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The term “content marketing” has recently reached buzzword status, although any marketers worth their salt have been doing it since the beginning of time.
We spoke to content marketing experts Barry Feldman and Robert Rose and found out what they thought of content marketing today.
Barry Feldman, of Feldman Creative, is a content marketing strategist and creative director. Robert Rose is chief strategist at the Content Marketing Institute and a senior analyst with Digital Clarity Group. Both Robert and Barry agree that increased audience engagement is an essential stepping stone to creating more leads, which is a primary avenue to increased sales. American Express’s “Unstaged” program organises live music events for streaming online as well as edited release after the show.
By knowing who their audience is and having their personal email addresses from the registration phase, they can effectively market their services directly to potential customers. Adapting content strategies to changing markets and keeping ahead of the crowd are important, but actually doing it is difficult. Robert explains that, “The biggest challenge, and one that I’m primarily focused on these days, is teaching companies how to be good with the creation of content. Barry’s opinion on outsourcing your content creation is of a slightly different take, “…you can’t say ‘you’re the digital expert, here are the keys to the kingdom,’ I think you have to be involved.” He says of the people who create your content, “It’s getting harder and harder to master the skillset that it takes to succeed in marketing.
Placing a value on content creation, instead of simply expecting it from everyone, can have dramatic effects on the quality of content that is produced by your organisation.
Once you’ve prioritised your content creation and then want to improve the quality of it, taking a look at other markets for inspiration and taking risks are important. When it comes to audience targeting it’s usually best to be as specific as possible and then branch out, rather than start with a broad base and refining it. Don’t forget about other forms of online advertising: they’re still important and both interviewees agreed they are essential in supporting content marketing efforts. Finally, if you want some examples of “smaller” companies that have great content marketing programs then here are some that are bound to lend some inspiration: HelpScout, recommended by Barry, has great content especially in the form of blog posts and ebooks. It seems that companies today are on quite a level playing field when it comes to content marketing, and not taking full advantage of it would definitely be a mistake. Director of Marketing for SweetIQ, inveterate traveler, writer, reader and general enjoyer of patios, mountains and people of all sorts.
In class, we talked about how marketing focuses on top-line revenue and, accordingly, seeks product variety (available on short notice) from well-stocked inventory pools.
An intriguing point was how a lot of companies fail to focus on creating value for customers. Marketing wants to offer the broadest possible array of titles to reinforce Amazon’s sales pitch of having huge variety and delivering those titles instantaneously to reinforce the convenience of online shopping.
It tries to address this conflict by examining the economics of inventory and understanding the value of lead time to customers. Whether you’re an owner of a webshop or a successful website, it’s always a good idea to think of new ways to improve your business. Big international webshops such as Zalando heavily make use of the advantages that affiliate marketing has to offer. There are opportunities for websites and bloggers to advertise products from webshops that are connected with an affiliate network.
Communicate clearly that the hyperlink sends them to the product and gives them more information. Once a customer has clicked on the deeplink of the publisher and has put products in its cart, there is a chance that it will look for discount codes on the web.
Since the internet and mobile technology have made it possible to reach people on the go, marketing surveys are a perfect tool to take your customers’ pulse. Send an online feedback survey to design effective product improvement strategies that will boost sales. Gain insights into customer demographics to identify potential customers and increase the satisfaction of your existing customers.
Understand market segmentation based on demographics in order to design aggressive market strategies for segments that may share common attributes such as demographics, geography, lifestyle, product usage and brand affinity. Use SoGoSurvey to run your next online marketing survey, and watch your participation rates soar!

Content marketing sometimes gets a bad rep because its benefits are not exactly the most measurable of any marketing activity around.
Don't get me wrong -- those benefits are great and doubtlessly essential to successful online marketing, but we marketers often like to be able to get specific, measured benefits out of something. Furthermore, once your business has enough customers to figure out an average order value, you can even find out how much money you are generating from each piece of content by multiplying the number of sales by the average order value.
Google Analytics allows you to drill down and see the average amount of time one of your visitors spends on a certain piece of content. Bounce rate is another important ranking factor, a metric that measures the ratio of the number of one-page visits to the number of total visits.
Some say that content marketing is all about generating leads, and that isn't completely untrue.
Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to measure the number of leads you generate with a specific piece of content (particularly if you have a complex funnel with several hoops and loops), but it's still one of the best ways to find out your content's ROI. Some (not all) autoresponder services allow you to see from which webpage a subscription came from. This is one of the more obvious content metrics as it is easily observed, particularly when you have a handy social share plugin configured on your site. Here's an example: a recent post I wrote for the Writtent blog on buzzwords obtained 1503 shares (to date). A high number of comments on a blog post (or any type of content that supports comments, e.g.
By analyzing the number of comments attracted by a piece of content you release, you can also discover what topics resonate best with your audience. This isn't the most popular metric of all time, but it's an important one nonetheless if you want to be generating a positive ROI with your content. Today, however, it has become essential in order to grab, and keep, the attention of an audience, because it has become second nature for them to tune out the barrage of advertising that they’re subjected to on a daily basis. In today’s crowded market for consumer attention Barry says advertisers are drowned out by noise and repetition, “therefore, audience engagement is harder and harder to get. Directed by respected film-makers including Spike Lee, Werner Hertzog and Steve Buscemi, the program is a great example of a digital event. Constant learning is necessary in order to stay on top of your game, and outsourcing may play a role too. Robert says a common assumption is that great content creation is a mystical art that no organisation can develop in-house. You have to push the envelope and to do that you have to take some risks and be unafraid to fail. Barry says using PPC is essential if you want to accelerate your content marketing program. Operations worry about cost, looking for efficiencies in manufacturing and the supply chain. Operations, on the other hand, cannot support such a proposition — at least not cost-effectively.
Thereafter, it sets shipment lead times to come to a good compromise between marketing and operations. Companies should also consider option bundling to increase complexity and offer a variety of services to customers. The pricing model that is applied at affiliate marketing is the CPA model (Costs Per Action). Zalando is connected (read: affiliated) with Zanox which makes it possible for websites to promote the products that Zalando offers in its webshop. It will also help you set customer satisfaction goals and implement achievement strategies. Running surveys is a good way to locate your target audience, while identifying the benefits of Facebook and Twitter will help you devise productive social media strategies to maximize your online survey results. Most of its advantages are believed to be intangible, like the building of brand recognition and increased exposure. Improving it and your customer base is essentially the objective of every marketing campaign. The lower your bounce rate, the better -- it means your content is engaging enough for visitors to want to stay and browse around.

Content with a low bounce rate usually has lots of internal links and high-quality information easily digested by the reader.
Lead generation is definitely one of the eminent focuses of successful content marketing campaigns. The more high-quality backlinks your content attracts from authoritative websites & blogs in your industry, the higher rankings and more traffic you'll get. That's why you should be trying to make each piece you release a real pillar resource for readers. But if you spent $500 in producing the content, your bottom line has just taken a -$125 hit.
If you’ve got a series of steps that lead to a marketing success story, audience engagement is the beginning of it. Of course your blog’s content is the main draw, and if it isn’t interesting then the blog is worthless. He explains that “In most organizations, creating content is just something that’s kind of ‘expected’ of everyone. The name referring to the tension between marketing and supply chain is Differentiated Service Policies.
There’s a chance that you’ve already heard about affiliate marketing and that you’ve participated in its practices. In this type of advertising the advertisers pay for a specific action such as a credit card transaction. If you own your own webshop, you are most likely looking for ways to generate more (useful) traffic to your website. Once the customer has found the discount code on another website that also makes use of the affiliate system, you won’t receive ANY commission.
Market research surveys provide critical information about your target market, as well as their buying habits and product feedback. Here are 9 content metrics that will help you determine tangible ROI from your content production. With that goal in mind, it's important to see how your content performs against the objective. Continuing such content marketing would be counter-productive to your goal of improving your bottom line.
Barry mentions a myriad of possibilities and ends with “the ultimate in engagement and lead nurturing,” an email list to market directly to leads.
The key questions are: what is affiliate marketing exactly and how can it improve my business online?
By connecting your webshop to an affiliate network, bloggers and websites will have to opportunity to promote your products at their blogs and websites. You need to test and experiment to find the sweet spot where costs are reduced and profits are maximized with each piece of released content. He also mentions “events” as an important component, but says that it’s often left off the list because it isn’t necessarily a digital channel.
These networks bring together publishers and advertisers to improve revenue at both parties.
As a blogger, there is a chance that you already advertise some products that you are pleased with. By mentioning the name of the products and reviewing it, you won’t earn (extra) money.
Promote or talk about the product on your blog or website and add a hyperlink which leads the visitor of your website to the particular product on the webshop.
When a visitor of your websites buys products on the website you redirected them to, you will receive a commission!

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