that off is covered in the Action Plan called Creating An Effective Lead Magnet. Well, I call that the blog profit funnel, and the full step-by-step layout of building it is in the Action Plan called Building Your Blog Profit Funnel.
This would boost your chances of getting more subscribers than you would ever have, otherwise.
The website has a large base of 62,000+ subscribers, for which the credit goes directly to the Pop-up subscriber’s form.
It’s been 4 years since he is running this blog (Social Triggers) to help other webmasters on how they can convert their visitors into local subscribers, convince them to buy their products or services (if any), and make others share the published content. The seminars are organized at regular intervals, where leading professionals like Bob Parsons, Founder, Godaddy Inc. This website also uses the pop-up subscriber’s form, but very cleverly than many others, to attract more people and enhance its subscriber base.
She has been featured on many globally acclaimed news and technology based websites like Mashable, The Huffington Post and Forbes, and she really knows how to build the subscriber base within no time. Though it already has a massive base of website subscribers and drives thousands of visits via search engines, but still it always looks forward to increasing its subscriber base, for which it uses a pop-up subscriber form.
According to the stats mentioned on the website, it has already helped 14 million entrepreneurs, so you can assume its subscriber base pretty easily. It was one of those things where I had to get my iPhone and jot down a note to myself on my idea before I forgot. You look at the content you’re creating (or want to create) and you break it down into major content divisions and you define your categories that way.
I have never been this strategic about creating a process for blogging with goals and objectives. Assuming if you change all your categories that you’ll need to set up 301 redirects from the old to the new?
I’ve been looking at my categories and just feeling uninspired in general, so was super excited to read this from you.
You will also have a free (optional) invitation into a training webinar where I will walk you through this Model on screen, step by step. You’ve seen countless online businesses do it, but you will have seen it in a ton of offline businesses as well.
There is the part that you see above water and then the potentially massive part that is hidden beneath the surface.

The blog has the task of attracting people as well as segmenting people into groups based on their interest, and the business machine has the job of selling.
And the reason a lot of bloggers fall on their face is because they skipped right over it and headed straight into setting up their blog. Within this exercise, we would use various tools and exercises to determine how big the market is and what kind of prices will work.
The reason so many struggle with traffic is because they don’t have a full revenue model in place.
No longer must you solely rely on SEO and social media shared posts, but it will open up to paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. However, you need to have those backend systems in place to monetize that traffic so that you have the ability to do it. Retargeting is where you can reach out to people who have already visited your site using paid ads.
We’ll get into it more later on, but trust me, it really ramps up the effectiveness of your monetization. It could be a PDF download, a video, a course, a book, a webinar… all of it is fair game. These pages drop all the usual design elements of a blog and instead are optimized solely to convert the visitor into a subscriber. The real purpose of the front-end offer is to fundamentally change the relationship with that person. And I’m a pretty firm believer in the membership site as a business model, especially for a blog. The second tactic is to increase the number of sales a customer makes. Now, what better way to do that than to get a customer to make a sale each and every month? This is called continuity. That baseline of recurring revenue grows over time and, as time goes on, grows into a predictable online income that you can count on – month after month.
Can you offer some back end offer to your members, such as the option to hop on the phone with you? It is easier to make 2 sales of $500 than it is to make 33 sales at $30 if you want to make $1000.
Any retargeting service out there will allow you to segment your retargeting list based on criteria, the most popular of which is the URL they visited. Statistically, a majority of people who you make an offer to aren’t going to take you up on it. Ultimately, the purpose is to get them to enter another profit funnel and go through the process again. We continue to write new blog posts, email those posts out to our list, maybe do ongoing podcasting, and be engaged on social media. In fact, I believe it so much that I even registered the names of my two children before they were even born. In our own little corner of the Internet, you’ve got folks like John Chow, John Paul Aguiar and Johnny B.
But, in our little corner of the Internet, the only people who associate our names with anything are people who are already fully aware of us.
Not only will it allow more impact, but it will do so without me HAVING to answer every email, be on every call – forever. But, I also see the high volume posting that they’re doing these days as a symptom of a problem. Of course I just wrote a post yesterday detailing my ten favorite non-book blogs and will have to update it but that’s okay. I know the Internet has changed the landscape for the most part, but your comment hits the nail precisely in that now YOU don’t have to be behind every outbound answer which does indeed allow you to scale up with a company brand.
You already have a tremendous followiing, but there are still people out there who haven’t tried KELLOGG’s corn flakes yet!
As for the comment on Pro blogger and Copyblogger I will take quality over quantity any day.
The header and footer sections of the theme are the most common places that plug-ins like to dump code. If you view the HTML source code of the page, you’ll see a number of OptimizePress CSS and JS files being pulled in. Almost always the bottleneck is MySQL: the number of database queries, the complexity of the queries, can the queries be cached, does the database have enough memory?
Or, you can control things by post type, so for instance, I have WP Courseware disabled on all of my blog posts (which saves several support files from being loaded up).
If you would like to setup a similar popup to the one shown below, simply login to your Aweber account and click on your list form settings. This is also exactly what Charles is offering through his mailing list form, which is access to the very tools he uses to create successful and profitable ad campaigns. On this blog you will also see their popup form, which offers their audience access to the best WordPress tips and resources, right to their email.
With so many people come to his site to learn how to get started with podcasting, it only makes sense for his newsletter popup window to also offer exact that. Sticking with this same concept, Jeff is using another free book as an incentive to get people to join his list. Knowing that everyone who visits their site wants to get more mailing list signups, OptinMonster has the perfect call to action by giving their visitors a free report to improving their site traffic and revenue. While other sites are asking for name and email right away, Neil starts it off with a simple YES or NO question. It just seems like there is too much text and you only have a few seconds to make a first impression… though I could be wrong!
It even comes with a 14 day 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee for all the skeptics out there… but mark my words, you won’t need it!
I've helped 1,000s of people get started with a blog of their own and now I want to show you how to do the same.
Possibly by using a lead magnet centered around productivity (since that’s something I could bridge them over with), I could funnel off the more entrepreneurial people who come to this blog post. But now as Pop-up or Opt-in subscriber forms are in place, getting subscribers in quick time has become a lot easier.
However, to make you aware of how people or different websites are using a pop-up subscriber form, we present you with a detailed list of top 10 website examples along with the information on how they’re used, and how it may have an impact on their business.
It pops-up as soon as you open the website, on which Gideon Shalwick has described why you should subscribe to his website, and what you’ll get for free soon after you join it. In short, he provides you with the psychological research and business case studies into your business. However, the strategy to use is altogether different than what we have seen in the above three examples. For which she uses two subscriber forms, which includes the opt-in form, and the one that have been integrated on the homepage of the website, that comes soon after the user closes the form without filling in the details in the pop-up form. However, it is never enough for a webmaster, and he being one of them also tries out different ways to build and make his subscriber base more powerful, for which he uses a site wide opt-in form in the footer area of the website, which grabs users attention as soon as it opens-up, asking them to provide their name and email if they want to download his free software named ‘OptinCrusher’. The pop-up form only comes up at the beginning and only if you visit the website for the first time. This website also uses a pop-up subscriber form to make people aware of the benefits of subscribing it. However, to attract more people and help them with their entrepreneurial skills, it has used a long but not wide enough pop-up subscribers’ form, which if closed once, will only pop-up if you visit the website for the first time. However, all businesses require marketing and a central place to conduct business… and this is where the blog comes in. And an incredible waste of traffic, because your only hope to making decent money with banners is to attract a ton of traffic (we’re talking thousands of visitors daily).
But, thing is… those affiliate marketers who make good money are VERY well aware of this business model.
However, there is enormous profit in understanding how and where all these strategies come together into an overall strategy. We will also delve into the head of the people in this market to find out exactly how they think and envision this transformation for themselves. It is quite affordable because the audience is more limited, and typically the ROI on it is fantastic. One thing that is important to keep in mind, however, is that you do NOT need big giveaways to be an effective lead magnet.
There is a HUGE difference between a person who opted into a list just to get a freebie and a person who has bought something from you. The idea is to take your brand new customer and move them into your flagship product, whatever that may be. For that reason, I’m pretty specific at this point about setting up as a membership site.
Keep in mind, too, that this revenue wouldn’t include any front-end sales and no back-end sales.
When you consider front-end sales and backend sales that would be natural in this business, you in essence would have a six figure business by the end of a year. So, if you want to grow your business into a six figure range or higher, you can’t keep yourself in the low-ticket territory with your prices. It is just a series of emails you’ve written in advance which get delivered to people in that specific part of your funnel.
Also closing down a couple of other technical domains which I was never able to get off the ground.
I think too many people find a little bit of success and then get a false impression of their own reputation.
Personally, I use it as a plug-in because I really like my custom theme (powered by Genesis).
Couple WPEngine with Plugin Organizer and your blog will be definitely fast enough to fuel your business. It defaults to 10, but if you have a large archive and the traffic is spread around, you might want to increase it to 50 or 100 (or more) to get a good sample.
So, what you want is to highlight those pages where the visitor counts add up to roughly 80% of your total traffic during this time period. However, if you are going to use them on your blog or website, you should also be careful with its placement and utilization. This is one of the easiest ways of informing the readers about your blog or website and what you’ll give them once they subscribe to it. Currently, he has a subscriber base of more than 1, 00,000 people with a twitter following of 26.1K.
However, she also ensures that her readers don’t get annoyed by the pop-up form, for which she uses the cookies that gets stored in the browser, and keeps track of the visitor has come again using the same browser.
Instead of providing the close button on the form, he has used the ‘Hide button’, which if clicked takes the form down, and displays another button in the same location with the name ‘Special Offer’, which facilitates people to fill in the form at an appropriate time (whenever the want). And that’s what he teaches here, and to promote this venture, he also uses an opt-in subscribers form to enhance its reach and make it known to people. The form comprises enough catchy details and lists number of users (already subscribed), which is quite a good way to present why would people subscribe it and what would they get.
Starting with understanding visitors’ hot buttons and finishing it with benefit-based categories.
In my training inside the Blog Monetization Lab, I teach an exercise called the transformation map to help outline this whole thing. Facebook, for instance, has decreased organic reach of standard Facebook posts substantially, to the point that sharing something to your Facebook page with 1,000 fans may only result in as little as 50 of them actually seeing it. Much better, to float my own boat for a minute, would be one such as my 27-point pre-publish checklist. So, there is a definite value to your business’s growth to increase the number of buyers as much as you can.
But, it is also highly leveraged since you can then splinter off any piece of content from the membership into a front-end offer. Any fully developed sales funnel will have higher-end options… because there always those few people in your audience who will take you up on it.
So, you first deliver that lead magnet (obviously), then you use the followup to deliver more value and build the relationship over time by helping them on the topic of that lead magnet. Many blog owners execute the return path fairly well already… where they drop the ball is that they have no business machine set up so it is all for nothing.
As if a pop-up subscriber form is used in an improper way then it may annoy your website visitors. To make this possible he has used a pop-up subscriber’s form which gets opened only and only if you visit the listed blog posts. In fact, you’ll get to see that only if you scroll down the website and as soon as you scroll-up, the form disappears. With this, the opt-in form used for adding more subscribers doesn’t get displayed again until and unless the user visit the website after deleting the entire browser history.
The opt-in form he uses contains all the required information that is necessary to attract new bloggers and webmasters and makes them subscribe to the website. And that’s really like a perfect way to use the opt-in subscribers’ form for collecting the user data and expand the subscribers base. This way we can segment readers’ interest using the categories, which is very helpful for building more relevant conversations with them. There are also a number of things you can do to tweak the revenue outcome in your favor, such as offering annual memberships, limited-time bonus offers, or even split-testing the price. Maybe once a month I pop in to either ProBlogger or CopyBlogger and feel that I’m reading the same stuff I was reading years ago.
I think if people can make the time to listen to you and follow your teachings, you can help create some really powerful online business owners. Many plugin authors do not have experience designing efficient queries and efficient algorithms to make those efficient queries.
Therefore, you should always take some preventive measures to avoid it and keep your visitors engaged by providing high quality content.
The functioning of the opt-in form used on this site is identical to what many of the websites listed above offers, like; you won’t see it again until you clean all your browser history and delete all the cookies stored in your system. Additionally, he has also provided the ‘Close’ button that is available on the top right corner of the form. However, if you close it down once, it will never come again (no matter if you visit the website again or browse through its pages) unless you clear all your browser history and cookies.

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