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Blogging on a regular basis has also become increasingly more important, with 90% of leading marketers publishing to a blog at least once a week, according to Curata’s Business Blogging Study. The good news is, there are blog post ideas everywhere, you just need to discover the topics that will resonate with your audience. Awareness Content: This is at the top of the lead generation funnel and it helps you get lots of traffic and social shares. Consideration Content: This comes in the middle of the funnel and refers to in-depth content that engages your audience on your blog. Action Content: This comes at the bottom of the funnel and includes content like case studies or marketing eBooks that are gated and help convert your audience into customers. For the purpose of this post, we’ll work with keywords around ‘bake’ throughout the post, so if you’re a baking company, you’re in luck.
You’ll notice that whenever you type a query into Google, you get a small number of suggestions to auto-complete that query.
Enter the search query into the search bar and you’ll discover a ton of other phrases pulled directly from Google. Use the following methods to create content that’ll help you get more engagement through comments and shares. This is a free eBook that shows you how to craft headlines that work, including some headline templates. Search for your keyword using news aggregators like Feedly or Alltop and you’ll see a ton of headlines. Sieve through the posts using the share counter so you know which ones worked well on social media, similar to the process described in method #6.
First, take a look at your editorial calendar (download an editorial calendar template here).
If you have lots of traffic, shares and comments, but low conversion on subscribers or clients, use the following method.
There are several ways to come up with blog post ideas, but this list should get you started. For more ideas on blogging best practices, download Curata’s eBook, Business Blogging Secrets Revealed. Andy CrestodinaAndy Crestodina is the Strategic Director of Orbit Media, a web design company in Chicago. Get weekly content marketing news and best practices right in your Inbox and Curata's exclusive eBook free!
Group discussion is one of the most important integral parts that come under the selection procedure for various reputed organizations and competitive exams. Group Discussion in a process which involves a team of minimum four to five members which is formed by the panellist conducting interviews.
Let’s have a look on latest topics for Group Discussion which come under the category of Social Interest, Economics and Politics, Sports with Education and Technology. Hello, I am Sakshi Chaudhary, I have completed my Bachelor of Technology from Lucknow with Electronic and Communication branch and working at Ruva Customer Services Pvt.
In this first part of the SWOT Project Management Recruitment Ideas, we’re going to look at the project management job specification first of all and how you can prepare for making an application or interview using a SWOT analysis.
I’m not going to go into the whys and wherefores of SWOT Analysis (Wiki do a grand job of that right here) but most of you will have come across SWOT as part of a business planning  or career planning exercise. The job specification is often the only document you might have in order to make an application for a job and as such holds all the clues about what an organisation is looking for in a new recruit. Make a note of the top five qualities of the position that appeal to you; what is it about the roles and responsibilities that have made you want to apply for the post?
Make a note about anything in the job specification that shows it is consistent with your thinking about this kind of post – does the salary level reflect the position well?

Make a note of all the positive things you know about the organisation; consider conducting some research to see if you can find out more about how the organisation is regarded in the marketplace, by its employees, its suppliers etc. Most often people look for a new position because they are ready for a new challenge; make a note of all the challenges you think this position may give to you. Make a note of what you believe to be the opportunities available to you by working for this particular organisation. This is an opportunity to make a more detailed note of how this position fits with your career aspirations, for example if the role gives you a larger team responsibility or complexity of projects to manage. What areas of the job specification – the roles and responsibilities – are the least attractive to you? Which areas of the job specification are you unexperienced, unqualified or unskilled to do?
Make a note of any concerns you have about the organisation that are known to you at the moment. And finally, are there any showstoppers that would mean you would not enjoy working for this organisation?
The SWOT analysis for job specifications is designed to get you really thinking about a new position before you start the process of applying for it.
Kenneth Ashe on Project Management Interview QuestionsKenneth Ashe on Project Management Interview QuestionsProject Management Interview Questions on Project Management Job Interviewsdrpdg on Working for Yourself – Project Management Contractor or Consultant?drpdg on Working for Yourself – Project Management Contractor or Consultant? We’ll make this post very practical by breaking down 11 methods of discovering blog topics. Most websites already have keywords they are ranking for, but many website owners fail to check on this. If you don’t see any data on that page, then connect your Analytics account to Google Webmaster Tools.
Instead of going through the FAQs of all these sites individually, FAQ Fox scrapes a ton of sites based on your search.
So listen in on their conversations, check their replies to your emails, on social media and your blog comment section. Generally topics for group discussion are taken from the real world rather than the textbooks.
After groups formation, topics for discussion are given to each team on which the group discussions are to made. Sarabjeet Singh was an Indian national convicted of terrorism and countered as a spy by the Pakistani court. Through this topic the interviewer would like to know the candidate reaction for such a social injustice. When a person has good skills and ability to execute his work perfectly is only able to become the boss. FDI in ecommerce has already become topic of discussion at many colleges admission group discussion process and many job interview GD round.
India is the world’s largest democracy country and now a days various changes are observed in the Political Scenario of India which encourage youngster to opt politics as their career to fulfil the need of good leader in India. What kind of solutions are to be made in order to overcome the economical crises for the betterment. IPL has add a spice to the entertainment but at the same time it has become a business to earn money.
The reason behind that is we have brilliant manpower in the software field but with the limited resources. The topic has management background thus is asked by the interviewer to check the mental status of the candidates belonging from management department.
Please let me know through comment section given below the post if some thing more is to add or more latest topic you want to add in the above mentioned list.

This article will be followed up with a Project Management Recruitment Ideas – Using a SWOT for Interviews tomorrow. Taking the job specification apart, breaking it down and understanding the parts will give you (a) a better understanding of whether this is the right opportunity for you (b) allow you to make a decent job of your application or preparation for an interview that will really pay dividends.
If one of the qualities is just that you like the idea of working for that particular organisation, make a note of that too.
We know that any job is likely to have some roles and responsibilities that we don’t like performing but how much of this position is unattractive to you honestly? Start by thinking of those areas where you have no experience at all, then those where you have a little.
Also think about any reasons why the organisation may not consider you a likely candidate for the job.
Tomorrow we will look at the SWOT analysis for making the application and getting ready for the interview. You can find out more about Arras People and follow me on Twitter and Google I also write the careers column for PMI's Network magazine and other project management organisations too. Simply enter your keyword, pick a category and you’ll see a list of questions on your topic, scraped just for you. Create blog posts surrounding these topics in order to achieve similar social media success.
Indian government has made efforts to take out Sarabjeet from the prison but all efforts were worth. In my point of view Marriage is about sharing one’s thoughts, happiness and sorrow with other. Apart from this if gender is the point of concentration to judge some one qualities than this will be the reclamation for women. UTS Global provides marketing solutions to various companies with their commitment of agility up-to global standards. Economics freedom may lead to growth and prosperity when freedom is utilize in a right way. Through this kind of topic the recruiter would like to know about the general awareness of the candidate for the latest technologies.
This topic is basically asked in the selection procedure to judge weather a candidate will posses dominating nature or not. This may be asked for the candidate belonging from software field to check their reaction and motivation power. Is it the kind of projects you will be working on or a particular business focus that you would like to pursue? So for this purpose we are providing Latest Group Discussion Topics under the categories Social Interest, Education and Technology and what’s happening in the sports world for a good Group discussion. The main purpose for organizing Group Discussion in selection procedure is to judge the  communication skills and tough process of the applicant. So how can one say its a trap but due to dowry and wrong attitude of some persons in our society, the word used trap fits best. Through its continuous efforts the company has learn the art of fuel transformation along with the development of entrepreneurial spirit.
Often when a job seeker is making plans to move into a new position, the more negative side of a potential new job are often overlooked. Often this might mean taking the job for all the wrong reasons and moving on soon after the start date – not a great career move!

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