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Branding an NFL Player has often been overlooked by professional athletes, but often this process is referred to as one of the most important elements to scoring endorsements, sponsors and partnerships. As Players enter the league, many strive to become the best in their respective positions, many overlook the importance of managing their image and brand. Too often we see players excel on the basketball court, but fail to manage their lives off the big stage. With the assistance of a marketing team that focuses on your image and brand, an NFL player can become a shining example of how a professional athlete should appear before the public and media.
Hiring an Athlete Branding Expert like Anthony Fernandez can truly make the difference in your career during and after your prime. Increase Brand Awareness with Internet MarketingNovember 17, 2012 • 0 CommentsThe strategic use of Social Media is one of the most convenient ways of sharing information and interacting with the rest of internet users around the world. Internet marketing with social media as one of its components is an effective way of increasing your brand awareness. Social media is generally defined as an online or a mobile platform that stimulate communication and interaction between 2 or more persons, with the privilege of sharing information. Because of the convenience in communication and sharing of ideas brought about by social media, its relevance to online businesses has been unmatched, both online and offline.
At present, even offline campaigns become more powerful and more intesified if a social media component is incorporated with it.
In addition, statistics say that today, people generally prefer information from the internet than from the traditional means of advertising such as radio, TV, and print.
Finding and connecting with your target market should be strategic and efficient because different platforms have their own way of engagement. Technically, the trick to increasing brand awareness with social media comes in two forms: Paid Advertising and Organic Exposure.
There are other branches of Internet marketing where brand awareness can effectively be increased. Through years of experience we have identified 7 inter-related primary dimensions and over 30 identity dimensions within every brand.
A strategic positioning in front of the public eye can truly make the difference in landing an endorsement deal or other possibly being booked for a speaking engagement or an appearance.

Social media is a vehicle for communication – person to person and most recently, business to consumers and vice versa. The number of people making use of social media today is so significant that developing and implementing an Internet marketing campaign requires a social media component to securely reach an intended target market. In terms of participation, social media fosters fewer limitations because people can talk and share ideas from anywhere at anytime with less reluctance.
It’s become apparent that people who want to know something about a particular product or service, most likely will turn to the Internet for information or reviews.
Social media has found a way to find people who share the same interest and organize themselves into various groups or  communities. How you engage with your Facebook fans is different from how you engage with your followers in Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
Paid advertising, from the term iteself, is brand exposure that is acquired from paying a certain fee on a social media platform or on a search engine like Google. Here, you are banking on existing fans or followers to recommend or share your information to their online network. Our proprietary branding process will uncover these dimensions by answering vital questions in order to establish brand clarity and direction that is used to lay the foundation for the strategic planning and creativity process.Conquer Industry CompetitorsThis thorough process will ensure that no stone is left unturned and that all brand values are represented properly. To further compare, social networking in essence deals with building a connection of people who share a common interest. Social media can be likened to a popular shopping mall where people congregate and “hang out” in.
Naturally, if you want to increase brand awareness, it is imperative that you find your target market online, expose your brand to them and connect with them.
Spending on paid advertising allows for your brand to define the market segement it will be exposed to.
Whatever's on your mind, feel free to drop us a message and we'll let you know how we can help. It will identify areas of opportunity and address the necessary actions needed to conquer industry competitors. Depending on the scheme that your brand is taking, you can either pay per thousand impressions (the number of times your ad will appear to users) or pay per click (you just pay everytime a user clicks on your ad).

The more people find your content relevant the more likely there are going to share your content to their friends. For more information about branding please contact us directly using our toll free number or email contact form.The Total Brand ProcessAt Total Market Exposure, we understand that we are stewards of your brand image and we will treat your brand concepts and branding visions with the utmost respect.
This is a more powerful form of brand awareness as sharing content can be interpreted as part of the digital word-of-mouth or digital approval.
Some social media platforms like Facebook make recommendations more easily seen through there newsfeeds where even merely liking certain content can already be seen by the profile owner’s network of friends.
We create engaging experiences that span multiple platforms to enhance the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Our brand awareness campaigns position the brand for success by creating brand character, brand quality and brand affinity. Our intuitive branding campaigns combine these vital aspects to strengthen consumer conviction, brand charisma and brand awareness. To develop a comprehensive strategy we begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of the brand’s core values.
These core values establish a clear direction used to lay the foundation for the strategic planning phase and creativity process.Online Branding Online brand image is one of the most powerful attributes of a successful business because over 85% of all consumers research products and services online prior to purchasing from you. We use a proprietary strategic planning process that ensures the brand is properly represented online. This comprehensive research, analysis and development during the branding process guarantees brand consistency throughout every online platform and gives you a strategic tactical advantage.Free No Obligation ConsultationFor more information about branding please contact us directly.
Our proprietary branding process will uncover these dimensions by answering vital questions in order establish a clear direction used to lay the foundation for the strategic planning and creativity process. We perform in-depth internal and external research to develop a comprehensive understanding of the company’s core values at a granular level.

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