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A young cashier in Taiwan is known as the “McDonald’s Goddess” after photos of her at work went viral. Wei Han Xu has become Taiwan’s most famous McDonald’s cashier after her photos were posted on a blog.
Fans are packing a Taipei City McDonald’s for pictures with Xu, and little intention of actually ordering food.
Xu, a college student and part-time model, recently thanked all of her fans on her Facebook page, saying, “In these few days, I received a lot of message from people that had different backgrounds.
The Facts, a newspaper in the Lake Jackson area, posted a story on a chupacabra sighting and user-submitted photos only to find the whole thing was a joke.
In a follow-up article, the retired biologist who sent in the pictures, likely of a coyote with mange, said “It was a spoof or practical joke… I really didn’t believe it.” By this time, though, the news of the chupacabra sighting had spread far beyond Texas, to ABC News, the New York Daily News, Best Week Ever and more.
The paper corrected the reports after experts complained,  saying chupacabras– those legendary hairless dog-like creatures– don’t actually exist.
The Pentagon has spoken out on a story of major importance: Cap’n Crunch isn’t really a captain. A detail-oriented blogger noticed the cereal spokes-cartoon wears three stripes on his sleeve, making him a commander. The FoodBeast blogger and others have speculated that perhaps Cap’n Crunch is French, based on his Napoleonic hat.
Blog topics for students are not hard to find because children are generally diverse in their interests and hobbies.

Like all young people, school age students are highly interested in modern culture such as movies, music, books, etc.
Here are 4 fun blog topics for students that will increase the number of visitors to sites.
1) Providing best reviews on the latest events or writing about celebrities would make great blog topics for students. 3) Internet communications and social media is another one of the key blog topics for students. 4) Finally, technology, iphones and other PC and communication devices are all of great interest to young people.
Xu has become so famous that it’s starting to annoy her fast food manager, who some might argue should have seen this coming. The topics of most concern for school age kids usually involve their school work and classes. Young people long for companionship and communication and social networks is one of the best places to find it. According to the Daily Mail, Taiwanese McDonald’s have purposely hired attractive women and encouraged them to dress as maids, cheerleaders and sailors. For example, if you are blogging with high school teens, you might want to cover the topic of entering a college or a university.
Yes, many teens search online for educational information and how to solve serious matters.

They are on their way to establishing new relationships and building life long commitments. But, all children love to hear about faraway places and to meet people from different countries. Provide practical tips for safe social networking designed kids and you will get your readers. They are looking to find out about all the top notch technology and latest novelties in the area. But most of them are still looking for fun and trying to find fun blog sites to visit and ways to get more visitors to their blogs.
Tips about these topics would make excellent blog topics for all ages – children, tweens and teenagers!
If you can provide them with a practical guide on affordable traveling with exciting stories and adventures, you can find your readership.

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