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Something many people do (me included) is write as if they’re in a race against the clock. Whether it’s keeping a note of the days events or recording your innermost thoughts a daily diary or journal entry will give you good reason to practise your writing. Ever wondered how the desk gets so untidy when you spend most of your time staring at a computer? This subject got me thinking about an old boss, renowned for having the tidiest desk in the office, these options would never have been given the time of day. I’ve always been fascinated by 3D drawing and the idea that an artist could create such incredible illusions using nothing more than a pencil and piece of paper.
With hopes that our readers will enjoy these as much as I have, here are some awesome examples of 3D drawings and artists. Dutch artist Ramon Bruin is one of the masters of the technique, drawing skulls, cities, sharks and snakes that seem more like objects that happen to be sitting on paper than drawings. Like a lot of you, I carry a notebook every day and take a ton of handwritten notes about most everything from grocery lists to my someday novel. I prefer writing on paper with a pen and have no interest in using handwriting apps for the smartphone, digital pens or tablet and stylus to capture my thoughts. The problem is that I end up with a whole lot of written material with no easy way to organize it and little to no searchability.
So, what I end up doing periodically is transcribing my handwritten notes book by book into Microsoft OneNote. There’s a channel on YouTube called GMS Art with a collection of short 20- or 30-second videos demonstrating how to create stippling, hatching, parallel lines and other basic techniques.
Research over the last few years consistently has found that the simple act of doodling increases a person’s ability to retain information, aids in learning new concepts and stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, helping to fire the imagination. A study by Plymouth University in the UK found that information recall improved 29 percent among participants who doodled while listening to a tape of names and locations compared to participants who did not doodle. Researcher Shaaron Ainsworth from the University of Nottingham has also conducted studies testing the use of doodling as a learning tool in science education. And in yet another study, this one performed in Australia, researchers reported that combining drawing and writing improved childrens’ writing skills.
Apparently there is even a term for the practice of combining doodling and note-taking for learning and idea-generation. One visual practitioner, Patti Dobrowolski, advocates doodling not only as a way to learn and remember, but also to make effective changes in corporate cultures and in personal lives. Goal-setting often stalls because we have so much data filling our brain that it gets overloaded and can’t remember what to focus on, but when you DRAW a picture of what you desire, you remember it better by 65%! The concept is extremely simple: People upload pics of themselves and artists then create sketches, paintings, etc. The app – which is free – allow you to browse a library of photos provided by people hoping to be captured by artists, and also allows you to follow specific artists that you like.
Deborah from Goodwriters thinks we need more bright, cheerful, multicoloured pens like the St. Whenever I travel on public transport I expect to see fellow passengers with their noses in a book or fiddling with their phones. De-stress – Whilst getting out the colouring book won’t help with the housework or stop the bills falling through the letter box, it can help you to forget your problems for a while. Maintain a sharp mind – Colouring requires hand-eye co-ordination, developing this can help your reaction times. Art gives you a chance to express and release your feelings not matter how skilled you are, so the next time you need to unwind why not pick up some Colouring Pens & give it a go?
As with most things scrapbooking will have trends, something you do today may look dated in years to come.
How to fix photos – in terms of scrapbooks fixings are often used to draw attention to the photo.

Choose your layout – decide if you want the event to go on one or two pages, do you want to overlap photos? Until I started my quest for ideas I hadn’t realised just how much info was out there. I’ve often written about the benefits of airplane safe pens but never tackled how to deal with an in-flight explosion of the pen kind, here are a few down to earth ink removal suggestions.
Many rollerball pens have liquid ink, this is water based so the first thing to try, you guessed it good old water, this should lift the ink by diluting it. Most of us have experienced the odd accident at some time or another, ink stains are obviously not just a problem with rollerball pens, the choice of pens is vast so here are a just a few tips for ink removal.
Hairspray seems to be a favourite, don’t reach for your most expensive can mind, a cheapie from the local supermarket will suffice.
Apart from store cupboard solutions, there are various products on the market Oxiclean have quite a selection to choose between.
This list is by no means exhaustive, toothpaste (not the gel kind) & WD40 have also been known to remove ink, if you have any good tips you want to share then let us know. Brian from Office Supply Geek finds the Kaweco Sport Rollerball pen is a nice switch from fountain pens.
Azizah at Gourmet Pens explains why she thinks the Pelikan Tradition M200 clear fountain pen is a lovely pen. That’s why I enjoyed this BBC piece translating common office terms for Brits working in America and vice versa. For example, the aforementioned rubber might be an eraser in the UK, but it is slang for a condom in America. The mag recommends both the Lamy Safari and the Kaweco Class Sport, two pens that are fairly inexpensive, yet known for performance and reliability. If you have ancestors from Finland, you’ll want to download the free Finnish genealogy research guide FamilySearch has just added to its Web site.FamilySearch’s excellent online research outlines are among our go-to resources when editing Family Tree Magazine articles about tracing ancestors in this or that place, and we often recommend the guides in our articles. To get steps for finding the FHL’s microfilmed birth, marriage and death information by place and year, click Research Guidance, then click on a place. You’ll be able to sit up with a straight back, your feet planted on the floor with uncrossed legs.
Just a few minutes little & often will not only help improve your penmanship but could provide health benefits like improving emotional well being or reducing stress. Rather than squeezing the barrel imagine your pen is a quill that may break & lightly pull it across the page. If you like he is looking for something a little upmarket you may need look no further than Missing Digit Woodshop. Also included are a few links to some  3D art techniques for beginners in case any of you want to give it a try. So, on the chance that it might be useful to some of you, we’ve put together a short list of sites where you can learn basic pen and ink techniques. Her conclusion: Doodling aided in keeping students engaged, taught them visual reasoning skills and was an important part of learning strategies. Mark Twain, Franz Kafka, Ron Howard, Sylvia Plath, Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton are all well-known doodlers.
Without exaggeration, the sum total of my artistic range falls somewhere between a toddler’s scribbling and the cave art of early man.
All you need is a good pen, a few inexpensive materials and a little time, and you can improve the cushioning on your pen considerably with minimal effort.
Until recently if I’d seen someone over the age of about 10 doodling in a colouring book it would have been cause for a double take. Use your imagination, depending on your theme or effect you want to create these can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Slow Down – It seems that many people write at speed in an attempt to finish the task as fast as they can.

In the case of gel ink, this is still water based but also contains pigment they tend to set more quickly making removal more difficult. Just give the offending stain a good spray until its fairly wet followed by a firm rub & it should loosen the ink. It’s an idea to place an old cloth or kitchen paper under the area you are treating or you may take more than ink of your work surface.
A friend assures me that she has had success on a favourite synthetic leather bag using a mix of bleach & baking soda applied with care using a cotton bud.
A natural inexpensive choice, just make a paste by mixing with water & spread over the ink. Well, according to the bible of style, one of the five essential things that no man should be without is a quality fountain pen.
They cover how to do research, historical background, genealogy terms to know, writing request letters, and much more.But the guides are linked in different places on FamilySearch, so sometimes it's hard to find the right one. But there is a reason for it, and a reason I’d recommend everyone become a doodler, at least a little. Always a believer that its never too late I started looking for ideas of how to create a scrapbook.
Scrapbooking is all about telling your story & saving memories, the ways that you decide to do it are all down to personal choice. By concentrating on the letters as you write you can also learn to control your arm & wrist to make your writing flow freely.
However, the general consensus seems to be that your pen should be resting between your index, middle finger & thumb. Wherever possible take time out to hand write notes & letters rather than just firing off an email.
Then give it a twirl in the washing machine on the hottest temperature setting appropriate to the fabric, taking care not to leave yourself with another problem – shrinking.
Apply the remover & blot with paper towel, repeating as required, once removed rinse with warm water.
Here’s our quick guide to finding FamilySearch guides:Start by clicking the Search tab at the top of the page. Avoid writing to the left of your palm (more likely if your left handed) as this is likely to give you cramp.
You are listening to new information, writing it down and reading it, adding visual reminders and engaging your motor functions. You could try writing lines of “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” as this sentence uses every letter of the alphabet. Ideally both feet should be on the floor, for right handed writers the body should be slightly turned to the left, lefties should position themselves to the right.
Then look in the blue bar under “Search”: Now, for an alphabetical index to the FHL’s research outlines, letter-writing guides, word lists, beginners’ guides, census worksheets and more, click Research Helps. If this is something you are inclined to get there are a wide range of ergonomic pens available to help. The more you grip the pen the more likely you will get cramps or even blisters, the hand should be as relaxed as possible. This index is sorted by place, but you can use the links on the left to sort it by title, subject or document type. Or, click PDF to download a PDF with the information, or click the item number (in the right-hand column) to order a copy mailed to you.

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