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With more and more electric vehicles coming onto the market, Jersey Electricity is plugging into this evolution in motoring by launching a new tariff for charging these vehicles at home as well as investing in charging points in various car parks and sites across the Island.
To help spark public interest in the new tariff, The Idea Works were tasked to create an umbrella brand to encompass both the tariffs and charging points. Our first step was to research the burgeoning EV market, tariffs and charging services offered worldwide. The new branding is quite literally being rolled out as we speak as it is being applied to Jersey Electricity's fleet of electric vehicles. When we say electric car charges are increasing we mean that in the most positive way possible. Our offices at Regency House, Regent Road, St Helier, are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter about current projects and articles about our industry. Imagine a carefully fashioned coat hanger, slow-roasted over the blue-green flame of a Magic Chef range, heading for the fleshy expanse of your upper arm, your chest or the side of your behind. Then comes the "hit," a quick "Pssssssst." Or maybe it's a "crackle" or "pop," not unlike the sound of Rice Krispies soaking in a bowl of milk.
As Myyucca Sherman strolls across the Howard University campus, his baby dreadlocks standing at attention, he stops occasionally to slap hands with a buddy or trade barks with another "Que dog" who spots his bright purple sweat shirt emblazoned with gold Greek letters.
Sherman, 19, has been a "Que," a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, since spring of last year, and he's got three brands – double, interlocking Omegas on his chest, and a large Omega with a small Greek A inside, for Alpha chapter, in the middle of his left arm. After joining the fraternity at Howard, he says, "initially, I wasn't going to get a brand, but I thought about it and equated the whole fraternity life as another rite of passage.
Michael Lyles, 35, a Washington child welfare attorney who also heads his own Maryland law practice, has studied the historical origins of fraternity branding and its relation to African scarification practices and says burning carries a symbolism that crosses many cultures. Of his seven brands, three are on his back and four run diagonally across the left side of his behind: big, interlocking Ques that seem to want to dance their way to his spine.
He usually makes his brands on the spot, but he happens to have a few on hand in his kitchen cabinet.

Although fraternity members with brands talk about their brotherhood as sacrosanct, branding has also become a pop culture expression of machismo, according to Walter Kimbrough, a director of student activities and leadership at Old Dominion University who wrote his dissertation on black Greek letter organizations.
In one scene from the 1988 Spike Lee movie "School Daze," a girl is shown licking a brand on the chest of a brother from the fictitious Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity. Just down the hall, Suitland's vice principal, Mark Fossett, 30, who has Kappa brands on his chest and arm, says, "The first question everybody always asks is, 'Did it hurt?' When I first got branded, it didn't really hurt. Both Jeter and Filey have seen students at their school who've burned initials into their arms or tried to brand themselves with cigarettes or super-heated erasers, but they say it's not the same thing. And although Fossett pledged a fraternity that plays on a national reputation for having good-looking guys, he sees his brand as keeping with that. Halder, who has been at Howard since 1982, says he's treated upward of 300 people with brands, mostly men who got fraternity brands in college, but at least 50 to 75 women, some former gang members and others.
He says a number of his patients inquire about brand removal, which can be done surgically. While the vast majority of black Greeks who get branded are men, increasingly a number of sorority women have chosen to adopt the practice.
Depending on how she sits, you may just be able to make out the Delta Sigma Theta initials on Pamela Dickinson's right outer thigh. She says, "A lot of people were like, 'Are you crazy?' But once it actually healed, a lot of people told me it looked nice. Although branding is against national fraternity rules, Black says getting one "was an honor.
Kirk Blackman, 30, a senior manager with the KPMG accounting and consulting firm in Washington, says that even though he works in a highly professional setting, he's never regretted getting the Que branded on his left arm. When folks who are unfamiliar with branding see it, he says, they are often overwhelmed by a certain tactile urge. Neither did we until we had the opportunity to work with Jersey Electricity on the branding for their new Electric Vehicle (EV) tariff and charging points. It is not sanctioned by the governing bodies of any of the national Greek letter organizations, and is "offered" only after initiation.

Duane Filey, 27, a fourth-grade teacher at James McHenry Elementary School in Lanham and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, acknowledges wryly that, for some reason, women seem to find his scar compelling.
They include, Halder says, infection, pain, hyper- or hypo-pigmentation, where the skin actually changes color, and itchy or hypersensitive keloids, raised scar tissue that spreads beyond the actual boundaries of the original injury. The 21-year-old Dickinson, a psychology and human services counseling major at Old Dominion University, says that of her initiation class of 13, two got branded. We are sure to see increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the road as the vehicle technology goes from strength to strength and as popularity and promotions starts to drive the cost down. But the brothers of Omega Psi Phi also know the 6-foot-3 graduating senior majoring in sculpture and psychology by another name. It can make for a special kind of party – featuring bravado, testosterone, and perhaps a couple of brews. Still, Filey, who has a diamond with a K inside branded on the left side of his chest, now says he regrets having it done. I can't even find the words to describe how ill it was to get a brand to identify you as a slave. Girls would always ask 'What's that?' and you could tell them the whole story about getting a brand.
Sherman and others went looking for him when they wanted a lasting way to punctuate their allegiance to the frat. This clearly isn't for that purpose, but now I think people have just gotten out of control.
Or if you think you'll move, you brace yourself, holding onto a sink or table; or perhaps you get somebody else to hold you down.

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