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Optimal Blue provides managed-content, enterprise lending services that helps navigate the complex mortgage process from capital markets, to point-of-sale and back. Interthinx understands that loan quality and data integrity are the foundation of effective financial services risk mitigation.
We are pleased to share in Ginnie Mae's mission to expand affordable housing throughout the markets they serve. The ability to issue Ginnie Mae securities will allow GSF to establish its own underwriting criteria within agency guidelines and retain the servicing rights of the borrower's. ThinkGSF is our internal portal where you can access important announcements, find documents including timesheets, PTO forms and review of compliance tutorials and webinars. We use an internal social network to keep everyone posted on day-to-day information, important company announcements and marketing ideas. GSF Mortgage is honored to be recognized for its achievements in company culture, leadership, production and technology. The testimonials presented on any of our Company's websites are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others.
Currently, I am the General Manager for GSF Mortgage Corporation where I manage the day-to-day operations. My career in the financial services industry has encompassed origination, sales in the wholesale production channel, as well as secondary market employee management.
I am a 15-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry and have served in multiple functions within the loan origination environment. With over 25 years in the mortgage industry, I have worked with some of the largest bank-owned mortgage companies in the country developing retail and wholesale channels. Upon graduating from Marquette University Law School in 1998, I began my legal career as General Counsel for Evergreen Title, providing legal guidance in the areas of real estate, corporate law, and title insurance. I recently joined GSF Mortgage upon graduation from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where I earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies, obtained a minor in Communication and a Digital Arts & Culture Certificate. At GSF Mortgage, we offer the following proprietary marketing solutions for each of our loan officers. Listing Pro is a Marketing Partnership Program designed to accentuate your Realtor relationships. MBS Highway is a cutting-edge digital platform that helps industry professionals to interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets. The brainchild of renowned mortgage industry executive Barry Habib, MBS Highway offers exclusive information that mortgage professionals can rely on for ultimate relevance, speed and precision.
CMPS is like a minituare financial planning course that helps you understand how the mortgage fits into the overall context of a client's financial strategy.
In 1995, our founders Phil Siebert and Jim Guzanick, launched GSF Mortgage Corporation in Wisconsin and Illinois. It was the company's loyalty to customers that led the firm in 2001 to transform its business model from a brokerage into a full-service direct mortgage lender. Under the company's new president, Chad Jampedro, GSF Mortgage continues to expand, yet remains dedicated to consumer education, process transparency and the ability to offer customers a wide selection of mortgage products. More important than any award or accolade, what I'm most proud of is the team that we have assembled to support our branches and their origination activities. A co-operative is defined as "an enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit." The cooperative style lending approach that we have adopted here at GSF allows you to continue to oversee your existing business, yet maintain your established branch culture while sharing the increasingly expensive and complicated resources needed to compete and stay compliant in today's lending environment.
Underwriters, quality control personnel, regulatory staff and attorneys are very specifically trained individuals and are essential to the new mortgage banking industry. At GSF, we share these resources with our branch partners to help reduce the expense responsibility of these individuals, which allows you to focus on business development. By coming together, we share the best-of-breed resources, develop pricing power and increase the volume and profitability of our organizations.
In today's world of over-hyped net branching offerings a€” while appearing to be numerous a€” the choices are actually very slim. If you are interested in an alternative to the current platforms that are in the market today, let's schedule some time to talk. A review of over a dozen creative ideas and marketing projects from banks and credit unions around the world. Here are two more excellent examples further illustrating the powerful relationship between that can be forged between outdoor marketing messages and their environmental context. HSBC proves that every touchpoint in banking can be fun and engaging, even something as mundane as an ATM receipt. Garanti Bank in Turkey used a remote-controlled hot air balloon and a small, one-person glider to air drop gifts on citizens.
Like many bank ads, this series from First Community Bank emphasizes the “service difference,” but does so without resorting to trite cliches and overused metaphors.
Ulster Bank suffered through a painful and prolonged series of website failures in early 2013. The implicit message in this ad from NAB is that all banks really are the same, except for one thing… their rates.
A 30-second TV spot pairing a deer hunter with his prey in an extreme analogy to the contentious relationship that usually exists between banks and their customers.
Financial Institutions Are Struggling to Fulfill Personalization Promises Only 22% of financial marketers report having advanced personalization capabilities. In a presentation this week at the Morgan Stanley Financials Conference, PNC outlined a vision of its branch network that involves a more dynamic definition of branches, which includes multiple physical formats, as well as greater integration with both remote sales people and electronic channels.
Huntington recently reported branch plans driven by both the desire for cost savings (closing traditional branches and opening in-store branches) as well as to leverage the latest technology (such as branch image capture and processing) to drive efficiency. Wells Fargo continues to have a strong commitment to the branch channel, as it claims that the vast majority of financial products are bought in a branch. At its 2012 Investor Day, Chase discussed a number of branch innovations designed to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.
As electronic channels continue to change how consumers and businesses interact with their banks, many banks are reassessing the level and type of investments in their branch networks.  Though most are still committed to the branch model—noting its importance in sales and understanding that many customers still want to have the reassurance of a physical presence—the role of the branch is evolving and this has important implications for issues like branch sizing, design, staffing, technology deployment, and merchandising, as well as integration with other channels. This entry was posted in Banking, Commercial Banking, Multi-Channel Marketing, Retail Banking and tagged branch, chase, Huntington, PNC, U.S. Our approach is not to take away the essence of the organization but to share operational, legal, underwriting, regulatory and compliance resources.
Ellie Mae offers a full-featured, start-to-finish solution that automates virtually every step in the mortgage process from processing to closing and funding.

In 1995, GSF Mortgage was formed to provide solutions for borrowers pursuing homeownership.
Customer support and retention is at the core of our business plan and becoming a Ginnie Mae Issuer allows us an opportunity to be more to our borrowers over the life of their loan. Loan originators have a resource tab where they can find out in-depth information about loan programs, brokered business, bond and DBA programs and appraisal management. It is designed to encourage real-time conversations between team members across the country. Draft a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your phone right before the meeting. These awards would not have been possible without the strength and support of each of our team members. It's about being able to close loans on time, receiving proper training and having confidence in managers' preparation for change. The testimonials are not paid and are not indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals. I worked my way through the ranks serving as a Branch Manager, Marketing Director, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer before becoming President of GSF Mortgage. I have experience in Secondary Marketing, Finance, Warehouse Lending, Business Development and Strategic Planning. I've always enjoyed working one-on-one with my team and feel I have a natural ability to connect with others, helping them to realize and achieve their goals. My experience encompasses all areas of mortgage lending, real estate law, compliance, corporate law and title insurance. Social media is always changing, so I make sure to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and pass them along to our branches.
Since I started with GoGSF, the company has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society and Ronald McDonald House. The creation of a dedicated single property website, along with many other tools, will help you and your referral partner gain more buyer leads. We have a dedicated onboarding team to help ensure a smooth transition and to answer any questions you may have. GSF Mortgage has its own in-house Marketing team that can customize a wide-range of marketing collateral to fit your needs. We understand that each loan originator has their own approach and we will work with you to create a business and marketing plan that you will feel confident in implementing. It wasn't long before the small mortgage brokerage garnered a reputation for its low rates, fair lending practices and remarkable customer service. Soon, the company expanded outside of the Midwest, into multiple states across the country.
Our company has earned access and developed experience with nearly every agency and government-backed residential home mortgage program, while offering the most competitive and flexible terms available. Our GoGSF brand strives to combine state-of-the-art technology with customized loan programs, and a customer focused lending process. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to introduce our company and share with you a little about myself and my time here at GSF.
I worked my way through the ranks of GSF serving as a Branch Manager, Marketing Director, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, before becoming President of GSF Mortgage in 2013.
Hire Power Award in 2013 and most recently, both the Journal Sentinel's Top Work Places and Best In Class. We also share resources regarding technology and marketing; both are essential to building and maintaining a successful mortgage banking business. We help scale these expenses over all of our participating partners effectively, which reduces expense and increases your bottom line. Many companies ask you to buy into or surrender to a corporate structure that may not fit your business.
In the first example from Palmetto Bank, you have to look closely to realize that it is actually a branch entrance in disguise — visitors have to walk right through the bank’s mobile app (quite a metaphor, if you think about it). On the backs of their receipts, HSBC printed instructions for hold to fold the nearly-square piece of paper into an origami shape — a car for insurance, a pig for savings accounts, a mouse for internet banking. PNC has been positioning itself as an eco-friendly financial institution for many years now. If you want to position your financial institution as “more personal, approachable, warm and friendly,” this is a fresh way to go about it — not one single generic stock photo of a smiley, happy person.
Usually these two factions of the financial industry are too busy hurling insults at each other to find any common ground.
This ad is both tragic and ironic, because NAB actually has one of the world’s most unique financial brands, but the message is almost 180 degrees in the opposite direction. The bank rolled out a series of four cartoonish TV spots celebrating the “more personal approach” BoQ takes with customers.
Bank has three branch models, which enables the bank to tailor branch investments to market composition and opportunity. These include self-service tellers, paperless tellers, instant-issue cards and access to remote sales specialists through video. GSF Mortgage offers a suite of systems that helps to streamline the loan process while staying within regulations and compliance. They are not in the business of making or purchasing mortgage loans and do not buy, sell or issue securities. GSF's stability and expertise originating FHA, VA and USDA loans has allowed the company to meet the high standards of Ginnie Mae and become eligible for the privilege of becoming a direct servicer. As a member of our origination staff, this means that you will have the ability to retain your customer's future business, in the event of a refinance or new purchase.
My duties now are to oversee the operations, direct marketing, production and secondary marketing departments of GSF. My experience in the industry includes sales in both the wholesale and retail channel and managing operations. I oversee both development and production for retail, wholesale and correspondent lending channels. You will receive a warm welcome from our Marketing team and an overview of all the marketing resources available. We understand that no two markets are the same and we can assist you in building something unique that fits your region.
There is a reason why GSF Mortgage has more than 40,000 successful retail mortgage transactions to date and maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

First and foremost, GSF offers a Cooperative Style Lending Platform, which is rare in our industry today.
My duties include overseeing operations, capital acquisition, production, recruiting and secondary marketing departments of GSF. We have talented, experienced managers in every department and it shows in our service capabilities and day-to-day support.
At GSF, we have opened every channel possible for you to continue to do what you do best: close loans. At GSF, you will have a voice and the ability to influence the decisions that are made on a corporate level. The copy off to the side says, “You’re welcome to come in, but you won’t have to with our mobile banking app.” Touche!
HSBC is promoting its products in a way consumers actually enjoy — something seldom seen in banking, but indeed possible. The shelter’s other two walls, however, are made from dollar bills encased in unbreakable glass.
They even hold a trademark on the term “green branch.” So this lush, verdant billboard is not only eye-fetching, it’s on-brand. Nevertheless, the bank continued to let its ads run, including the ironic gem in the online screenshot below.
One commercial shows a hunter holding hands with an 8-point buck — a pairing that alludes to the mutual contempt banks and consumers seem to have for one another.
They tout their generosity and value by promising “free checks for life” — who needs those?
It is testing other innovations like next-generation ATMs, paperless sales, and mobile demonstration zones. This directly translates to offering more products, lessening underwriting requirements and lowering interest rates directly to the customer. This is a huge step in preventing a competitor or alternate servicer to capture their attention when they are ready to get another loan. Under my direction as President, GSF Mortgage has earned the USDA Platinum Million Dollar Lender Award, been named among Mortgage Technology's Top Tech-Savvy Lenders and Servicers, awarded Inc.'s 2013 Hire Power Award, achieved Mortgage Executive magazine's 2014 50 Best Companies to Work For and recently been given a Top Workplace Award by the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinal. Though the industry always changes, GSF has a 20-year track record of staying ahead of the curve. I provide leadership through effective communication of objectives, active coaching, skill development and results analysis.
My goal is to assist in our company's continued growth and success, while maintaining the level of support and personal connection with my team that I value and have come to expect from the GSF organization. My exposure to multiple high-level aspects of the lending industry have contributed to a unique perspective and the ability to associate the duties and objectives of each department into an operational plan.
GSF Mortgage maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a 5-star Zillow Lender. This group will listen to your questions and concerns, understand your needs and get things done. If you are looking for a new and exciting opportunity with a company you are proud to call home, we hope you might consider a career with GSF Mortgage.
Marketers, listen carefully: Nothing captures consumers’ attention quite like cold, hard cash.
People hate banks so much, you have to wonder if they’ll swoon over this “more personal” promise.
I have been named among National Mortgage Professional's Legends of Lending, 40 Under 40 and MPA's Hot 100 in 2014. I assist my team in proactively identifying changes in market conditions, and advise them in how to develop, modify and maintain strategies and tactics accordingly. Our approach is to assist our branch partners in preserving the company culture that you have worked so tirelessly to build. After all, the ability to establish company relationships is the first step to creating a successful business.
The strength to navigate through tough times comes from establishing trusting relationships with our sales and operational teams. This board meets monthly and decisions that face GSF are presented to the board for review and commentary.
Because all the most effective and memorable outdoor advertising incorporates some aspect of the medium into the concept. Apparently Chesapeake Bank’s benevolence has its limits though, as the billboard reminds people that the pens aren’t free.
With one-click, join a video meeting through Hangouts and share your Slides to review as a team. GSF Mortgage maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 91% Net Promoter Score and is a 5-star Zillow Lender. Our approach is not to take away the essence of your business but to share operational, legal, underwriting, regulatory and compliance resources. Four of our branches have been with us from the very beginning and many more have called GSF Mortgage "home" for more than 10 years. The button on the ad says, “Start saving with us today.” Do they mean it’s easier to save money when you can’t access it online? You can check out the campaign microsite, and watch all four spots and watch a behind-the-scenes video here.
It’s an odd, contradictory ad message, particularly in light of how many financial institutions gleefully shower consumers with free writing utensils. Bringing successful business owners together to scale services, reduce costs and limit liabilities is the core of our offering.
Whenever you have any catastrophe strike your financial institution, you should push the pause button on all your ad campaigns immediately.
We also have access to portfolio lending products for Jumbo, home equity and non-traditional lending programs.

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