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You can’t get booked solid until YOU understand why other people would want to buy what you’re selling. I’m serious about that — if you can’t succinctly summarize why your services are worth investing in, then you’ve got a WHOLE lot of groundwork to do.
I’m going to break down some important business-building concepts for you over the next few days. The illustrations included in these posts are from my newly released, Book Yourself Solid ILLUSTRATED. Then … when you’ve chosen a core group of people you’re going to serve, work out what they need and want.
In Book Yourself Solid ILLUSTRATED, I call these the urgent needs and compelling desires of your target market. When you’ve identified their needs and desires, you’ll be able to offer them a SINGLE BIG RESULT from working with you that ties in with those needs and desires. We have a tendency to overcomplicate this step, which makes it difficult to communicate what we do effectively.
Specifically, we should be able to identify at least FOUR different types of benefits of working with you and getting your single biggest result.
My Certified Book Yourself Solid® Coaches work with small business owners (target market) who need more free time, more clients, less stress and more effective marketing strategies (needs and desires).
In Book Yourself Solid Illustrated there are TONS of worksheets that help you get granular on these for your own business.
If you grab a copy today, you’ll also get my new Book Yourself Solid mobile app for free ($50 value). From one professional business coach to another, I have a lot of respect for you and your work. I am working with Ana Melikian, my coach and mentor, who is one of Michael’s certified coaches.
I am encouraging all my clients to buy Michael’s new illustrated book that makes other marketing plans look like stone age systems. And your Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach, Ana Melikian, is outstanding, to say the least. Michael, I heard a small snippet of your interview on WGN radio, Chicago, on the way to a job. And this I assume it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day, what you call your statement as long as you know WHO server and WHAT you do. Is it social media marketing, search engine optimization, running sponsored ads or something else altogether? In this post, I’m going to share with you 5 lesser-known methods for generating email subscribers. The second step is to create an awesome, highly informative video for your target audience and give it away for free.
Once you have the video ready, use Turnstile (a feature of Wistia) to insert an email gate at the 50% mark.
So, when your viewers reach the 50% mark, they will be asked to sign-up for your email list to continue watching. Brian Dean of Backlinko is currently using this exact method and enjoying a whopping 29% conversion rate! If you are offering a generic lead magnet to all your website visitors, you are making a huge mistake. OptiMonk then recognizes the URL of your blog posts and then make targeted offers to your website visitors. As you can see in the previous image, the URL of the blog post mentions that this particular post is about Facebook. Offering a Facebook-ad template library to someone who is interested in SEO won’t necessarily work.

As you can see, it is highly relevant to the blog post it is on and offers a lot of genuine value to the readers — along with exclusive tips. As you can see, there is no real connection between the title of the post and the lead magnet.
Most internet marketers and bloggers share links to their blog posts on their social media profiles.
Here is an example of how AppSumo uses Facebook for promoting their free idea-validation cheatsheet. When you publish a guest post on a blog, you get a byline where you create a link to your website.
The bottom line is that email marketing is important, and you need to do every effort to gain more email subscribers. However, if you continue using the same old techniques that all the other marketers are using, you will not be able to create a bigger impact.
Use these 5 unorthodox and lesser-known email generation methods to give your email marketing efforts a boost. I’m interested in learning how to market an ecommerce business for products, not services.
It seems to me that you did the same thing you pointed out that Pat Flynn did in point number three. Keep in mind of the following factors when designing your call-to-action, and you’ll get ahead soon. Spotify never asks anyone to sign up for premium without first telling them what they get for doing so.
Not only does Netflix reiterate the benefits of signing up before asking people to do so, their call-to-action button itself even includes another benefit. That someone may have later died in a sword fight after brandishing a delicately crafted, gold-plated Parker pen against an opponent with, well, any kind of sword. Nearly every time someone in the world is convinced, persuaded or manipulated to do something, it’s because of the power of words. Here are some power words from the world of copywriting that can create intrigue, draw attention, or encourage action. At the end of every article, Copyblogger includes this huge, black banner that stands out massively on the page. In their emails, Likeable includes huge call-to-action buttons so you can’t possibly miss them. Always make a button a button by adding an effect when the mouse hovers over it, like in this example from Jim Compton-Hall. Yes, color is part of the graphics but it’s important enough to have its own section. Amazon’s use of a yellow call-to-action button, surrounded by almost no colour, makes it immediately noticeable on the page.
Now that you know the secrets of creating the most effective call-to-action around, get to work improving yours now.
If you’re in the hospitality industry, for example, you might find that your clients don’t NEED a hot-air balloon flight across the Arizona desert … but they might have a strong DESIRE to take one. Michael Port’s BYS System has rocketed my business as a coach for creative entrepreneurs further and faster than I ever imagined. I am a recent graduate from iPEC and unless I’ve got it backwards or confused, iPEC teaches that our WHO is are Niche and WHAT we do is our Specialty. And my comment is not meant as a criticism rather than being new, and starting to looking in the coaching world outside of iPEC, I guess different schools call things by different names. Because if you are not, you are simply missing out on several great business opportunities. And no, we are not going to just talk about placing an opt-in widget on the sidebar of your blog.

More and more businesses are using videos on their websites to educate their readers about their products or services. Apart from that, you will also need a few different lead magnets — based on the different categories your blog has.
You can make OptiMonk identify the keyword and then present a relevant email offer — as shown in the following image.
However, if someone is already reading a post about Facebook ads, she is more likely to take the free report and subscribe. I believe if Pat had used a more targeted content upgrade instead of a generic lead magnet, he would have generated a lot more email subscribers. Once someone has subscribed to your email list, you can always redirect them to as many blog posts as you want. This will attract targeted traffic and interested prospects, which will become your email subscribers.
All the examples I ever see with email marketing is service or how to, I would like to see real world examples of marketing products for sale.
Though that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone living on the same planet as Martin Shkreli and Justin Bieber.
A tiny call-to-action button may be skipped over so make sure it’s big enough on the page. Many people swear by curved corners rather than straight rectangles…but why stop there? It kind of defeats the whole purpose of even having that button, which is supposed to provide your customers with a clear route to the next step.
You can also find a similar green box at the top of each of their blogs, so it’s easy to find on whatever page you land on. For added power, they could have the navigation bar fixed to the screen even as you scroll down. Improve your call-to-action efficiency; that marketing will yield far greater results with far less waste. Did you know back in 2008 that those real life illustrative movements would actually manifest themselves into an illustrated version of BYS? In other words, you earn, on average, a return of $44 for every $1 you spend on email marketing.
A 1-2 minute video won’t work for this strategy, and a 10+ minute video will end up boring your viewers.
Well, who are you more likely to spot in a crowd: Bruce Banner or Bruce Banner when he’s angry? But here the cast clearly sings about creating an effective call-to-action by using contrasting coloring to make it stand out on the page, and thus make it easily seen by your audience. Use the advice above to mix up your call-to-actions, test the results using tools like Google Analytics, and steadily evolve and improve efficiency.
Thanks so much for working hard to help visual learners to really soak up this kind of information.
I know the mobile app and worksheets that you so kindly provided with my order will help me in that respect. I will agree with a comment that I saw on another post about that fact that you may have revolutionized the face and form of business books.

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